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2.000 Grafts FUE, Hairline, fine hair, Dr Ayoub, Focus Hairtrans, Germany

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The posts in this forum and on german Alopezie-Forum have helped me a lot to inform myself about hair transplants, so I would like to give something back with my report. It is the final result of my surgery in 2019, the numerous aborted reports have annoyed me a lot during my research ;) Meanwhile I have the second part of my treatment (top of the head and crown) behind me, the report will follow in about a year.

About me:

37 years old
no medication
very fine hair
loss partly diffuse
family history: all men NW5, but no NW6-7 up to the age of 75

estimated grafts needed: 4.500
estimated donor approx. 6.000 grafts + 1.500 beard

So all in all not the best prerequisites. I still decided to take the risk of a hair transplant because baldness looks extremely unflattering on my large head with very light skin.

Germany has not been a good choice for hair transplantations for several reasons. It is more a less a consensus on german forums to got to Belgium, Turkey or Switzerland. I originally wanted to have the surgery done by Dr. Feriduni, but the price for the complete treatment would have been in the 20,000 € range, so I looked for alternatives. I came across Dr. Ayoub through Alopezie-Forum, he started his own clinic in 2018 or 2019. The fact that he worked for Feriduni for a short time also played a role for considerung him. The available pictures of his work looked very natural and clean and in conversation he seemed very relaxed and had answers to my numerous detailed questions. Dr Ayoubs clinic is located in Duesseldorf-Ratingen. It is close to Cologne and the Airport Duesseldorf.


Just a few quick bullet points:

2,000 grafts
0,8mm Trumpet Punch
Motorized harvesting with Trivellini Mamba (according to Dr. Ayoub he always preferred manual extraction, but this system is at least equivalent)
Extraction: 100% Dr. Ayoub
Slits: 100% Dr. Ayoub
Insertion (Implanter Pen): about 50% Dr. Ayoub (now he does more like 30% himself)


Dr. Ayoub did a very clean job, there was no sign of the surgery on my donor after 2 weeks. This seems to be normal with him, as you can see from the other reports at Alopezie-Forum. I had minimal shockloss over one ear, but it went away quickly. I had problems with the nerve healing in the donor, that gave me some painful nights about 5-10 days post surgery. It seems to be a rare hypersensitivity, I read a statement about it by BHR Clinic.

The growth of new hair started after about 4 months and by month 6-7 I was close to the final result. My hair grows quite fast in general, maybe that plays a role.


Considering my poor prerequisites, the result exceeded my expectations. The hairline looks very natural, even my hairdresser wanted the address of the clinic for her clients. Her son went to a hairmill in Turkey and it looks very artificial.

Nevertheless, you should be aware that HT is always an illusion, for example, it would not look 100% dense if I styled the hair with a lot of gel. The approach is very conservative. I would have liked it even better if the hairline was set a centimeter lower and the temple points were re-formed. However, I decided against it to keep more grafts as a reserve in the long run. In general, it's a nice feeling that I don't have to think about how my hair lies at all. I have also been told by several people that I look younger and healthier.

I highly recommend Dr. Ayoub. The 2019 price was so cheap that I was almost embarrassed (1 € / Graft) However, it is now higher and more reasonable, about 1.40-1.50 € / graft. This is still very cheap, considering that he only treats 2 patients per week. A few compromises must be made for the price, the Dr also does many administrative tasks alone, accordingly, not everything is top organized. The practice is clean, but not nearly as nice as Feriduni's for example. I don't really care, what counts for me is the growth rate, naturalness and the gentle treatment of the donor, and I am absolutely satisfied.


1 Jahr post-OP.jpg


pre OP.jpg

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First time I hear of this doctor, excellent results with fine blonde hair. I’d be interested to hear more about him, as Germany is severely lacking in quality clinics. 

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