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  1. Yes I want to go Eugenix also but I think it’s been kind of good in a way because I was moving too fast but now I’m forced to really think this over and do more research.
  2. Thought I share how I have been keeping up to date on when India will reopen. First is skyscanner they have on website where you can select any two countries and see what restrictions there are, plus you can sign up updated alerts and also Indian DGCA website where the official directives are posted. https://www.skyscanner.com/travel-restrictions/india/29475284?origin=29475437&utm_content=status-cta&utm_source=travel-alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=where-can-i-go-single_US_2021-02-25&utm_term= https://dgca.gov.in/digigov-portal/
  3. You look great Andrea! Where is the fountain of youth? It’s on the back of our heads!
  4. I’m doing the same, taking finasteride and using minoxidil on both beard and scalp. Still too early for results though I rather have more hair on my head a thicker beard would be a nice consultation prize.
  5. Melvin your friends cut looks good. I personally don’t see problem showing your scar or scars a little bit. Go for the style that makes you happy, that’s whole point.
  6. Just curious are you traveling for the surgery or do you live in India? Also how far along is your loss? 4000 is a good bit of grafts
  7. I went poking around my Roman account looking for a way to transfer my prescription, didnt see a way right off but saw “receive $60 credit” under cancellation tab, which is the cost of the next refill. So I guess they got me for another 90 days after this supply runs out lol
  8. I recently started fin. I wanted to go to my dermatologist but I think they had a COVID outbreak in the office and so I wasn’t able to get a appointment. So I tried the subscription services. I went with Roman, it’s $40 for the first 90 then $60 for next. It was similar to your experience I answered a bunch of questions sent photos in and waited for them get back, which was the next day by email letting me know a doctor is available for video chat. It took about five minutes. Received the pills in about 4 or 5 days. It is a bit expensive so I am going to cancel the next renewal and probably go
  9. It was Dr Lindsey who is considered one of the best. I just kind rushed into it. I created this false sense of urgency for myself but I needed to do more research try the medication first weigh fut vs fue etc. As they say once your cut your cut their is no going back.
  10. I recently canceled a FUT. I would be getting surgery this Friday. I’m glad I didn’t do it. I was ready to lose 1500 deposit (got it back) and felt bad about canceling. I thought I should tell the doctor as soon as possible so they adjust their schedule. I realized I want to be 100% comfortable my decision or I not doing it.
  11. Hi I’m new here. I thought I add this as I think it’s interesting. Hair transplanted from a pigmented area onto vitiligo patches restores pigment. I have not been diagnosed with vitiligo myself but have serious discoloration on my head, as I have light skin it’s not so bad in winter but when I get some sun the contrast is very noticeable. Also not really sure that this would benefit me in any significant way.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4728902/#!po=1.13636 The dark skin guy is from the study. Second picture is me.
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