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Refund policies of the top Doctors?

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Each case really needs to be taken on an individual basis. But several reputable physicians have offered and given refunds in extreme situations.


While the chance of success in the hands of a quality hair restoration physician is extremely high, in my opinion, it's always best to discuss these policies with physicians ahead of time.


Patients are always informed of these policies in the paperwork they sign prior to the procedure. But far too often patients just hope for the best, sign their life away and don't ask their physician about these policies. In my opinion, patients need to be proactive prior to surgery in discussing these concerns with their doctor so they are fully aware of how their concerns would be handled in the event of less than optimal growth. Knowing these policies ahead of time will help patients make an informed decision on proceeding with the procedure.


The bottom line however is, a stand up physician will stand behind their patients and help them get the results they ultimately deserve. But patients also must have realistic expectations as to what can realistically be achieved both short and long term. That's why hair restoration is really a collaboration between an educated patient and a quality hair restoration physician.


I hope this helps.



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Its a lot easier for the docs to earn money than for us to earn it so sub standard results need to be refunded or otherwise compensated.


A bad result could bankrupt somebody very easily, because of them having to spend money to get it rectified.

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I can tell you one doctor in Miami that would not provide even a partial refund for very poor growth.


Dr. Epstein July 4, 2007

2520 grafts

471 one hair grafts

1540 two hair grafts

505 three hair grafts

5070 Total hair count


Dr. Epstein August 4, 2008

2384 grafts

870 one hair grafts

1150 two hair grafts

364 three and four hair grafts

4262 Total hair count


Dr. Ron Shapiro November 18, 2009

1896 grafts

760 one hair grafts

852 two hair grafts

288 three hair grafts

46 four hair grafts

3362 total hair count


Dr. Ron Shapiro July 1, 2011

1191 grafts

447 one hair grafts

580 two hair grafts

150 three hair grafts

14 four hair grafts

2113 total hair count

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The Armani clan will refuse you any sort of refund becuase they off free touch up however i recived poor work with lots of scaring in my recipiant site and i didnt want to let them work on me again so i didnt want to take the touch up and they made excuse after excuse basicly blaming me for poor results and refused any sort of refund. im having to sue them.

Dr A. Armani 2500 Fue

Dec 2008


Proscar X1 Day

Monixodil X2 Day

Msm Daily



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Does anyone know if the top Doctors on this site offer a refund or partial refund when there is a total hair growth failure? I ask this because i have spent alot of money on HT with 2 south florida doctors. The results with nothing with both and both refused to refund a pennie. I just feel like a top doctor should stand behind his work.


Dear runman


Yes Dr Humayun Mohmand of Pakistan offer 100% refund incase of complete failure. Its the patient's choice if he wants to trust again and come for 2nd complimentry surgery or refund his money.


Best Wishes

I am patient Advisor to Dr. Humayun Mohmand Hair Transplant Institute, Pakistan. All opinions and views shared are my own. Not a medical professional.

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A simple refund isnt really enough in the case of complete failure. What about compensation for the loss of donor grafts etc?


Many of these HT folk routinely lie, use camera trickery and fraudulent claims to get as lure as many fish as possible. Often, they will perform HTs on guys who are clearly unsuitable or very young, condemning them to lifelong regret, humiliation and financial hardship. Naturally, they wont refund money back unless made to, through the courts.

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Often, they will perform HTs on guys who are clearly unsuitable or very young, condemning them to lifelong regret, humiliation and financial hardship.


Its like your explaining my life, I was 22 and a NW1.5 with no diffuse thinning, and they were willing to take a strip from the back of my head for 250 or less grafts. I was young and naive and didnt have a clue, I thought my hair was gonna be like Brad Pitts afterwards, WRONG!

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