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  1. Yeah it’s the same thing. I just see your miniaturized hair and don’t think you’re too far gone to make a possible come back with the drugs. Best of luck
  2. I’m sorry this doesn’t answer your question. But please consider minoxidil again with finasteride and micro needling. You’re not slick bald and have a lot of miniaturized hair on top. I have similar loss and regained a lot of hair where I’m pushing off surgery to see where my hair ends up.
  3. Donor restocking is something I just recently learned about. This should give hope to guys with over harvested and patchy donors for sure.
  4. Also waiting for minimum 6-12 months that some doctors require you to be on finasteride. For me just wanting to pull the trigger and get a HT, but knowing better, that it’s in my best interest to wait.
  5. Here is the winner for the lowest natural hairline for white guy🏆
  6. Are you doing beard to beard or scalp to beard? HLC does both but not sure about the others.
  7. Sounds like a good experience. You should be sitting pretty good with both the front and crown covered.
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