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FUE with Dr. Bijan Feriduni; 2700 grafts (28/10/2019)

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I’m a 25 YO male, suffering from hair-loss since around 20 years old, and so I have been on Propecia ever since; Propecia managed to considerably slow my hair-loss in the crown area, but less so in my temples. This is why I have decided that it’s time to undergo a hair transplant.

I have researched countless clinics and doctors in Europe/UK. I have also requested consultation of many; the main concern from all the clinics was that my hairless is progressive and I will definitely bald some more in the future, and therefore, I needed to choose the best to have a solid plan in place to not look bald at any point.

After researching extensively for a year, I was convinced to go with Dr Bijan Feriduni as he is;

  1. Properly licensed/accredited by all the relevant societies/qualifications.
  2. Has a vast amount of experience  with countless successful cases, many of them more severe than mine.
  3. Despite being significantly more expensive than Istanbul, I found that the price difference was well worth the added quality and personalization from Dr. Feriduni. Bearing in mind that his pricing is still less expensive than known clinics in the UK, making his services fairly priced.
  4. The consultation I got from Dr Feriduni was personalized and make a lot of sense to me.

Here are some pictures; 



Day 0: Consultation, transplant, and tricho-pigmentation

This is both the consultation and transplantation day. I arrived at the clinic around 08:00 AM. I was greeted by lovely receptionists and escorted to my private room. Which had couches, a medical bed, drawers for storage, water etc…

After signing the contract and wearing the ‘OR clothes’ provided by the clinic I headed to the doctor’s office. The doctor is very friendly, humble, listened to all my thoughts and ideas and shows true care; this made me much more at ease. He then proceeded by taking photos with his microscope for the donor count etc… and made a long term plan based on donor availability. I was happy with the hair line which more or less resembled my previous hair line before the hair-loss started.

Here are some before photos during the consultation;




In the OR my head was shaved to 0.9mm, which gave me a mini panic attack 😅, however the nervousness was very short lived as Dr Feriduni administered midazolam; a rapid sedative that made me feel at ease in less than 10 seconds! This picture was taking of my donor and crown right before the operation started.

Crown before trichopigmentation


You can tell that my crown area has very thin hairs, but Dr Feriduni suggested to cover that with pigmentation rather than a transplant in order to see the progress of the hairloss allowing the most efficient use of the valuable donor area!

The Anesthetic injections were the only uncomfortable part, I expected them to be much more painful, but they were actually not all that bad. After the injections you don’t feel any kind of pain nor discomfort during extraction and implementation. It’s worthwhile to mention that extraction was done by the experienced assistants of the doctors, and so was the implementation (apart from the hairline which was done by Dr Feriduni). The doctor also made the incision opening before the extraction himself, to reduce the time that extracted grafts stay out of my body.

In general, the operation was comfortable and I was watching friend on Netflix the entire time! The only uncomfortable part was extraction, as you’d have to lay down on your face for a while on a massage type bed, and you face is bound to get numb after a while. However, there wasn’t any actual pain from the extraction process itself.

I then proceeded to have a BLT sandwich in my clinic room, before heading to the OR again for the trichopigmentation done by Dr. Yasmine Feriduni (BIjan’s wife), she is also very friendly and lively! The trichopigmentation was not painful at all, especially for the fact that my scalp was somewhat numb from the operation. Trichopigmentation should immediate density effect when compared to my pre photo. Here are some immediate post-op photos, notice the denser crown area from the pigmentation (also shown in the microscope) !



After this I went home, had dinner, and took Ibuprofen 600mg (pain killer) along with promethazine (which I bought with me; an antihistamine which helps me sleep and would reduce itchiness later on). I must say that the hardest part was sleeping with a sticky head on the neck pillow as oppose to my usually sleep on my stomach face buried in the pillow! 

I was given a saline hair spray (to use every 30 minutes) along with a foaming shampoo, serums, oil, and vitamins. 

Also I do recommend taking the Feriduni discount for the nearby Hassotel, which had great breakfast, and a spacious room and private terrace (if you choose the penthouse suit). 



Day 3: Second trichopigmentation session

Its worthwhile to mention that I got a hair wash on day 2 in the clinic, and again at day 3, in which I also got another pigmentation session, this time without any anasthesia, but it wasn't actually painful but rather a bit uncomfortable. Some day 3 pictures; 





At this day I had no pain whatsoever. I also opted from using the neck pillow and instead made a "pillow castle" in a way which would prevent from rolling over or touching the grafts against the pillow while maintaining a 45 degree angle. 


At evening I went to a delicious sushi Resturant which is 5 minutes away from the hotel In which I enjoyed sushi along with ASAHI Japanese beer (Doctor allowed me a couple of beers :) ) ! 


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Great documentation. I enjoyed reading your write up!

Wishing you the best of luck and I look forward to following your progress.

Patient Advisor for Dr. Bisanga - BHR Clinic 

ian@bhrclinic.com   -    BHR YouTube Channel - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcH4PY1OxoYFwSDKzAkZRww

I am not a medical professional and my words should not be taken as medical advice. All opinions and views shared are my own.

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