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5912 grafts FUT by Hattingen Hair

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I noticed my hair thinning around the age of twenty-five, it wasn’t until the age of thirty that I started to consider a Hair Transplant. One month ago, at the age of 36 I finally took the plunge and had my surgery with Dr Sever Muresanu & Dr Laura Muresanu at Hattingen Hair in Switzerland.

I had contacted many clinics over the years in Germany, London, Istanbul, however there was always something that didn’t quite sit well with me.
The aggressive advertising, the perfectly straight hairlines, the speed in which after sending a few WhatsApp photos I was given a estimate and told the next step is to book flights.
I came across Hattingen Hair through various forums and was immediately impressed at the work, especially the natural looking hairlines. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Muresanu via Skype and we spoke about my expectations.
He explained that in my case, the best result and maximum coverage would come from having an FUT
He was very honest about the pros and cons, suggested experimenting first with a buzz cut. It became clear to me that financial gain is not the driving factor in the approach to his craft.
For our second online consultation, I ordered a special camera to enable him to check the quality of the donor area via Skype. However he would not 100% agree to the surgery without seeing the donor area in person. I found this to be a good sign. The cost of travel was reimbursed.
The surgery was spread over days, with an extra check up and hair wash on the third day.
Day one. Dr Muresanu drew the hairline and I had no problem in trusting his expertise, he has an impeccable sense of aesthetics which in my opinion should be the first thing one looks for in a surgeon. He had also received photos of my hair from the last ten years and with these in mind designed a realistic hairline.
Day One
A twelve centimeter strip was taken from the middle and the team went straight to work on it. Dr. Laura Muresanu then took over to make the incisions and short while after, began inserting the first grafts.
The only pain came from the local anaesthetic. I was able to sit quietly and stare into the beautiful garden. 
Around 4000 grafts were implanted and I was sent back to the hotel to rest. I had to spray the grafted area with saline solution every 2 hours.
Day Two.
Dr Sever Muresanu took two further strips making the total size Thirty-two centimetres. Again Dr. Laura Muresanu and her team implanted the 1912 grafts over the course of six hours. 
Luckily there were more grafts extracted than planned and I was told the coverage would be better than I had expected - 5912 grafts in total!
That evening, I was in quite a lot of pain. I did however get some sleep due to the medication I was provided.
The next morning I headed to the surgery again for a wash and check up and was given the medication, cream, shampoo, spray bottle and instructions for the optimal care of my newly transplanted grafts.
It’s a very strange sensation to feel a slight pulling and tightness in the back of the scalp. You do get used to it after a week or so. Luckily I had very minimal bleeding and received enough pain killers to get me through those first few days. I am extremely happy with the scar. As you can see from the pictures, Dr. Muresanu did a great job.
If I had to give any criticism of the whole experience? I would have appreciated some contact from the team a week or so before the planned surgery. Just to check in to ask how I was feeling if I had any final questions.
It’s clear to me that Hattingen Hair has an extremely good reputation and their work speaks for itself. Still I wanted to share my experience. Maybe it helps somebody make the right decision and prevents someone out there from compromising on quality for the sake of saving money. The resluts of your surgery will be visible for the rest of your life.
Dr Muresanu’s work ethic and philosophy when it comes to working with the patient to achieve a natural look was a big deciding factor for me.
As you can see from the Photos - things are coming along great. I will upload some more in a few months.
The front of the head has all fallen out as expected so there is not much to see there right now.
I will post the hairline when it starts to grow and look good.
Dr Muresanu’s work ethic and philosophy when it comes to working with the patient to achieve a natural look was a big deciding factor for me.
As you can see from the Photos - things are coming along great. I will upload some more in a few months.
Before Pics
2 weeks post op
Scar 2 weeks post Op


IMG_2086 2.JPG

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30 minutes ago, Curious25 said:

Good for you - you've chosen an excellent clinic, and I am sure your research and patience will be rewarded.

Any estimations of available grafts left for future use, and are you on medication? 


I don't have that information. I can say that with most cases like mine, i will need a second surgery to really give me maximum coverage.

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It has been just over 5 months since my Hair Transplant at Hattingen.

I am very happy with the results so far. It's looking great. In some types of lighting i can't believe how good it looks. There are also times where the scalp is still visable and the hair looks thin but i trust that in the next 4 months or so, the hair will get thicker.

I still have very little feeling on the transplanted area. This doesnt bother me too much but i do hope it comes back.

I have had one haircut only and this was to match the sides (which had not been cut since before the surgery) to the rest of the hair. The transplanted hair has not been cut. I still have the very dark thick tips at the end of some of the original hairs that were never shed post surgery. So you can clearly see the difference in texture.

I am especially amazed with the back/crown area. It looks very natural and i couldn't be happier when i look at the before pics.

I decided not to take any medication. I feel fine with this decision right now. It was change in the future but for now i feel good.

Check out the pics and if you have any questions let me know.



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