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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Still on oral minox (10mg a.m. & 10mg p.m.) along w/Spiro 100mg a day (down from 150mg). Do they work? I have no side effects and after 20+ years of upping my minox all the way to 30% cream I had custom compounded - frankly I was done w/lotions and liquids on my longer transplanted and natural hair. It's been just over 13 months now. I also use a 400+ laser hair helmet and am going for scar revision surgery and more hair transplants this winter. I also have taken Dutasteride since 2002 and before that was on Propecia. So I'm in it for the long haul and use whatever I think gives me the most bang for my buck. If anyone wants to use pills - start w/lower dosages and move up slowly if no side effects is my advice.
  2. Great vid! I like that you really customize it for your own hair. You are such a GIRL! 🙂 You are in awesome shape, nice personality & it really is the best hairstyle for your hair texture/density & hair diameter. Lots of guys w/low density hair can benefit from this video.
  3. F*nk all this noise. UP your game to Dut! (asteride)~~ Why not, right? Sometimes a daily beer drinker needs to switch to the hard stuff, eh?
  4. Why are people bumping this thread and keeping it alive you ask? 'Cause we know a total sell out when we see it and would do the same shaming of a U.S. doctor doing the same thing with such exuberance. Imagine a U.S. doctor monitoring from his 'throne' 9 monitors filled w/surgeries and he pops in for quick slit sites and is pretty much a ghost the rest of the time? Sure, there are lots of sleazy plastic surgeons in U.S. that have geared up and created 'clinics' - but it would be my opinion that they either have much better personnel and quality control OR they are being lazy and too excessively profitable that they are undermining their previous good reputation. You are witnessing this w/Dr. Erdogan. He can fix it but he won't do so. Thus - we rant. And people rant all the time on forums about poor U.S. surgeons and clinics (their opinions of the 'processes' involved). 'Tis all we are doing. We also post about excellent surgeons who are much more intimately involved and have better-trained personnel. This is a topic that people like to read. With all due respect; get over it. It drives traffic anyways so it is to your benefit. Oh, and now you can stress to your PAID sponsors that you are even more knowledge after following this thread - so make sure to subscribe to it. Thanks M! peace...
  5. I'm at 10mg morning and 5 mg evening (started that after 9 months of 5mg morning and 5 mg pm). Everything is the same and I do check my Blood Pressure at least 3X's per week. It works; simple as. In another 9 months I'll move up to 10mg morning and 10mg evening. Oral Minox (Loniten) is tolerated exceptionally well up to 60mg per day in divided doses w/o side effects by the vast majority of people Note: I take 150mg of Aldactone/Spironolatone per day (100mg in the morning and 50 mg in the pm) . It is a mild diuretic and is frequently taken w/Loniten for water retention. I work out a lot and have actually lost 15lbs since October '18. I have no side effects and will continue this regimen indefinitely.
  6. Dude - you ARE the MAN! I'm a gonna' go on a MAJOR rant right now - so all you TL-DR 'dear readers' may exit stage left at this point. TYIA. Major cosmetic surgery that is botched should be 'shouted from the rooftops' and to be brutally frank (and yes, I am in the legal field and licensed in 3 states as well as Israel) it is horrifying to me that a foreign surgeon cannot be SUED up his ass for Compensatory {expectation & consequential}/General/Punitive as well as Aggravatory and finally Restitutionary Damages. Dr. Erdogan is a reckless unfortunate well-known MILL surgeon operating in Turkey. I stand by this written statement. Unequivocally so, in fact. So sue me, eh? Oh wait - that's what Dr. Erdogan says (not to your face) when he and his staff 'ghost' a persistent and rightly so PISSED-off U.S. patient. Shame on him. And if I am given a 'timeout' for my written statement - no matter. I'll take the charge. It's really no skin off my sack as they say in Jersey. And yes, my last surgery was in India w/Dr. Suneet Soni (4.5K FUT & 500 FUE) in March '17, previous to that surgery in Great Neck, NY w/Dr. Feller 2,243 FUT in March '04, previous to that surgery two surgeries w/Dr. Mark Pomerantz in Chicago, IL (700 and 1100 FUT 'mini and micro' grafts) in two sessions '93 & '94 and finally my 1st initial surgery w/the stupendously arrogant yet 'dim' Dr. Matt Leavitt (100 and 120 minigrafts) FUT in Detroit, MI in Dec. '90 and Jan. '91 Of course I will get more surgery - 2 to 3 FUE procedures and I will utilize 'beard' hair in the process because although I have complete coverage and NO visible thinning my hair is Asian-esque BONE straight and my hair-caliber thickness in Microns is embarrassingly low - thanks Mom & Dad. You fucked it all up when you capriciously concieved me without thinking about genetic predispositions in 1966. Flaccid and weak lack of forethought, but I digress. So, I know of where and when I speak. In fact I would say I am the most informed hair transplant consumer that I've ever known personally. I am obsessed w/hair - it is who I am. Since I get a modest amount of feedback in these forums I will post my last 2 major surgery 'before/after's and my 'current situation' in great and nauseating detail later this spring when I have more free time. SLR photos - professional lighting - wet/dry combthrough videos. Scar and donor area combthroughs and both just-washed hair (wet) - towel-dried hair, no-product dry and styled hair as well as w/a touch of DermMatch concealer. I will walk the walk because I admire everyone here that posts photos and tells their story - it takes alot for me to respect other men - this is hands-down the very best hair-restoration website on the planet. Simple as. For this I owe - a mitzvah if you will for my fellow brothers (in spirit) that suffer from this terrible progressive illness that is passed down from inferior genetic donors (our parents). In the far future hairloss will be a relic of the past that time has forgotten. Until then 'by endurance we conquer!' Peace & Degenerate Blessings...
  7. I have a question for the surgeons. What are your incision techniques (lateral or saggital)? Do you ultra-refine single hair grafts for very frontal hairline by actively looking for finer-caliber hairs w/your loops when extracting? What are your loop magnification levels for extraction? What is your personal philosophy for smoothing out the very frontal hairline going into the 1st 1/4 inch of the frontal hairline zone? What density in 2nd surgery can you achieve in the frontal hairline and frontal hairline transitional zone and what % of your patients solicit your services for a 2nd surgery to refine their frontal 1/3rd of vertex and/or hairline zone? I'm asking for specific reasons 'cause I have really good coverage from my 8.5K FUT's in the mid 90's, 2004 and 2016 and now I am actively searching for surgeons that I want to do my last 2 or 3 FUE procedures (perhaps up to another 5K of remaining grafts - donor left to homogenize my entire scalp somewhat and add frontal 1/3rd of vertex density and then a final 'tweak' of the very frontal hairiline.
  8. Where's your temple points work? Nice 'lid' on top - I think you should add 500 grafts on each temple to better frame your new profile. But what do I know?
  9. Agree - I was on 15% and then 30% creams from Murray Avenue Apothecary Compounding Pharmacy vis a vi medicalwellnesscenter prescribing physician for many years. I switched to ORAL Minox and ORAL Spriro in May of '18 two doses per day - there is no comparsion between topical and oral systemic results. Taking the pills though has potential side effects at higher doses; I would not recommend this for the majority of male hairloss sufferers. Better to stay w/5% foam in the long run.
  10. C'mon man! Use logic. Unless you were fat and lost alot of surgery after strips - 2 strips in and your scalp has less skin in the same area. Simple as. I would guess your doctor can give you an accurate guess w/another consultation. Alot of guys can do up to 3 strips - some are done after 2 strips - and a minority have to be done at 1 strip. I've had about 8,500 grafts via strip. My last surgery was March '17 - it streched in some places. I'll wait 'til near end of year and see if I can get it cut out and get as many grafts harvested out of there. I'll have staples done this time. I don't want the scar to stretch this time if I can help it. It might be FUE time for me. I'll find out when I do consults in late fall '19. peace...
  11. Laser is an adjunctive therapy and works best when your remaining hairs you are trying to 'revive' (lengthen hair cycle and increase overall/length of thinning hair) are still alive and have diffuse hair loss. It works best w/oral medications (dut/fin, loniten/spiro). If it works for people it usually improves a females hairloss quicker/better than men due to hormonal interactions and females have overall higher quality density/hair caliber than men. I've written before that it works better with 5 to 6 uses of about 22 minutes per week. Also, one really should use 400+ diodes for better overall coverage. Finally, it is my experience that from month 12-15 I started noticing the subtle yet visible results w/more coverage of my existing hair (subtle but visible). To the untrained eye - very little difference. To the critical eye a modest improvement. That was all I expected (at best). My overall hair quality is better all over and just a bit of thickening of weaker hairs. It's really not for 99% of men unless you like putting a laser helmet on your head 6X's per week while you are in your recliner and can schedule consistency over time (also - I don't recommend ever using if other people are around). You will be mocked relentlessly (reason I keep it in a drawer next to my recliner & only use it alone). peace...just my personal experience and I'm 52 - so I'll take what I can get 'cause I've been balding since age 21 (and have had many surgeries and use alot of meds progressively stronger over the decades).
  12. I wish all photos were done w/a camera this good - clinics should be using only professional-quality as well. Nice! It's worth the 5K-15K on a good studio-quality setting w/good cameras/lighting/consistent backdrops, etc... at each clinic.
  13. Consult w/the most respected plastic surgeons in a major city or teaching hospital - this is not as uncommon as you think and a full brow lift is probably not the ideal answer. Maybe there are some new developments in this type of surgery? Good luck!
  14. Regardless, you waited 'til your mid 30's - had very little miniaturization (as you noted) and got a great yield vis a vi strip and yea, Konior combines the ART of a hair transplant w/the science & has a very good eye for his craft. How many grafts for your strip, btw?