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  1. So much PRODUCT! Probably your best video on concealers yet. You should wear a bandana to bed or do you have like 50 black pillowcases? Juse messin' with you 'cause when my hair is longer and I do dermatch my process is similar for days when I want my hair to look better.
  2. Why bother w/a scrip' Just order from thailandpharmacy.net in 5mg or 10mg pills of oral minox. Start w/2.5mg a day - split 'em up or whatever. Way cheaper.
  3. I use 440 diodes from overmachogrande Custom made. About 1.4K
  4. Yea I know that. Still - open borders and all. In-country pricing should be in local currency regardless of citizenship. Penalizes against US methinks. Imagine you are selling services that are non-essential (discretionary) in any country & you charge different people different rates based on where they were born and what currency you decide is best. Ahahaha! I stand by my post. It's a fact. End of. Do I care - somewhat. What can I do about it? Nothing. I wired my USD $$ to my last surgeon at the rates he quoted me USD vs his local currency. Just a moneygrab for the same services rendered. I'm in finance so to me it is not a balanced transaction. Just my opinion.
  5. It's simple. H&W basically take advantage of non-Canadian consumers. If they were completely transparent they would let US customers exchange to Canadian and pay them in their own currency. It's a money grab as Canadian Dollar has rarely been on 'par w/USD in 30 years. Some years the Canadian Dollar is nearly 50% cheaper than usd (USD/CAD). As Americans - we pay a premium.
  6. Oral minox & dut are best suited for mid-scalp/vertex/crown area for stabilization and/or slight regrowth. Frontal hairline is hard to stabilize if you are losing it steadily. Can slow it down perhaps slightly - but it's not noted for the ability to regrow frontal hairline or just behind it.
  7. Regardless then - top notch result for sure. For such a small area - it's a one & done.
  8. Bottom line; it's plastic surgery. Most plastic surgery is a great way to get botched. I've had many surgeries (nose/chin/hair) - I would tell most men in their 20's to forget about all of it. It's a big risk. IF you are going that route you must go to the very most experienced surgeons w/the best reputations & consistency. Usually that means big bucks. So be it. If you can't afford it you are simply not a candidate. Most U.S. guys would be best not going outside N. America. You could travel to the 2-4 most qualified surgeons you could personally visit for 3K or so in total travel costs over the course of say 18 months to 2 years before making a completely informed decision. If you consider you'll have your hair restoration surgery results for 30 to 40 years - the cost in the long term is a non factor if you have a job and know how to budget long term. Frankly, to learn how to live as a balding guy into your early 30's (when your hairloss pattern is showing long term) is an exercise in how to be a man in a world of superficiality. You would be better served building up other areas of your strengths whilst dealing w/a natural condition shared by at least 50% to 80% of your peers as they get older. Guess what - when you are 30 or 35 years old you might just say - nah. Plastic surgery isn't for me & you go on and live your life. 99.99%+ of men do just that. And they are no different than you. Having written that - it wasn't for me. It's my self loathing and cynical nature. YMMV
  9. Bolton bundles (large multi-follicular units consisting of 6-12 hairs) compressed into slit grafts. For the LAZY surgeon who won't use microscopes to properly dissect ALL follicular units into their natural groupings. Way too expensive & won't even consider FUE. He likes those easy 5 hour surgeries. On his pricing page - it's all based on FINANCING your procedure. Guy's a chump. But I'm sure he's pulling in a respectable 300K+ per year in Lauderdale.
  10. Nope. Shapiro can do a few FUT's with you and all of his techniques are state of the art. If you are comfortable with them - go for it.
  11. The average plasma half-life in man is 4.2 hours. That's for oral minox.
  12. Yea I know. I agree & plan on finishing my hair restoration with them as well. I was just being dramatic w/my examples.
  13. You got very high growth rate. That's a good thing for your 1st surgery. Still - I see too many multi-hair grafts in your very frontal hairline zone. I thought Asmed techs were trimming and inspecting grafts under a microscope? Nope. Prob' the microscopes are just for show. No way they are looking microscopically w/high magnification at each graft and trimming down or looking at 1 haired grafts that have another hair dormant within the follicular unit under magnification. But as long as you are pleased w/your result that is all that matters. I don't see the ultra-refined hairline that I think Asmed is capable of - but he's not that involved intra-surgery. That written I don't think many layperson's on the street would even notice what we are all obsessed with. Enjoy your bouffant! Although your pre-transplant combover was kinda' hypnotic actually and quite unique!
  14. Okay - oral minox has a lifespan of like 8 hours - so space it out I guess. I think the 1/2 life of oral minox is 4.25 hours.
  15. Would like to see the FUE extraction zone on this one if you got it. 35K USD right there. That's like 4 boob jobs and 7 nose jobs! 😆 It just seems unreal in terms of pricing! 4500 FUT would be 17.5K USD This patient's ratio of 2 hair and 3-4 hair grafts to 1 hair grafts must be in the 3rd standard deviation of patients. OR w/a 1st FUE one can really cherry pick higher graft follicular units whilst still keeping the spacing really spread out. I am going to get scar revision via FUT w/H&W (1000K grafts) probably summertime w/Dr. Wong (had a consult w/their rep in Toronto Feb '19). Regardless of my reluctance to finish my hair restoration career w/ the more expensive FUE - I'll probably end up going w/H&W for FUE as well. Love their work - gotta' reach deep into the wallet though. It's that damn Canadian markup!!! Ha! Us Americans don't even get the 30% exchange rate reduction. $1 USD equals $1.30 CAD
  16. If you take oral minox - DROP topical minox (overkill). Seriously. Systemic absorption w/oral is WAY more effective. Start low at 2.5mg or 5mg per day - or even 1.25mg per day. Thailandpharmacy.net has good prices on 5mg and 10mg oral. Takes awhile to get your order (2.5 to 3 weeks) & you have to do it w/Western Union or Moneygram or bitcoin or altcoin- but they are very very reliable.
  17. Hey! I had a procedure 2.25K grafts w/Dr. Feller in 2004 with a similar balding pattern & similar grafts up to then (1400 grafts). Bloxham will pack 'em in tight and you'll have at least 5-6 years of good hair if you do probably 2.5K grafts or so. As a 1st strip you'll probably see really good results by month 5 to 6 (believe it or not). I was completely transformed in the frontal zone & hairline by month 8. If you have regular laxity - your scar (say 2k-3k grafts) will be most likely neglible except at the lowest haircut level. Feller & Bloxham never do megasessions, so the scar shouldn't be a huge issue for you. Sure staples sting a bit having 'em taken out after like 12 days - but it won't take long. My sister did that for me (she's a nurse). Having strip is a major surgery - stay on top of the pain meds and you'll be fine. I won't lie - it is crazy having a chunk of your scalp excised out of your head and stitched back. It will be tight and sore for several days. And numb. But just deal and be careful and after a week or so you'll be used to it as symptoms lessen. From there on out it will become less and less noticeable especially after stitches are out. Since you are a balding guy before 30 - and probably started before age 25 - if you want to conserve the quality of your donor and delay balding in mid-vertex into crown as long as possible. Consider Dutasteride (Avodart) or Propecia & at least minox 1X per day (if foam) or a very small dose of oral minox. Also consider laser therapy 4-5X's per week to keep your current hair in the best healthy state & a longer growing cycle. This will help delay the inevitable depending on how fast you bald as you get older. Hairloss continues and sometimes accelerates in late 30's into mid 40's - we never really know. About 7 years after my work was done by Dr. Feller I noticed more balding (I was 44 by then) in the mid-vertex and going into my crown. So, if you are 30 you can probably get by until near 40 before another surgery if you continue to bald into your crown and vertex. Good luck! The clinic you are going to is outstanding - a bit pricey - but you'll get excellent results & bang for your buck for many years. Keep us informed! Keep those painkillers handy - but you are local and not having to fly after strip surgery is a big bonus (pressure from flight levels right after surgery are painful in the strip area). Don't drink for at least a week after surgery and if you can - get daily aftercare at the clinic for a few days after if you can.
  18. Believe it or not, @100mg Oral Spiro you will find very few reports of guys having any sides over time. There are even several studies online that tracked the effects on overall hormonal balance in males. Not much there at all. Especially if your working out and naturally raising your test levels w/resistance training. That's my opinion after I read about it. Most male to female trans take spiro orally 200mgs along w/a shit ton of other estrogen increasing drugs to look more like women. I never tried topical - I have been on 100mg oral spiro for 19+ months without any sides. During that time I was lifting very consistently from Oct. '18 through March of '19 when I broke my ankle in 3 places. I didn't notice any side effects. Since May '19 I haven't done any resistance training (still recovering from my trimalleor fracture). There have been a few threads w/pics of guys using topical spiro - but they all had very limited hairloss to begin with. So they were obsessive and taking alot of other meds as well. Hard to tell if the spiro was helping outright or was just an adjunct/additive to everything else they were taking. I guess as usual one could track their test levels before beginning spiro and say 3 months after and see what the #'s show.
  19. Hola, The thing is you could go to 5mg 2X's a day - see where you are at in another 4 months. If you have higher side effects (more hair growth and faster hairgrowth other than the hair on the top of your head) - you could always go back to your baseline of 5mg 1X per day or 2.5mg 2X's per day (5mg split in half). For me I didn't see alot w/oral minox for at least 14-15 months - my hair grows very very slowly. I use overmachogrande for laser hair helmet. Even if you don't get any new regrowth w/laser therapy you do get a longer hair-growth cycle & better quality hair overall (like w/oral minox). Used alone a hair helmet probably is marginal - along w/oral minox & a dht blocker (Propecia or Dutasteride) & a good Keto shampoo - your hitting the hair from all angles w/ease of use in my humble opinion. Especially if you have a family history of extensive baldness. Every single male on all sides of my family progressed to NW VI - some quite young. A hair helmet certainly can't hurt but you need at least 350+ diodes imho to cover all of your scalp -especially the frontal sides and the lower crown area. I have mine right next to my computer workstation on its own stand and its just a part of my 5X's+ per week routine of 22 minutes. There's quite a bit of anecdotal and limited clinical results. I believe it works best on diffuse thinning hair (especially for women) - but like I wrote it is believed to possibly 'de-age' the hair - making what you still have stronger/thicker/more vibrant w/a much longer hairgrowth cycle. This would account for its slight thickening and filling in of a middle 'part' line that some visual studies show. Much like minoxidil it probably works best on dying hairs that still have some life left in them - making them a bit more robust each hair growth cycle. Again, to an extent. Nothing grows back 100% of lost or dying hairs. Each time I upped my oral minox I monitored my blood pressure 2 hours after each dose for at least a month just to make sure I wasn't having any issues w/a dropping blood pressure.
  20. I'm a very white guy w/very little body hair or arm or leg hair. As I've gotten older all the hair on my lower arms & all of my legs has decreased by probably 40% at least (or got lighter/more fine). I do have a hereditary minor skin condition that looks like freckles but are actually light red discoloration dots on my lower arms and on my legs that killed off alot of original hair. I've noticed just a little bit more hair around my eyebrows & fuller eyebrows and some vellus hairs around my temples. I'm 52 so having fuller eyebrows (somewhat) makes me appear younger - even though about 25% of them are grey now. I've noticed fuller temple point growth as well - even though I had 400 grafts (200 on each side) added to these areas in March '17 via FUT + FUE surgery megassesion. So, compared to normal guys I am about 80% less hairy as a baseline. For me then, upping my dose over time hasn't been an issue whatsoever. My beard seems about the same or maybe just somewhat more robust (marginally) - but I have average beard hair - haven't noticed it growing faster. But I only shave down to stubble 1X per week anyways. I don't have to shave for my regular day to day - so I can't really guess if it grows in back faster. Everybody's different - genetics dictate one's results. If you are responding well w/5mg 1X per day in only 4 months - w/just a few minor inconveniences - it's a win/win in my book. I personally don't think increasing your dose over time will make you twice as hairy (5mgs X's 2 daily) w/your already established side effects. Just means you are a good responder and would probably do better at a higher dose over time. I've noticed no difference other than what I described going from 5mg once a day to 10mg 2X's per day over the last 19 months or so. I plan on staying on oral minox. In 19 months my crown has gone from slightly thin (keep in mind I've had 8.5K grafts - I'd be a NW V without hair restoration & a NW VI without medical therapy) to basically no cosmetic appearing thinning. My midscalp vertex has thickened every so slightly. I have added a 420+ diode laser hair helmet regimen that I use religiously 4 days on/1 day off/3 days on/1 day off for 22 minutes a session in the last 21 months - this has made my existing transplanted & native hair more robust & is an 'additive' treatment modality in my opinion. I can wear my hair long again and it appears healthier (less breakage) & my donor hair seems of better quality as well (much better). So, I've stayed on Avodart (Dutasteride) since 2002 & since full maturation of my last hair transplant (by 05/18) - the only thing I changed was going from 30% custom-compounded minoxidil cream I applied 2X's per day to oral minox (05/18) & added the hair helmet (03/18). I can see the difference - it is not a monster difference - but there is improvement over time. That's about all I could ask for.
  21. It's a drug. The higher dose you take & more often - the more effective. To a degree of course. If you are committed to medical therapy - you have many years of this. Proceed slowly I would say. peace...
  22. It has really helped my crown area (alot). Over time one can increase a dose of medication the body gets used to. For example, people start with a 1/4 of a pill of Finasteride a day - skipping the 5th day. After some time they take it everyday. Then quite a few work their way up to Dutasteride 0.5mg 1X daily. @20mgs (10mg 2X's daily) is the high end of low-dose oral minox. They start w/40mg's daily for high blood pressure. The 1/2 life on oral minox is 4.2 hours - so at 8.4 hours it is absorbed. Started w/5mg's - then after like 6 months went to 10mg's daily. Now at 18+ months I'm at a dose that in my opinion is optimal (from what I've read). If you can handle the schedule - oral minox is best at 2X's per day (just like liquid). So you could use 2.5mg's 2X's daily for many months and then maybe up it to 5mg 2X's per day and stay there. I've read alot of studies on oral minox and side effects at much higher dosages than 20mg a day. By splitting up the dose to 2X's per day I'm taking smaller doses more frequently (@breakfast and @dinner w/food). It's just my thing. My routine. People can stay on low-dose 2.5mg's 2X's daily or 5mg or 10mg 1X daily . I think it is much more effective 2X's daily at a higher baseline dose. You can get cheap oral minox in 5mg & 10mg pills at alldaychemist & thailandpharmacy & inhousepharmacy - no scrip' I was up to 30% minox cream 2X's per day for several years (compounded by a pharmacy). There is no comparison between topical penetration/efficacy VS systemic delivery. My only advice would be buy a blood pressure cuff and check your BP 2 hours after taking oral minox vs baseline for as long as you want. If you have no heart issues & the BP is good - you're okay.
  23. I buy my 10mg oral minox from them as well. Image search your pills - they are legit.