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  1. Damn that’s a lot of hair, did they measure your donor density prior? I wanna know if I’ll get similar density if I go strip
  2. I was thinking the same thing saw this guy TBcruz or something like that with a similar haircut
  3. Saw the interview great stuff, particularly about going FUE first. Dr. Reddy mentioned having hair loss. Did he get surgery?
  4. Have you considered switching to dut?
  5. Its results like these that make me even more torn on FUT vs FUE
  6. For me it’s Cuoto and De Freitas, Eugenix have some amazing results as well. Zarev has a few impressive ones, but I don’t see consistency. No one has better details than De Freitas in my opinion.
  7. How many patents does he do a day? What size punch? How many grafts can he do max in one day? Thoughts on dutasteride vs finasteride?
  8. To me after seeing what could be done by surgery, it’s sort of like suffer with hair loss or get an HT. If you’ve got the money why not
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