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6 days post op Dr . Diep 1650 grafts FUE - Donor Pain


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Hi all,

I am a 28 yo male that just had 1650 grafted implanted to my frontal hair line and corners. It was done by Dr . Diep via FUE 1650 grafts. I would really appreciate any recommendations / your experience with donor area pain. I have a very high pain tolerance and this by far is taking the cake for me. I have broken my wrist and collar bone from sports and my donor area hurts more than that ! I can describe it as constant dull pain/ scalp tightness . I am unable to get comfortable to sleep no mater what position . Over the past 3 days i probably only got like 6-7 hours of sleep so i know sleep has alot to do with it . 


Things I have been Doing 

Washing donor area as instructed 

Applying neosporin x3 a day 

Took all antibiotics/swelling medication 


Meds Prescribed :




I have no been taking the norco i think i will bite the bullet and take it today i have however been taking advil x400 miligrams and the tramodol and it does nothing for this pain what so ever. Once again thanks for the input and if you have any suggestions on how long this will last let me know !




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Sorry to hear about the ongoing pain and discomfort. My advice would be to try the pain killers and see if they work. Hopefully they can help you rest at night too which should help to promote healing too. I would reach out to Dr Diep for guidance as well if it continues.

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Hi NICKB, This thread will help and below is a comment I put back then that will hopefully help you also today as it did this patient.

This usually kicks in a week after surgery if one suffers from it and can last a week and as you say is worse at night. This is occipital nerve pain and you can take pain medication for Neuralgia, apply cold aloe vera, massage etc and it will pass. Vit B tablets also help to heal nerves.  This is common and I had it once personally badly in 2006 and no-body knew what it was so I researched and got informed and it is indeed in the post op document that we give people.


Trust me it will pass and I have had it and dealt with many patients who had it and all of them had it pass exactly as I said. I don't post now but seeing you were in pain I wanted to chime in! 

Here is a quote from the document we provide as standard:-

 "Some may experience pain in the donor a week after surgery and pain killers, vitamin b tablets and applying cold aloe vera to the donor area will help relieve this. "


Relax and do as above and you will heal okay! 

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Donor pain is quite normal, the nerves are healing. It feels like a sun burn. I used aloe vera. Check out my video


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