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My hair transplant story with Dr Suneet Soni, combination technique of FUT and FUE - Medispa

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I underwent hair transplant on 8 Feb 2021 with Dr Suneet Soni and his team at Medispa clinic in Jaipur. This forum has been really helpful and encouraging to make the right choices, proceed to research about the clinics in detail and preparing myself to achieve a hassle free experience.

I would rather keep the details short and sweet without missing the relevant information.

I am Gyanendra, 32 years old basically from city of dreams, Mumbai, India but presently working as a chef in Dubai. My hair loss journey was quite disappointing as if you lose your personality it truly impacts your work life in addition to personal life. It was since last few years the hair loss was progressing and I ignored the initial signs but realized when I could see the receding hairline is broadening my forehead. I could spend a good time with me during the COVID situation, I realized that this is the best time I could start a fresh with a hair transplant.

I would not deny that I didn’t look for options in Dubai or Mumbai but actually I was more in search of a quality clinic at affordable cost. The hair transplant cost in Dubai are touching skies so I couldn’t think of that for sure.  Similarly in Mumbai, the reputed ones are like so expensive so I rather prefer to go for the real best across the country which was surprisingly affordable. It was a kind of serendipity as I had just called Medispa to get an idea of hair transplant as the sheer volume of positive reviews from the patients inspired me to find out their specialty. Sooner I realized they are not just the best but affordable too. I booked for an online consult through their website (https://www.medispaindia.in/) and discussed my problems and got the detailed assessment done by sending my profile photos that were been asked by the team medispa. I cleared all my doubts over the online consult.

I picked up a day to undergo hair transplant and booked my flight tickets. I flew to Jaipur and was been received at the airport by an associate from the clinic. The clinic itself has a classy guest house where I was booked for the stay with arrangement of all possible amenities. So I just felt like crashing in my guest house room and I did for sure. Let’s make it more interesting by framing a timeline of my experience:

One day before surgery (7 Feb 2021):

After resting for a while, work time!

I met a counsellor for discussing about the procedure and my blood sample was collected for the investigations to known my general health. Meanwhile I got an ECG done. Then I met, the one and only Dr Suneet Soni for a physical assessment and to plan the procedure the very next day. I was instructed to wear a buttoned shirt for the surgery so as to avoid displacement of the hair grafts after the procedure which I was been asked during the online consult too. I was given a betadine scrub for head wash in the evening before sleeping and once in the morning before heading to undergo hair transplant.

On the day of surgery (8 Feb 2021):

6 A.M: Good morning sunshine! I got a call for getting ready and having a head wash.

6:30 A.M: I was at the clinic and so were they. Quite punctual! Unexpected! First I got a patch test done for checking the local anesthesia allergies. Then, the procedure started at the assigned time.

7 A.M to 11 A.M: The local anesthesia was administered with few injections all over my scalp and after few minutes I couldn’t feel anything. Until 10 A.M, the slitting procedure was done at the bald area which took about 2 hours. A strip of skin was taken out from the back of the head which was then sent to the technicians for cutting it into further sections to take out the hair grafts under high magnification. I was surprised as I personally saw that dissection thing under high magnification and so many technicians were at work no doubt it was quite fast.

11 A.M to 3 P.M: Once the slitting and FUT harvesting was done, the implantation initiated by a team of implanters. Meanwhile, I was comfortably watching Television. After the implantation of the hair grafts harvested by the FUT technique, lunch was organised by them which was delicious. Trust me as the review is coming from a chef.

3: 30 P.M to around 7 P.M: I was done with my lunch then the team started with the FUE extraction of hair follicles and implantation of the hair grafts extracted in the process. It took around 3 hours in the whole process. I wore a head band while getting discharged as advised to avoid the swelling.

After the procedure I was given instructions which I had to follow for the due time. I was been given a bag of certain essential things like shampoo, lotions and saline spray. Overall, I was comfortable throughout the procedure except for little pain while anesthetizing locally and little discomfort at the end due to prolonged sitting. By the end I found myself wriggling which can be expected by such long duration procedures. I was adviced few pain killers if needed and antibiotics.

After the surgery:

Finally I got to rest after a tedious day. Let’s know what happened after that:

Day 0: I went to my room and thought of crashing on bed. But first I had arranged few pillows for keeping my head at an angle as advised. I had dinner and was asleep.

Day 1: I met a professional who helped me wash my head and counsel me for further head washes. I flew back to my city.

Day 2 – 3: I had some swelling at the forehead for which I tried sleeping over 3 pillows and a rolled towel. It was quite distressing but I wanted to be very cautious to not harm the planted hair follicles by rubbing from the pillow. It didn’t bleed at all so I was relaxed.

Day 3 – 6: On day 3, I had intense feeling of itching and somehow controlled my urge to do so. But somehow I managed by distracting myself in work. Slowly the swelling started to reduce and disappeared till day 6. I could see scabs on the transplantation site. As advised I kept washing the area with the prescribed shampoo.

Day 7 – 10: Washing helped in removal of the scabs from the area. Sooner I could see healed area as could start my routine hair care regime.

 First month after surgery: Let’s compare me before and one month after the hair transplant.

Before hair transplant                                       




After one month of hair transplant





More Pics of One Month

I am on cloud 9 as I am done with my hair transplant and it’s been around 4 and half months. I have shared my one month results and would definitely share my pictures consecutively. I am truly overwhelmed and optimistic that it is going to turn out incredibly.

Altogether great experience at Medispa clinic. I would totally recommend anyone to Medispa for hair transplant if you too are seeking for the best but affordable hair transplant.

Be in touch with my future posts as the best is yet to come. See you all!

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Great detailed write up @Gyanendra. Looks as if you are close to 5 months post operation and look forward to seeing your most recent progress!

How many grafts did you have implanted? 

How is your FUT scar healing?

All the best and happy growing!

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Grafts implanted - 4150
My scar is healed completely and there is no visible or noticeable FUT mark.

Month 2: Tada! Its time to share my second month progress. Let’s start with how do I look during month 2 after hair transplant. I have to be patient as hair growth would take sometime but I am optimistic that it is going to be incredible. For now, I am perfectly healthy, no side effects and numbness is all gone so happy me!

My 2nd Month Pics -











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Month 4: I feel like a new person, love to look at the mirror. I am sure you can figure out my happiness with this broad smile I am wearing. I feel blessed to have such hair transplant experience as it is way beyond I expected. So far it has turned out incredibly, catch you later with further pictures of my journey of an impeccable hair transplant.








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Dr. Soni's scars tend to stretch - I'm proof of that.   Good growth though.  Would like to see him switch over to lateral slits instead of saggital slits but his microscopes and support team are on point.  A well-oiled machine.

I need to lose about 75lbs and see if I get a bit of laxity to cut out my stretched scar (4.5K grafts from that scar in '17). 

I've had alot of work before so nothing is perfect when you are getting another FUT after 6 previous ones (2.25K, 400, 700, 120 & 100) since '90.

I think his FUE (I had 500 FUE same time as my 4.5K FUT) techniques are well done & he definitely has well over 3K procedures under his belt & is published (specifically 'crown whirl').

A good choice in India for megasessions.  He is quite busy and it's definitely less 'private' as a patient pre-op/during op (nice private room though for aftercare & good meals) - but that didn't bother me as I enjoy India and understand the culture.

Also, Jaipur is nice & his office is in the middle of a pleasant thriving district of activity & is great for people watching.

Finally, I have bone-straight very fine individual hair diameter & his 400 (200 each side) temple-point reconstruction is flawless (I'm white Caucasian w/Swedish/German ancestry).

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My 8 Months Update :  Its my last month pics because I am too busy at that time, So not be able to update here. I clicked my pic after my first hair cut & hair oil massage, this is my grandmother oil nourishment formula!


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Wow! That's not only one of the best healed FUT scars but you also now have one of the best head of hair to go with it! You look a genuine 10 years younger and I love the curly hair look. Your donor is impeccable and the natural results speak for themselves. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing the one year result! Extremely happy for you!  

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