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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood V
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Dr. Suneet Soni
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    Rogaine Foam
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    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. I like him. Yes - he should really wear high-end completely custom pieces for events. But I don't think he gives a damn. He's obscenely wealthy, can have his pick of many women or men and seems pretty well adjusted for a long-time hollywood star.
  2. jjsrader


    I also had a transplant w/Dr. Feller when I was 37 and began losing alot more hair about 6 years after at age 43. 16 year user of dutasteride here. I do use systemic oral rogaine and spiro (yea, I know - don't go there). As well as overmachogrande.com laser helmet 440 diode and 2X's weekly Nizoral. I think I RIVAL you for very very fine/straight hair. Guys like us literally need 7K in our frontal 1/3rd to have a natural hairline zone that 'appears' to be near normal. Not to mention (if you have the donor) another up to 5-8K for mid-vertex and near the crown. The crown you 'dust' lightly. Since you are new to dut (but an older guy) - I would stick with it even if you are losing ground. Think how much more you would be losing without dut? Sometimes us thin haired/fine hair guys w/very straight hair 'max' out our donor (fut/fue) and even then - we just have to work with what we have and accept it. I still have a couple surgeries left at nearly 9k of grafts done and will probably throw permanent SMP into the mix along w/PRP w/Acell in the next 2 years and that will probably be it for me. Good luck & you have had good surgeons thus far.
  3. This is like the anecdotal stories of men who wear hairpieces and the person they sleep with every night never notices. Sure buddy - okay. I'm sure she's a very observant woman in real life. This is typical of the WORST type of posting on this website in my opinion. Yes, the results are very good but the hyperbolic 'copy' in your headline actually makes your clinic appear to be a bit schlocky. Again, great results but I don't see the need for the extra 'copy' about the gf. Maybe I'm being a bit of a pisser though.
  4. Still; good points are being made on both sides. Let it continue if it must.
  5. Also, imho if you are spending 6 figures for Med School (likely) - why are you concerned with cost and flying to Turkey? C'mon - you are a smart guy and for 2K of grafts if you spend top dollar with Konior or Rahal or even Devroye that's not even an extra 15K. This smacks of typical new poster with okay - not body dysmorphia but massive OCD and instead of going to IN-PERSON consults w/top surgeons, basically does a probably email consult w/Erdogan (who would never turn down any patient w/alot of hair) and then comes and posts here. If you are going to be a physician why would you not further consult w/experts in their field, in person w/ALL the facts before coming here and being verbally chided by a poster like me (which is inevitable)? I'm sure you believe you have enough hairloss to warrant elective cosmetic surgery but even after being told by the most knowledgeable posters in this thread (not me, btw) that you are not a candidate - you continue to engage. I wonder why that is. Finally, you are just neurotic about your hair - every single person in this thread and website are as well - so you are among friends. Even if I am a humorless bore when dumping ice water in this thread. Good luck!
  6. Dude - you should have a great life! You are way smarter than I am, so please disregard my comments as inconsequential and please, engage away with many other knowledgeable guys on a hair forum instead of um, I don't know - going to several well-regarded surgeons in America and get PROFESSIONAL opinions. Haha!
  7. Oh but wait! I've seen at least 20 surgeries on here that were cheered on w/guys that have less hairloss than this guy - right into the frontal hairline and temple areas. So he shouldn't have surgery 'cause he is only considering a doctor in Turkey? So if he spent more with Rahal or Konoir or someone of that caliber - now he's magically a candidate? One thing is obvious - if you have this miniscule amount of hairloss you better choose wisely and go with the best of the best. It appears this is a case of body dysmorphia - based on the original posters replies, imo. Let me emphatically state this guy has no worries - but in other threads I would be hearing from other posters let him do what he wants to do 'cause it's his own perception of hairloss. I'm beginning to think the format of asking questions means nothing at this website. Why not just have threads of before & afters and 'case studies' - since any answer is subjective at best.
  8. You must be the life of the party that you ruin. Every.Single.Time.
  9. It is ironic yet true that when provocative topics are raised - we tend to get answers. Do you really think Dr. Erdogan would have EVER bothered to come here on the board and give his explanation of tech training at his facility if there wasn't a real reason to do so? Frankly, he should have a section about that on his website - since he's such the promoter, eh? Yet we only get a personal long explanation when enough doubt or noise was created. Let me tell you something; my entire extended family is in the healthcare industry (doctors/pharmacists/physician assistants/nurses) and I can tell you with absolute certainty they are just like anyone else. Certainly nothing more but often much less than the rest of the masses. Yea, they are usually very intelligent and take tests well - that's not everything. Bedside manner is relevant too - and truly wanting to heal. Plastic surgeons usually don't go into their field 'cause it's a 'calling' - it's detailed and demanding but very lucrative. Now, to the point. There are so many doctor's that are challenged on this website and we never get a clear answer. Oh, it will mess up my refund, I don't want to out my doctor, blah blah blah. Most of them have a rep on this board or I can guarantee you someone on their staff looking for mention's of their name on this forum. What do we normally get? An echo chamber and then mods begging for more info so they can open a dialogue with the doctor. I'd like to hear more about that. Website gets paid big bucks from doctor's and then I see alot of half-assed excuses about resolution. I often wonder what the story is behind the scenes (outside of the website mission statement). Case in point. I bet at least the vast majority of doctor's aren't showing the required work on this website they are supposed to be accountable for. Oh, but the moderator didn't keep up on that for the last 6 months - 'cause hey, I'm getting paid and I have to moderate all these posts and keep replies on topic. Doctor's should be required to interact on at least a limited basis here in order to stay recommended. In fact I saw a couple very nice/detailed and informative replies from Dr. Bhatti today - thank you doctor for your insight to a regular poster(s). I realize doctor's are busy but surely they can step up and reply to at least the most interesting questions on this forum. Many do, more need to do so. It's called good standard of care. Perhaps I'm most disappointed in newbies who don't use the search function and spend REAL time studying and reading months and months (years and years) of QUALITY and in-depth threads before they come on here and ask the same uninformed questions. It would be better to charge an initial small registration fee to post in order keep out utterly clueless that don't bother to really approach major surgery investigation with the respect it deserves. But what do I know? The majority in here are into hair porn and can't emotionally handle going bald as nature intended; it's flaccid and weak & I have no bloody use for it. Yet, here I am posting like an idiot!! ; )
  10. Well Sean - hasn't H&W and Rahal always quoted prices for their services in the loonie (CAD)? If so, you know that going in as long as CAD is way above par you are paying a premium. Same w/European doctors quoting their prices in EUR/USD. Do you think any of these doctors would lower their prices if EUR/USD popped back up to 1.45 against the dollar? Haha! So, the Rupee just hit all-time highs USD/INR. If surgeons like Bhatti quote consistently in Rupees - you know you will have to pay a premium right now. And he's passing on the 18% GST tax! Oh boy. Since local workers are paid in local currency ALL payments should be made in local currency. But of course, go to Turkey and get a quote - any good doctor is quoting EUR/USD or USD. Let's say the EURUSD falls back to .9 against the USD? You think Erdogan is going to ask for EUR/USD in payment or USD? Hmm... There will always be currency fluctuations - though in my humble opinion if prices fluctuate year over year more than 5% I believe customers should be offered price breaks to keep things consistent every 6-12 months. My last surgery I was quoted USD as payment but the surgery was not in the U.S.
  11. I say let him rant and obsess. It makes for great reading and obviously he can't stop himself from posting. The replies are great as well - informative too. It's his process - great theatre!
  12. But nobody cares about FUE being advisable for 'limited balding' anymore - guys are having 5-7K FUE early in life and then say they'll do FUT down the road if they are still bothered by progressive hair loss. FUE is rapidly gaining acceptance as the norm - not the exception. But whatever - people can do what they want - it's their money, their head/scalp.
  13. Haha! All surgeons weigh their currency vs USD and/or EURUSD. What will they do if the EURUSD drops below par again? Oh, they'll say no, we don't take the Euro anymore for payment, we want your U.S. dollars. It's somewhat deceptive if they bait/switch payment currencies over time. And they will.
  14. We all know what a pain in the ass transplants are to schedule/undergo/endure/wait out results/2nd & perhaps later surgeries - wash/repeat (I don't even recommend them to regular people in my day to day dealings). That's a fact I think we are all acutely aware of. Um, hairloss surgery is a unique decision for every person; reasons for doing so are as varied as the person who gets one done. And yes, there is evidence that pretty much 99%+ of men in society do just fine w/hair as-is, balding or otherwise. In 2012 about 310,000 procedures worldwide would suggest that nearly 100% of men don't resort to cosmetic hair-restoration surgery. However, that written - when done on suitable candidates w/good hair characteristics and moderate balding, well, you've seen alot of results here in the forum that are frankly quite extraordinary for those of us w/hair fetishes. ; ) ; )
  15. JeanLDD 'breaking it down' point by point to Payam - oh yes! But seriously, yea - 3.2K is not like 5.5K grafts and he's lagging some but has a good base. Erdogan should work with him and I would not be surprised to see total satisfaction from this patient down the road when he does a 2nd session. He's being honest, patient, showing very clear consistent pictures and communicating with his doctor (and us forum posters). This is the reality of hair-restoration surgery. Each surgery is unique and for many, time & repeated procedures w/a clear focus on the overall plan for now and the future serves them best.