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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood V
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    Maintain and Regrow Hair
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Alan Feller
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    Dr. Suneet Soni
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    Rogaine Foam
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    Nizoral Shampoo

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  1. Thailand Pharmacy is legit. They use Western Union. CHEAP - takes awhile for delivery but you get tracking info & it arrives in a tiny box w/red strings wrapped around it. Been using them for over 2 years on my 10mg tabs. You can split 'em or cut them into 1/4ths or whatever depending on how much you take 1X or 2X's per day.
  2. So his face is artistically curated, eh? I think his modelling career was probably fine without this minor hair restoration. Well done though.
  3. It just seems like you are all Fabio in your posts - why don't you grow your glorious hair down to your waist in the back & become a model already!! 😆😆 Don't mind me - I'm just having a piss at you.
  4. We get it. You have a perfect result already. You are in the tiny majority of hair restoration patients. Keep gloating.
  5. Do what YOU want - the rest is conversation. Leave that to women to obsess over.
  6. So much PRODUCT! Probably your best video on concealers yet. You should wear a bandana to bed or do you have like 50 black pillowcases? Juse messin' with you 'cause when my hair is longer and I do dermatch my process is similar for days when I want my hair to look better.
  7. Why bother w/a scrip' Just order from thailandpharmacy.net in 5mg or 10mg pills of oral minox. Start w/2.5mg a day - split 'em up or whatever. Way cheaper.
  8. I use 440 diodes from overmachogrande Custom made. About 1.4K
  9. Yea I know that. Still - open borders and all. In-country pricing should be in local currency regardless of citizenship. Penalizes against US methinks. Imagine you are selling services that are non-essential (discretionary) in any country & you charge different people different rates based on where they were born and what currency you decide is best. Ahahaha! I stand by my post. It's a fact. End of. Do I care - somewhat. What can I do about it? Nothing. I wired my USD $$ to my last surgeon at the rates he quoted me USD vs his local currency. Just a moneygrab for the same services rendered. I'm in finance so to me it is not a balanced transaction. Just my opinion.
  10. It's simple. H&W basically take advantage of non-Canadian consumers. If they were completely transparent they would let US customers exchange to Canadian and pay them in their own currency. It's a money grab as Canadian Dollar has rarely been on 'par w/USD in 30 years. Some years the Canadian Dollar is nearly 50% cheaper than usd (USD/CAD). As Americans - we pay a premium.
  11. Oral minox & dut are best suited for mid-scalp/vertex/crown area for stabilization and/or slight regrowth. Frontal hairline is hard to stabilize if you are losing it steadily. Can slow it down perhaps slightly - but it's not noted for the ability to regrow frontal hairline or just behind it.
  12. Regardless then - top notch result for sure. For such a small area - it's a one & done.
  13. Bottom line; it's plastic surgery. Most plastic surgery is a great way to get botched. I've had many surgeries (nose/chin/hair) - I would tell most men in their 20's to forget about all of it. It's a big risk. IF you are going that route you must go to the very most experienced surgeons w/the best reputations & consistency. Usually that means big bucks. So be it. If you can't afford it you are simply not a candidate. Most U.S. guys would be best not going outside N. America. You could travel to the 2-4 most qualified surgeons you could personally visit for 3K or so in total travel costs over the course of say 18 months to 2 years before making a completely informed decision. If you consider you'll have your hair restoration surgery results for 30 to 40 years - the cost in the long term is a non factor if you have a job and know how to budget long term. Frankly, to learn how to live as a balding guy into your early 30's (when your hairloss pattern is showing long term) is an exercise in how to be a man in a world of superficiality. You would be better served building up other areas of your strengths whilst dealing w/a natural condition shared by at least 50% to 80% of your peers as they get older. Guess what - when you are 30 or 35 years old you might just say - nah. Plastic surgery isn't for me & you go on and live your life. 99.99%+ of men do just that. And they are no different than you. Having written that - it wasn't for me. It's my self loathing and cynical nature. YMMV
  14. Bolton bundles (large multi-follicular units consisting of 6-12 hairs) compressed into slit grafts. For the LAZY surgeon who won't use microscopes to properly dissect ALL follicular units into their natural groupings. Way too expensive & won't even consider FUE. He likes those easy 5 hour surgeries. On his pricing page - it's all based on FINANCING your procedure. Guy's a chump. But I'm sure he's pulling in a respectable 300K+ per year in Lauderdale.