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  1. Just over 4 months. I’d say at this point my hair looks similar to or maybe slightly better than before the transplant, but am getting new hairs popping up by the day. Based on my research it seems as though the next several months should be the big ones for overall aesthetic improvement. Pics below are unstyled, no product, and harsh lighting.
  2. Just over 3 months. No noticeable changes overall to appearance but new hairs are definitely sprouting up. Transplant is unnoticeable and am wearing my hair the length I did prior to transplant without any problems. Below are photos unstyled, no product, and right out of bed.
  3. Great choice. I think you’ll be really happy with their team. Dr Nadimi is very realistic with you which is important, and also is willing to take into account your personal goals and willingness to take certain pharmaceuticals. Makes recommendations clear without being overly pushy (with taking fin for example). I think either way it’s important to be realistic that you’re gonna look pretty rough for at least a month or two no matter who does your procedure. Obviously a skilled surgeon can minimize down time but whether winter or summer you will need to wear a hat for a while if your goal is to hide it until it looks passable. If you don’t mind looking a bit worse than before and some redness then anything goes. Hopefully new hairs will be poking through by summer but I don’t expect anything close to final product before closer to year end.
  4. One month update: I was initially and still am impressed by the lack of recipient redness. My shed was gradual but between 2-4 weeks most of my new grafts shed their hairs, and I think I had some shock loss of some weaker hairs in recipient as expected. Donor continues to be entirely unnoticeable. Started minoxidil, occasionally nizoral around 2 week mark. Had tons of dandruff at about 10-14 days but gradually cleared up and very minimal now at a month. Hardest part is waiting as I look somewhat worse than before transplant, but this is all as expected. Excited for months 3-6 when growth will hopefully start to be noticeable. Won’t be adding photos of donor except at maybe a year since it hasn’t changed and isn’t noticeable.
  5. Just shy of two week mark. Donor looks undetectable now. Recipient area is slightly red but way less than expected. Nearly all crusting/scabbing is gone. Expecting shed in next 10 days or so.
  6. One week mark. Redness in recipient area is a lot better. Donor is almost impossible to notice. Have noticed lots of flaking/dryness to both donor and recipient but washing/aquaphor has been useful. I guess next up is ugly duckling stage in a week or two!
  7. Yessir, things look good. Tbh if it didn't shed soon I could probably walk around in public in next week or two without anybody noticing I had surgery. Will upload pics soon at 1 week mark. Side note had almost no pain for until day 5, then some pretty annoying but not unbearable pain in donor, and now a bit better. You were probably having procedure in the office when I stopped by for follow up visits! Glad things went well for you as well.
  8. Hey man. Just had a procedure with Dr. Nadimi as well and have an almost identical hairline design. 1500 grafts to mine however needed slightly less in mid-scalp/forelock area. I'll be following along your thread with great curiosity. I'd expect we will have similar results and will update my thread somewhat regularly as well!
  9. That’s great to hear. What Norwood scale were you at to start with would you say? I just hope I can buy 5-7 years before I need another one! Hoping the density will be convincing for the time being. Do you have any pics of your current results for first one? If you want you could even just message me. There haven’t been a ton of dudes with similar graft counts and hairline designs from Nadimi I’ve been able to find. If not no worries I’m just super curious.
  10. Basically. The very front of forelock/band was placed about 1-1.5 cm above current point and the corners were lowered just about the same amount. So in a way hairline was more leveled out. For a bit I will probably have a bit of a widows peak ahead of transplanted area with remaining natives but I’m sure within 3-5 years that will be gone. Given age and unknown future I think the hairline is well balanced. Couldn’t be happier with Nadimi’s/Konior’s team at CHI and I see why they have the reputation they do online. If anyone has questions about my clinic experience there let me know.
  11. Day 2 update: No more bleeding from donor at this point. Recipient area is red and mild swelling is slowly descending forehead to eyebrow level. Literally no pain at all unless area is touched directly during cleaning. Can’t wait for the shed in a few weeks 😎
  12. Thanks guys. Did you guys that had hairline transplants feel like your hairline was initially too high prior to hair growing out? It sorta feels like it's hard for me to believe that with how conservative my new hairline is that I will be able to pull off most hairstyles without obvious recessions/signs of balding. But I also think it's possible that when it grows out further it will look totally different and that may not be an issue. Champybaby is your friend with similar graft count able to pull off most hairstyles?
  13. Thanks for the input. Yes I did post recently with the question of whether you guys thought 1500 grafts would provide adequate density for this frontal band area. Time will tell as to the final product but feeling hopeful at this point.
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