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  1. This is going to be a fantastic result. Not only did he get a high graft count, but most of the grafts were 2+ hairs. I had a similar number of grafts over two procedures and a much higher % of 1s. Also the hairline looks very good to me. Symmetrical and somewhat broad/rounded at the front. The hairline does not come to a point like mine does.
  2. TheEmperor,


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  3. Wow! I am stunned. He got maybe 25% growth. You should be offering him a full refund. Thats the way to handle bad growth whether it was your clinics fault or not.
  4. I think this is a GREAT question. Not just head size, but breadth and size of forehead will make a big difference as well. Some people just have much more ground to cover than others.
  5. Alot of dirt being kicked up for no good reason, which may scare people away, especially once they have chosen. Dr. Wong has never been known to make any foolish choices and has shown many fantastic transformations of high norwoods, Jotronic included. Going through with the operation is a huge emotional and financial investment and people need encouragement. Once someone has put a deposit on (say) a new Mercedes, and is awaiting its delivery from the factory, you dont start posting links to consumer reports showing all the flaws with the model. You post encouragement for a decision w
  6. Lost, With all due respect I tend to disagree about this "toughening up" stuff. Most adults do not come to a hair transplant board to be insulted. They come because of a serious issue effecting their lives. They often are opening themselves up in a somewhat vulnerable position (including posting bad pictures of themselves) seeking advice. If this board ever becomes about "toughening up" to personal insults (thankfully Bill and Pat make sure that isn't the case) then many people will go elsewhere. The internet is a place for some people to express their anger in a way that they would not
  7. I went back and looked at my growth pics to see where I was a 5 months. Your growth apears to be equivalent to mine. My result did not really become significant until month 10 or 11. Your growth looks like it is progressing at a moderate/slow pace. Unfortunately, you have about half as many grafts as me planted in a slightly larger area. I would say that you will need another equal sized procedure in the same area to have a cosmetically significant result.
  8. Matt, I'm sorry to hear youre having side effect. I forget to take the propecia for weeks at a time. I do not believe I have had significant side effects like yours and attribute slight reduction in desire to aging. One thing I can recommend is to hit the gym and start pumping iron. You dont have to get huge. This should increase your libido. Also abstinance from any sexual activity helps too, but given you are 20, you should probably be able to go 5-20 times a day as necessary. Another thing to consider is that anxiety causes depression which can decrease libido. Lots of thi
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