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My procedure with Dr. Panine

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I just had my first transplant on June 19, 2015. It has been such positive experience so far. I visited about 10 doctors before selecting Dr. Panine. He was the first one that took time to really talk to me about my situation, didnt rush me and actually plotted what my hairline would look like. His right hand person Stuart is awesome as well. He will show you pictures of cases similar to yours and check up on your throughout the first few days to make sure you do not need anything.


The day of the procedure was great. His staff is so caring, calming and accommodating. Their goal is to make you as comfortable as possible. They even arrange transportation home.


I only experienced slight swelling and had my follow-up appointment the next day. They review everything before and after your procedure to set you for success. Just follow their instructions exactly as they say and you will do fine.


I will continue to update my progress.


I would recommend Dr. Panine and his team any day and happy to share my experience. :)







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Its been a year since my procedure and I cannot be happier. The biggest change is my confidence. I can finally walk around without spraying fake hair in and I can enjoy swimming without worrying about the fake hair coming out.


I can style my hair now. I am actually very shocked at how this changed how I feel about myself.


One thing I do not have a pic of, is the back of my head. My scar is essentially non-existent. People have no clue I had the transplant done unless I tell them. I am not sure how Dr. Panine did it, but he is the best.


The entire team at Dr. Panine has been amazing since day one. I have had regular follow-ups with them and they have always shown concern regarding my progress and making sure I am happy.


To tell you how pleased I am, I am now looking at having the back of my scalp done to complete the transformation.







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You look much younger now. How many grafts?

3185 FUT with Dr. Rahal on 2/17/16



1204 FUT with Dr. Rahal on 3/27/17



---> total of 4389 grafts to my frontal third via FUT

---> 1mg finasteride daily since 1999:)

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