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Hey everybody,

I'm new to this forum as a member but have spent plenty of time reviewing results, reviews, cautions, etc on this forum. I'm in mid-late 20's with fair skin and dark brown, straight, thick hair (the remaining hair that is). I had several video consultations with some leading FUE surgeons and am currently scheduled for an FUE at a well known and certainly well respected transplant center in next 1.5 months. I was quoted at 1500 grafts for repairing primarily the corners and some touching up of frontal tuft. My question is, do you honestly think 1500 grafts is enough for this real estate? Or would you guess that number may get bumped up on day of.

 I would say I am firmly at least Norwood 2, but foresee Norwood 3 in my future (I'd guess in next 5-10 years). I've attached pictures under very bright, harsh light for reference. I've lost significantly in corners and have a relatively stable frontal tuft but some slight miniaturization along very front of forelock. I'm not currently on finasteride (I understand the benefits, I'm not interested) and would consider Minoxidil. Family history is golden on Dad's side (not a lick of hair loss), lots of Norwood 3's/4's on Mom's. 

My primary question:

-Do you guys think only 1500 is enough? And will sustain me through at least 3-5+ more years? I know nothing is every an easy, one-size-fits all answer but. Is that enough grafts to basically totally fill in temples and add enough density to forelock to buy me some time prior to a second procedure. Thanks all.





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I wouldn’t do anything at the moment, if you’re not on fin, lowering your hairline could prove problematic in the future. You’ve got a full head of hair, very little to gain and everything to lose IMO.

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Thanks for the responses. Melvin, I do see where you're coming from. I fully understand the risks of overly aggressive hairline placement and the risk for future loss. However, the problem I'm encountering is that I've entirely lost the ability to style my hair due to temple recession and hairline thinning, and have a larger forehead to begin with... The pictures probably don't show it, but it's taken a pretty big toll on my overall appearance, particularly in what is considered ones "prime" of life. 

Several top surgeons recommended by this forum have given me some similar estimates. My hairline placement would be largely conservative and should hopefully leave 3-4 thousand grafts for future procedures. I do understand the recommendation to wait as long as possible, however for me the cost of spending the rest of my 20s and much of my 30s unhappy with appearance is too high. If I was a Norwood 5 or something already, certainly this would be a bad idea given the mathematical impossibility of scalp coverage. However, if I'm headed for transplant eventually anyway and am not hurtling towards Norwood 7, may as well do a conservative one now to at least give me more of my younger years with a hairline. Those are my reasons anyway and I appreciate the input. 

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None of us here can give you an accurate answer of whether or not 1500 grafts are enough because we need a proposed hairline to show the exact areas you want restored. The second concern is that just because your family history isn't suggestive of a high Norwood, this doesn't guarantee you will not progress. You have DHT sensitive follicles as shown by your current recession. Without DHT suppression it's a gamble so just be careful. 

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