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Please help me choose a Dr.

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Hello friends

I would like to get my hair back and I am so confused on which doctor I should go ?.I am 32 years old and I don't know which doctor will be my best choice . Should I go  with Dr.Ozlem Bicer or Dr. Serkan Aygin .I honestly want to go with Dr. Ozlem even if she cost more but unfortunately she lower my expectations when I send them the images they said I will be able to get 3800 graft becuase my donor area does not have enough  and they may only cover my frontal .The surgery   will cost me around 7000 $ .I think I need around 7000 graft to cover my head because I have a full head baldness. DR.Serkan quote was little better as far as the price and the graft he said I will be getting   4400 graft .He will implant 3000 to cover the frontal and 1400 for the back .I heard a really good stuff about Dr.Bicer that she only take one patient a day and I don't want to damage my donor area but at the same time I don't want to spend too much money and the outcome are like 60%.So can you  please advice me?if you are in my shoes who would you choose?


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I would choose Dr. Bicer and its not even close. Bicer does 1 patient per day, she has a lot of good reviews on this forum. Never choose a surgeon just because they're cheaper that's a big mistake. If you can't afford a good surgeon, don't get surgery. Doing nothing is better than getting botched.

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Between the two, I would also choose Bicęr, Serkan is a hair mill, he does not work, but you will be entrusted to one of his many teams of technicians, he will only see 5 minutes, the time needed to design your hairline.

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6 hours ago, Aloush said:

So you recommend Dr.Bicer even if the outcome will be 60 %?! 

How did you come up with this caluclation if I can ask? 

The difference is that Serkan Aygin will overharvest you with less results than Bicer, because he does not care about donor management. 

Do you have any photos?

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