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Hair transplant/FUT scar revision

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Hello guys I’m looking for some advise. I’m a 38 year old male from the USA looking to get a hair transplant in Turkey. My main criteria’s are to get a surgeon who is going to to give me the density that I’ve desire in my hairline and also to revise a FUTscar that I received through a previous transplant.  I’ve been looking/searching for the best DR’s/clinics in Turkey and through extensive research on the internet on different forums and YouTube I’ve narrowed it down tho these 3. Remember guys not only am I looking for density and I’m also looking to revise a FUT scar.


Dr. Pekiner

Dr. Bicer

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You can't go wrong with any of the three. As for scar revision, I think Dr Bicer would be the best option for that, since she also does FUT, but it would be best to reach out first and ask. I have not consulted with Pekiner, but he does have some great results. 

I will also add that when I consulted HLC before my procedure, they underestimated my donor and said I can only get 3500 grafts, and no further surgeries would be possible, unless I went with body hair. They were quite conservative which is good, if you don't want your donor depleted but bad, if you want to maximize the donor capacity. 

I am still in talks with Dr Bicer but the experience has been positive, thus far. I personally want to get my temples filled in, but I was not able to find many results showcasing that. I am not sure how important temple restoration is for you, though. Other than that, if you needed body hair, for midscalp or crown, she won't provide a guarantee for those areas. I don't think it applies for your case, but it might help others that are considering it


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Hello thanks for the message. The main reason is that when I started doing my research I focused mainly in Turkey for the results, packages, and prices, but since I’ve extensively been doing research for the past few months my priorities changed about Turkey. My main thing is getting a great doctor to perform the surgery and I’m less concern about prices and packages and more in results and having a doctor perform the main parts of the surgery. That’s how I canceled out the majorities of clinics that offered package deals and having technicians performing basically the whole procedure. My view now is paying a higher price for results and peace of mind. That’s how I’ve narrowed it to HLC, Dr. Pekiner and Dr.  Bicer. I want the best results possible even if I have to pay extra. The reason also is that I don’t know of any US doctors or clinics that meets the criteria that I’m looking for that is because since starting my search I was so focused in finding the right place/doctor in Turkey that I haven’t search someone in the US. If you have any suggestions on US doctors/clinics I’ll be more then willing to do a search and decide from there. Thanks and and I’ll be waiting on your response.

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I don't know about the other surgeons, but Dr. Bicer is one of the few Turkish doctors that do FUT. I don't think any of the other doctors would be qualified to do as scar revision unless they regularly do FUT

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Agreed with Melvin.  I’d not go to anyone that doesn’t actively do FUT, as I’d assume they wouldn’t do as good a job on the scar revision compared to someone who does them on a daily basis.

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