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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood V
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Dr. Suneet Soni
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    Rogaine Foam
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    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. I would make that bad-influence gf take 2 extra jobs - have her give you all her money for the next 2 years - minimum & research & then get a proper repair from a trusted surgeon. Then dump her.
  2. Didn't change a thing. I've had hair restorations for purely personal reasons - when I looked in the mirror I never wanted to be bald. Other than that it has had zero effect on any other aspect of my life.
  3. Yea - alldaychemist.com has Avodart (name brand) & generic (Dut) - sent to your house without a scrip' Or use medicalwellnesscenter.com & get a scrip' sent to you from a U.S. doctor.
  4. Yep - being a mod is fun!! I feel for you - but some threads where very smart & detailed info is obsessed over actually leads to MORE info being discovered and debated, right? Sloggin' through is worth the effort imho. No one has resorted to calling each other A-holes or threating physical violence. Every once in awhile we get a few threads like these. To me it is worth it to let them play out to near their logical conclusion(s). Although it isn't fun for a mod - I think alot of newer guys learn alot & it is a good thing to be wary of any plastic surgery as a last resort
  5. Fine - you've made up your mind. I will say you seem very smart w/a high self esteem. To me, frankly the photos I have seen here w/regard to this doctor - I personally would not go to him. Fair enough? If you are all that (I'm in my 50's as well) w/your fitness & clothes and such a good-looking stud & clearly a 1%'er I don't see why the photo evidence is not giving you pause. If you get it wrong (hair) it's no big deal? C'mon - you are rationalizing - but okay. We've seen some photos of results that just would not be acceptable to me. But again, if you are fine with it - ha
  6. Diep is gonna' stomp all over your demands and bulldoze through his 2 patients a day regardless. You are treating this not nearly as serious as you should. It is cosmetic surgery. A bad result will haunt you. Good luck.
  7. All you OCD-anal types earning big $$'s considering Diep - can you obviously not see that you are paying premium prices for mid-level results? Stop rationalizing 'cause you either live close or his results aren't that bad. Just pick from at least 5-10 other very outstanding very experienced surgeons in N. America who are way more meticulous & typically only do one patient per day & have outstanding staff & follow up & bedside manner. It is clear at this point - learn from those that are just as anal/OCD that have paid the price & given you good guidance. Goo
  8. I'm 53 - I have good coverage throughout. When my hair is cut to the proper length and styled properly I look like I have a mature hairline w/no bald spot. I have very fine hair and very straight hair. Every male member on both sides of my family after age 30 was/is NW 6 or NW 7. I had 100 and 120 grafts (minigrafts) done in Dec. '90 and Jan '91 by Leavitt. I had 400 and 700 grafts (minigrafts) done in '94 & '95 by Pomerantz. I had 2250 micrografts done by Feller in '04 All of this work was done in the frontal 1/3rd. I had 4500 micrografts done by Soni & 500 FUE done
  9. I've had so many strips. All different lines. Last two were Feller in '04 (2250 grafts) & Soni in '17 (4500 grafts). I'm going to revise my strip from Soni next year w/Hasson & Wong probably - but I'm done w/strip. My last surgeries will be FUE. I've had 8800 grafts from strip beginning in '90.
  10. Ron Shapiro in MN can do mega-sessions & work on a 2nd FUT 'same-scar' as well. Very experienced FUT surgeon w/the great personnel & techniques.
  11. He was shaving his hair down on the sides and wearing a hairpiece. He had LESS loss than what the 'before' visual suggests. Still - very good results on a guy w/hair the thickness of a horse (basically).
  12. Shapiro in Minnesota or Cooley or Arocha would probably give you very detailed plans to really refine and correct your frontal band. They are all older and do repair work and can do multi-stage surgeries and all have an eye towards taking out alot of those thicker frontals and then blending finer hairs into the very frontal hairline. If you do this right and are patient and communicate well w/a willing Doctor who is also motivated to give you the most natural results it could look 100% natural. Which after all - is what you are striving for at this point.
  13. Diep's work is a bit flaccid and weak as he gets older. Ultra-efficient in extracting $$'s & takes shortcuts and his work is arguably sloppy and undisciplined as he ages. Simple as. We see it over and over from some of the most obsessive OCD patient reports. I'm sure his bank account is not suffering though from his decreased attention to detail over time. Of course everyone has their own opinion.
  14. DOMINAN(T) one! Ahahaha! His frontal hairline is abysmal. I can't believe the layperson wouldn't feel themselves compelled to just gaze at it anywhere w/n 6 feet. It's hypnotizingly awful. He'll probably never fix it and when people tell him it looks normal - he'll rationalize that it is. I've been around the world a few times in the last 10 years and the sheer number of complete and utter hair restoration failures always shocks me. Too bad, doesn't have to be that way. I've found plastic surgeons to be (all things considered) the least caring physicians as a group. It sho
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