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  1. You can try a smaller dose of finasteride such as .5mg/daily. Research shows that their is not too much of difference in scalp DHT levels from .5mg/daily to 1mg/daily. I would look at the results of the study.
  2. some people put hair gel in their hair to style and others might put fibers...that is the way I see it. If it is a cosmetic improvement to you and not harmful, then why not?
  3. Hi @back2life_45- Coming along nicely! I would ask the clinic their view on using concealers as there seems to be different views amongst doctors on using concealers during the growing phase.
  4. Excellent! Have you thought about sprinkling some hair fibers onto your hair?
  5. Congratulations Melvin!- Wishing you the best in your journey into marriage and more hair! Spectacular transformation.
  6. Hi @MNIK- I hope everything is progressing well. Any updates?
  7. Hi @DrTBarghouthi-Do you think his donor capacity would have been even greater if he had done FUT followed by FUE? If so, how many more grafts would you estimate? Thanks!
  8. Quite remarkable and will look over the moon after the 3rd transplant. Do you feel as if you would have been able to harvest even more total scalp grafts if you had combined FUT and FUE over the course of multiple procedures? Thanks!
  9. Holy cow! 4,600 additional grafts! Looking forward to seeing you progress and sending you positive vibes.
  10. Based on what you observed @back2life_45, would you have felt comfortable with the extraction technicians doing the crucial extractions and hairline implantation? Thanks!
  11. What a great story @hybonix. So happy that it has restored your confidence. Your results look stellar! You look much younger!
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