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Hey Guys,

Contrary to popular belief FUE is not scarless. However, it continues to be advertised and marketed as a scarless procedure.

I encourage you guys to read this article and share it with anyone considering an FUE procedure. It's a great procedure I have had three myself, but we should never expect to have no scars after having surgery.

Is FUE A Scarless Hair Transplant Procedure

I do not provide medical advice, recommendations, all responses are my opinion.

My Hair Transplant Journey

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Melvin and all,

Even today, too many prospective hair transplant patients think that FUE is a scarless procedure. Now, it clearly lacks the linear scar associated with strip surgery however, shaving their head completely will likely reveal thousands of tiny round dots all over the sides and back of the scalp. These will be more or less visible depending on the patient’s physiology and wound healing properties however, still, many prefer it over the linear star because patients can typically wear their hair cropped just a bit shorter with FUE then they can with FUSS.  

Personally, I was never overly concerned about scarring. I was just so happy to be able to restore so much hair on top of my head that the thought of a pencil thin linear scar was far from troublesome to me. Today however, a lot more people seem concerned about this which is why they choose FUE in the first place. Thankfully, the procedure has advanced substantially and many world renowned hair restoration surgeons are performing FUE hair transplant surgery with outstanding results. 

Best eishes,


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I agree with Bill and Melvin, FUE isn’t scarless.  FUE and FUSS are both options that show very good results.  Personally, I just didn’t want the linear scar.  I’ve posted this picture many times but thought I would share it again.  This picture was taken about two years after my first transplant and just minutes before my second procedure.  This area shown in the picture from my first surgery yielded about 1,750 grafts using a 0.8 mm punch.  Visible scarring was certainly minimal.



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