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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Rogaine Foam
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  1. jjsrader

    Anyone tried topical Dutasteride 1%?

    Systemic absorption (oral dose) is MAGNITUDES more effective than topical. Case closed. If you ever took ORAL minox (Loniten) vs even pharmaceutical-grade (and tested/verified) 30% minox cream - again. NO comparison. Topical is unfortunately a poor alternative and there was some hype but I would guess if you asked the most trusted surgeons out there if they have good feedback on topical dut - if they are NOT affiliated w/making any extra money off of prescribing/selling it to you; all would tell you topical is better than nothing but in no way compares to systemic absorption (oral dose). Oh, and generics are a no-go for meds. One should always pay up for name brand if using oral meds (which you are not). If you really understand generics in the pharmaceutical industry you would realize that there can be significant differences in quality/purity/efficacy. But how would people know without controlled double-blind studies? Simple. They wouldn't.
  2. This is why you go to long-standing reputable impeccable surgeons like H&W, Konior, Shapiro and a FUE doctor in Georgia who can't be mentioned here. With these particular surgeons in N. America - you get 100% straight-up knowledge and they have spent 20+ years building up their reputations and employ rigorously trained personnel. These top-tier surgeons know EXACTLY the major & ever-so-subtle differences between FUT & FUE and create a custom/boutique-like plan for each patient. Specifically the meticulous cherry picking during FUE is vital if you are stripped out or only need 5000 grafts or less lifetime. Frankly, Legend's hair quality from donor absolutely sickens me - but in a good way. A better choice than the other FUE surgeon he was considering w/larger FUE extraction 'holes.' Now he'll look good for his wedding and in 2 years his wife won't even care and he probably doesn't need another surgery for many many years if he stays on his meds. Hasson's hairlines are very very good and he can even 'fine-tune' it if one is a perfectionist.
  3. Looks like you have very fine hair. Give it time. It is my opinion that those w/thinner diameter hair & straighter hair take longer for initial shock to wear off and begin the growth process.
  4. 18 months is 18 months. You can either spend the money and have it corrected properly by a very experienced/caring doctor that knows FUT/FUE & repair (like Shapiro Medical Group or another clinic that is experienced in all types of hair transplantation and corrective procedures) and then can live the rest of your life properly or Go back to Turkey, the machine/factory of Erdogan will NOT take out your grafts and pack in a bunch more (mostly by his techs) - sure they may use microscopes now, but that might be just another promise and they don't do it consistently. He's bullshitting you and you know it. You are a number/paycheck to that guy. You need at least 50% of the incorrectly angled grafts removed and many of the multi-hair grafts at/near frontal hairline zone taken out. Don't go back to Turkey - this guy's operation is purely a business to him at this point. Ramping up to 8 surgeries a day - probably 12-16 a day w/n another few years so he can retire sooner. Good luck.
  5. If you want to do this right you can probably have the 1st two rows fue'd out and microscopically dissected into proper follicular units and placed back in behind the hairline. Maybe it takes 3 procedures every 4-6 months? I would consult w/Shapiro Medical Group guys. They know what they are doing. You'll begin to look better once the big plugs are mostly gone. Then when enough healing has occurred you can dense pack a new hairline (might take 2 more sessions). In 18 months you could be almost done. I would begin now and mentally prepare. It will be worth it in the long run. Don't go back to Turkey - you will regret it.
  6. FUE out the 1st 2 rows in two separate procedures. Have a top-notch clinic re-pack your frontal zone properly. This is 2-3 surgery process.
  7. HLC Hair Clinic. Manual FUE extraction - stick and place. Small sessions. Compared to the factory Erdogan is now doing - this clinic is leaps and bounds better for about the same price.
  8. Strip w/those Swiss guys at Hattigen Hair Clinic or strip w/Hasson & Wong in Vancouver. Max out two strip surgeries - you have good donor hair!
  9. I like him. Yes - he should really wear high-end completely custom pieces for events. But I don't think he gives a damn. He's obscenely wealthy, can have his pick of many women or men and seems pretty well adjusted for a long-time hollywood star.
  10. jjsrader


    I also had a transplant w/Dr. Feller when I was 37 and began losing alot more hair about 6 years after at age 43. 16 year user of dutasteride here. I do use systemic oral rogaine and spiro (yea, I know - don't go there). As well as overmachogrande.com laser helmet 440 diode and 2X's weekly Nizoral. I think I RIVAL you for very very fine/straight hair. Guys like us literally need 7K in our frontal 1/3rd to have a natural hairline zone that 'appears' to be near normal. Not to mention (if you have the donor) another up to 5-8K for mid-vertex and near the crown. The crown you 'dust' lightly. Since you are new to dut (but an older guy) - I would stick with it even if you are losing ground. Think how much more you would be losing without dut? Sometimes us thin haired/fine hair guys w/very straight hair 'max' out our donor (fut/fue) and even then - we just have to work with what we have and accept it. I still have a couple surgeries left at nearly 9k of grafts done and will probably throw permanent SMP into the mix along w/PRP w/Acell in the next 2 years and that will probably be it for me. Good luck & you have had good surgeons thus far.
  11. This is like the anecdotal stories of men who wear hairpieces and the person they sleep with every night never notices. Sure buddy - okay. I'm sure she's a very observant woman in real life. This is typical of the WORST type of posting on this website in my opinion. Yes, the results are very good but the hyperbolic 'copy' in your headline actually makes your clinic appear to be a bit schlocky. Again, great results but I don't see the need for the extra 'copy' about the gf. Maybe I'm being a bit of a pisser though.
  12. Still; good points are being made on both sides. Let it continue if it must.
  13. Also, imho if you are spending 6 figures for Med School (likely) - why are you concerned with cost and flying to Turkey? C'mon - you are a smart guy and for 2K of grafts if you spend top dollar with Konior or Rahal or even Devroye that's not even an extra 15K. This smacks of typical new poster with okay - not body dysmorphia but massive OCD and instead of going to IN-PERSON consults w/top surgeons, basically does a probably email consult w/Erdogan (who would never turn down any patient w/alot of hair) and then comes and posts here. If you are going to be a physician why would you not further consult w/experts in their field, in person w/ALL the facts before coming here and being verbally chided by a poster like me (which is inevitable)? I'm sure you believe you have enough hairloss to warrant elective cosmetic surgery but even after being told by the most knowledgeable posters in this thread (not me, btw) that you are not a candidate - you continue to engage. I wonder why that is. Finally, you are just neurotic about your hair - every single person in this thread and website are as well - so you are among friends. Even if I am a humorless bore when dumping ice water in this thread. Good luck!
  14. Dude - you should have a great life! You are way smarter than I am, so please disregard my comments as inconsequential and please, engage away with many other knowledgeable guys on a hair forum instead of um, I don't know - going to several well-regarded surgeons in America and get PROFESSIONAL opinions. Haha!
  15. Oh but wait! I've seen at least 20 surgeries on here that were cheered on w/guys that have less hairloss than this guy - right into the frontal hairline and temple areas. So he shouldn't have surgery 'cause he is only considering a doctor in Turkey? So if he spent more with Rahal or Konoir or someone of that caliber - now he's magically a candidate? One thing is obvious - if you have this miniscule amount of hairloss you better choose wisely and go with the best of the best. It appears this is a case of body dysmorphia - based on the original posters replies, imo. Let me emphatically state this guy has no worries - but in other threads I would be hearing from other posters let him do what he wants to do 'cause it's his own perception of hairloss. I'm beginning to think the format of asking questions means nothing at this website. Why not just have threads of before & afters and 'case studies' - since any answer is subjective at best.