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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Rogaine Foam
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    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. Dr. Soni is a very highly skilled surgeon w/well over 2,000 surgeries. He uses the most modern techniques for FUT. Very consistent results (bang for buck). ANY surgeon will have outlier cases where the patient had a bad outcome. H&W & other top 20 clinics 'round the world as well. Medispa puts out alot of video documentation of Dr. Soni's work as well. If it's your 1st strip surgery - the chances of a very good outcome for a megasession w/Medispa is extremely high. I had my 6th FUT (my 1st five were 100/120/400/700/2250 grafts) w/him in 03/16 for 4,500 FUT & 500 FUE I was a NW5 and now have full coverage and the strip he took out (new strip) has stretched a bit as well. I plan on a final FUT to cut out two sections to get 1-2K of grafts out of the worst scar(s) & then will fill in a bit w/FUE some selected spots as well. Perhaps some SMP - not sure. I wear my hair long so it's not a big issue normally. Probably go to Dr. Wong to do that at H&W. I had a consultation w/H&W rep in 02/18 and w/scalp exercises they said I might be able to get a final 2K of grafts w/the FUT scar revision. Frankly, I'm thrilled I was able to do one last big FUT surgery w/nearly 100% graft survival. I'm sure if I was to have Medispa address the stretched scar Dr. Soni would work w/me on that - although another trip to India is a long ways to go when your just getting adjustments and not a mega session.
  2. Sure. I think Cinik gets good graft survival - maybe not 95% but 80%+. If you are happy w/those linked hairlines (naturalness/refinement) & the shape of those hairlines - especially the temporal transition zones for caucasians then I guess he is your man. Just don't get your hairline too low 'cause you might in a few years want your frontal hairline and frontal hairline zone 'refined.' If you have excellent hair characteristics a less-than perfectly natural hairline may not be your highest priority as you stated. You might want to check out many more of his patient submitted photos on real self for more regular examples than the spectacular results you are referencing. After all, most of us are completely average and ordinary - including our donor hair and hair characteristics. I guess for a 1st surgery to get the most bang for your buck that is what you have decided on. FUT would do that for you but hardly any younger patients are willing to get a strip scar. Oh, if you can handle the potential side effects I wouldn't bother w/both topical and oral finasteride. Just maybe pay a bit more and get brand-name Propecia (not generic) and cut into quarters. The topical is overkill and much less effective regardless of what some surgeons seem to report. Take care.
  3. I think you should have H&W strip you again from the same strip scar area - cutting out the original leaving you w/just one scar (which you already have). You'll get the best of the best donor area & you'll preserve outside that zone for an FUE down the road if you desire. You have fine hair and alot of real estate to cover for your 2nd surgery & you already have a scar. Down the road you could have fue into the scar if you want to go for shorter hair & you'll still have more hair for a full FUE session if you want. You are only 34 and you'll continue to slowly lose native hair even if you were on stronger meds such as Avodart and oral minox (over time) - just more slowly than w/finasteride.
  4. This is the best thread here currently. We're all nutjobs - but we're in it together! So glad we don't have any (or very few) girls in our threads to muck everything up. Carry on! I think Der3k7 is just trying to get the best results he can w/what he has to work with. You would be astounded how many in the media have had nosejobs and you've never even noticed 'cause they get it done very early in their careers and as they age you see their 'new' nose as it ages w/them. Der3k7 just looks like a more natural profile - which is ultimately what he is going for (and a bit straighter). I mean he hasn't mentioned about doing his chin yet or cheek implants or whatever - so for a younger male the two most important cosmetic surgeries to really have an effect are hair restoration and rhinoplasty. Whoop dee doo. Hope you get that finishing touch at H&W and too bad you aren't open to using more medical therapies to retain what you have longer. peace...
  5. If you wanna' be all gung ho - go on brand-name Avodart (dutasteride) & use oral minox (loniten) which has a systemic delivery vs topical delivery. You can buy those at places like alldaychemist and thailandpharmacy for cheap. No prescription. Buy a good laser hair helmet w/at least 300-400 diodes & use it 5X's per week & use 2% Nizoral 3X's (or another high % Keto shampoo) per week 5 minutes on your scalp. If you are willing to do 2 surgeries - forget Cinik. Every once in awhile I'll see a really good result from there but it is only w/those w/exceptional donor hair characteristics. Go w/a top-notch FUE clinic that has more refinement of grafts (especially your frontal hairline & frontal-hairline transition zone). There are several better FUE clinics in Turkey and one good really good one in India much cheaper than the states. Use the search function at this website; extensively. Start w/dense pack of frontal 1/3rd scalp of 3-4K grafts. What you really want is an artistic irregular non-defined very frontal hairline w/NO double or triple grafts for maximum refinement. You're very frontal hairline and transition zone are what will frame your face for the rest of your life - so do it right and choose a clinic wisely for that 1st surgery. How slowly you continue to lose hair after the 1st few years of a 'hair bump' w/medical therapies will ultimately depend on your individual genetics. A couple years of stabilization and a nice frontal 1/3rd hairline & transition zone you could do another round of FUE for further bulking of the frontal 1/3rd working your way back into midscalp and perhaps 'dusting' into the crown for a natural (although quite thin 'whirl pattern). Another couple years if you are still thinning you could use your remaining scalp FUE donor w/a MIX of beard grafts and continue to bulk up the mid-scalp and then and only then tackle more of the crown. You could probably do 2 of those sessions if you kept the ratio of scalp hair to beard hair at like 33% scalp hair and 66% beard hair or 40/60. Above all else you want naturalness so as you continue to SLOWLY lose hair it will look like your naturally balding peers as you age. Finally, you have nice wavy hair - get on youtube and look at scalp matte concealers (eye shadow/dermatch type stuff) and if you use fibers I would go light and only use the very best that diffuse light in a natural manner. It takes only a few minutes when your good at it and 'less is more' - and looks more natural w/a lighter touch when you still have lots of hair. Also, you could do SMP to your scalp even for longer hair every few years. Ahead Ink is top shelf. Having written all of that, right now you are being very emotional. Get on the medical therapies for 6 months and see where you are at before you book your 2K Turkey hair transplant. You've gotten very good advice in this thread and if you do further research on what I've wrote and you want to go all in please do it step by step. Or shave your head and keep it short for a week or two and see what your future is in ??? years going all natural. Good luck. Frankly, I admire men that naturally go bald - it matters so much less (not to YOU) but to WOMEN & other men as you reach your 30's & 40's. A nice short haircut if balding w/good skin care and teeth and being fit and wearing a nice wardrobe is a helluva' lot easier to achieve than all the things most of us on here go through to have the 'illusion' of a nearly-full head of hair or even lightly balding or moderate thinning look.
  6. Densely packed nicely. Look at those temple point angles!! Technically speaking - it doesn't get any more precise than this. The changing direction and angles of the transplanted hair from the side frontal area & around the temporal area and then to the filling of the temple points is expertly done. All the hairs in this area are packed in nicely and you can tell it's all singles in the very frontal zone. Kudos. You can really tell all of the talking points in Eugenix's most recent educational video are being adhered to in this case. Granted, the guy has great hair - but at 5 months this is ridiculously well done.
  7. I'm waiting for the penis implant pics! Haha! j/k - I had a similar nose (but a bit longer) when I was young. Had it fixed and my chin brought back a few millimeters when I was 21 years old. Symmetry and balance in a face (my opinion) is important. In ugly/avg./good-looking people. I'm a fan of well-thought out plastic surgery obviously.
  8. You could resort back to 'close-cropped' hairstyle in the front. Hairs to the side and matted down or close to the scalp to reduce the contrast. Or up the density w/more procedures. I suppose you could grow longer but you'd have to keep the hair flatter to the surface in the front. Less contrast in color from scalp to hair would help too - but not everyone wants lighter hair. Other than that - it's simply a matter of lack of hair density. Simple as.
  9. Piven is hair transplant and LOTS of scalp concealer and fibers and a combover not exposing hairline. FUT scar pics of him in the ocean from a few years ago. Check out the 'halo' effect in the trailer for his last t.v. show. Watch the 1st minute and you'll see multiple angles that give away his hair con. I loathe this actor but whatever. SO much scalp paint, fibers and his hair color is TOO dark. It's disturbing.
  10. You'll be fine. Several overseas surgeons reco oral minox. It's very well tolerated at levels way way higher than 5mg per day. U.S. surgeons won't say that though - that's legal concern though. If you want, check your blood pressure each day before and about 2 hours after taking it. It lowers blood pressure. Monitor for a few months if extra cautious. I was on 5mg oral for about 9 months and am on 10mg daily now (5mg a.m./5mg early evening). No issues 15 months in.
  11. Good luck. I hope you resolve it. I feel bad for you. If you get it sorted come back and show us your new look down the road!