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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Rogaine Foam
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  1. You could resort back to 'close-cropped' hairstyle in the front. Hairs to the side and matted down or close to the scalp to reduce the contrast. Or up the density w/more procedures. I suppose you could grow longer but you'd have to keep the hair flatter to the surface in the front. Less contrast in color from scalp to hair would help too - but not everyone wants lighter hair. Other than that - it's simply a matter of lack of hair density. Simple as.
  2. Piven is hair transplant and LOTS of scalp concealer and fibers and a combover not exposing hairline. FUT scar pics of him in the ocean from a few years ago. Check out the 'halo' effect in the trailer for his last t.v. show. Watch the 1st minute and you'll see multiple angles that give away his hair con. I loathe this actor but whatever. SO much scalp paint, fibers and his hair color is TOO dark. It's disturbing.
  3. You'll be fine. Several overseas surgeons reco oral minox. It's very well tolerated at levels way way higher than 5mg per day. U.S. surgeons won't say that though - that's legal concern though. If you want, check your blood pressure each day before and about 2 hours after taking it. It lowers blood pressure. Monitor for a few months if extra cautious. I was on 5mg oral for about 9 months and am on 10mg daily now (5mg a.m./5mg early evening). No issues 15 months in.
  4. Good luck. I hope you resolve it. I feel bad for you. If you get it sorted come back and show us your new look down the road!
  5. Can you review this? https://www.hairatin.com/ Joe Tillman (hairtransplantmentor) liked it best after his 2nd review of concealers. Ha! I used to use http://www.prothik.com/ way back in '98/'99 - my girlfriend used to say she saw the residue on the pillowcases she washed. She wasn't pissed though. Her only concern one time was when we were at a party in the rain and she was like - it won't 'run off' will it? I replied - nope. In my mind I was thinking 'stop thinking about how people will judge YOU through ME; I got this' - but didn't say anything more 'cause she was a little firestarter woman.
  6. So, I had a procedure w/Dr. Feller in 2004 (my 1st large strip procedure of 2,250 grafts). Any really good doctor should leave a very small FUT scar on a virgin or near virgin scalp. It's only 2.5K grafts. It's when you are going for the 5K or 7.5K total of grafts where it gets tricky ('cause of less laxity). Regardless, very nice 1st surgery. Patient has very good hair characteristics and great donor and fairly limited hair loss overall compared to NW5 or NW6. Still, if this was to be his 1st and last transplant he should have gone FUE because then he can shave down much lower if he desires in the back. I don't know his hairloss history or if he is going to do his crown or vertex though?
  7. It's simple. All 1 hair grafts properly trimmed under a microscope w/proper angulation and placement. If a surgeon doesn't regularly do temple points that would balance out the reconstructed hairline - there's usually a reason.
  8. Maybe. I'm Caucasian and Dr. Soni did good temple point reconstruction for me. 200 on each one and not as aggressive but 100% natural looking. I endorse the idea for NW 4 and higher if done w/artistry and enough density - it brings balance to an angular type of hairline (front/center far forward w/natural recession into the corners). If you look at the pre-op pics w/marker drawn in you'll see that Dr. Soni didn't advance the temple points but perhaps a few millimeteres - he just implanted w/n the low density this guy had - filled it in w/proper density. The aesthetic results are dramatic.
  9. He doesn't need therapy. He screwed up and he knows it. He's venting. Just 'cause you did it right w/your surgeon doesn't make you superior. It's easy for members with good results to give perfect advice. I feel bad for him 'cause his doctor dropped the ball. And everybody here knows it. He'll figure it out but let him work it out in this thread. He was man enough to create this thread and rightfully so he is venting. It's a process. Plus, threads like this are interesting for all and there is much to learn for newer members - it gives perspective from each end of the spectrum. Thanks for posting though - your perspective is also appreciated.
  10. Still on oral minox (10mg a.m. & 10mg p.m.) along w/Spiro 100mg a day (down from 150mg). Do they work? I have no side effects and after 20+ years of upping my minox all the way to 30% cream I had custom compounded - frankly I was done w/lotions and liquids on my longer transplanted and natural hair. It's been just over 13 months now. I also use a 400+ laser hair helmet and am going for scar revision surgery and more hair transplants this winter. I also have taken Dutasteride since 2002 and before that was on Propecia. So I'm in it for the long haul and use whatever I think gives me the most bang for my buck. If anyone wants to use pills - start w/lower dosages and move up slowly if no side effects is my advice.
  11. Great vid! I like that you really customize it for your own hair. You are such a GIRL! 🙂 You are in awesome shape, nice personality & it really is the best hairstyle for your hair texture/density & hair diameter. Lots of guys w/low density hair can benefit from this video.
  12. F*nk all this noise. UP your game to Dut! (asteride)~~ Why not, right? Sometimes a daily beer drinker needs to switch to the hard stuff, eh?