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Is it worth me thinking about a hair transplant , I’m a Norwood 6 I believe

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7 minutes ago, Mus said:

My hair is still the same at the back 

If that's the same, the donor doesn't look particularly strong. Maybe 2000 grafts, if your sides are good? 

Not sure if a transplant makes sense for you. :(  Sorry.

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No, your donor is very thin.

Beware of unethical clinics who tell you otherwise, they just want your money.

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Medication for Male Pattern Baldness: Topical Dutasteride - Topical Minoxidil 5% - Ketoconazole Shampoo

Medication for Cicatricial Alopecia: Hydroxychloroquine  - Topical Clobestasol - Doxycycline

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Then I would ask those recommended surgeons who say it is possible to explain you:

1. how many surgeries and grafts you will need to cover everything with a reasonable density

2. how much time (years) from your first surgery until the result of your last one you may expect to pass by.

3. how much money will it cost you all together

4. what will be your final look in the best case scenario of a good survival rate in all your surgeries

5. which is the risk you are facing if in any of your surgeries you do not get a good survival rate considering your current lack of standard donor area and if there would be a way to fix it using hair transplant

6. what are the chances that part of your transplanted hair will also disappear after some years considering that a NW6 may progress to a NW7 and many of your grafts from your donor may be affected by MPB unless you are on consistent and permanent hormonal treatment for hairloss

Then you review all the answers to these questions and decide

Obviously if you want to have some chance to cover everything you will need to extract thousands of beard hair and getting done this successfully depends a lot on the Surgeon who must be a real Master in BHT. 

I think the Journey for a NW6 is way too tough, long, expensive and risky. But I also know that we only understand things when we experience by ourselves.

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What are your expectations?

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