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Am I really losing hair on my crown or am I paranoid? Pls tell

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Paranoia.  How did you become aware of it? Did someone point it out to you?  Typically it occurs when you start noticing shedding - which is also normal.  The follicle gets tired of producing so it goes on vacation.  This dormant period typically lasts about 3 months at which time the follicle resumes producing hair.  This will happen to all the hair on your head periodically and randomly.  So, when you see hair on the pillow, sink, etc...not to worry, that hair will return.  

The second issue is the contrast between the dark hair and light scalp.  It makes it look like you're thinning.  Your hair is quite stark. 

The last point to make, we are dealing with the whirl.  We all share that in common.  It is the weakest point for everyone.  If you notice, it is a point from which all hair starts.  The hair grows away from the point and there is no shingling.  If you notice, hair in the front and mid scalp grow forward at an angle.  Hair on top of hair gives you coverage.  We do not have that benefit in the crown.

All looks normal.  If you start seeing aggressive thinning, (the norm is 100 hairs a day), you may want to consult with a dermatologist.


Patient Consultant for Dr. Arocha at Arocha Hair Restoration. 

I am not a medical professional and my comments should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own. 

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I’m a paid admin for Hair Transplant Network. I do not receive any compensation from any clinic. My comments are not medical advice.

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Take pics in this exact same angle/lighting every 6 months and compare them to know for sure.......but it looks pretty damn enviable to me.

 2,000 grafts FUT Dr. Feller, July 27th 2012. 23 years old at the time. Excellent result. Need crown sorted eventually but concealer works well for now.

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