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Recommend Hair Vitamins

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Can anyone recommend what vitamins I should be taking to promote healthy hair? My hair is very fine and a bit brittle from styling etc

My Facebook is spammed by it really works hair Vitamins which isn't cheap but all in one vitamin is ideal 

I know they wont regrow any hair or anything like that


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I understand the struggle, I really do. If you just keep looking at those capsules that are shaped like cute little bears that keep showing up on all of our Facebook feeds, you won't get anywhere with your hair journey. It's like skincare, you need to understand the role of every vitamin and substance you're getting. It might take some time until you get the hang of it, but it's worth the wait, so to say. I can recommend you a shop that has liquid supplements & more vitamins if you are still looking for help. It's where I've been buying collagen and biotin drops from for the past four months or so and if you ask my friends they'll tell you how I can't stop telling them to feel my hair and how smooth it is. I've just ordered some Lion's mane extract, so if you want I can let you know how that's worked out after I try it for a few weeks.

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My sister has been taking the Bargello vitamins regimen for growth and she said it works. For her hair vitamins, she take GNC's Ultra Nourish Hair. 

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