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Dr. Nakatsui 2 years post op crown restoration

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This is a patient who wanted to restore his crown to a natural appearance. Our goal was to generate moderate density in one transplant that was completely natural for his age and be essentially undetectable as a hair transplant.


As many of you already know, the crown is one area where it is difficult to generate full thickness with one pass in individuals with no preexisting hair as all of the hair swirls away from the centre. There is thus little "shingling effect". Patients with coarse or wavy hair generally appear thicker. Combing long hair carefully so it shingles over can also generate a thicker appearance (which is often seen in some laser restoration after photos).


This patient was actually quite amazed when he saw the pre-operative pictures as he had totally forgotten that he was virtually bald prior to the transplant.


I don't have his graft counts in front of me, but he received over 2800 grafts to the crown. In one of the preop photos, you can see where I had mapped out his hair direction.


Thomas Nakatsui MD FRCPC








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dakota3, orangehair, mick, Bill


Thanks for the comments. The patient was definitely very pleased, especially when he saw the pre-operative photos. It had been two years since the surgery and he had completely forgotten how little hair he had prior to the surgery. I would say he was actually a little stunned to see the preoperative photos.


Dr N

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