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  1. My HT was just about 4 years ago , and I'm still happy with the result , so much so that I still haven't had the 2nd procedure that I'd intended to have done .Donor still looks great ( strip procedure ) and can still get away with a No.2 haircut at the sides and back.. Never used the meds due to medical reasons , but can't say it's had any impact on the ongoing result . Now this may all change in the coming years , but for now it's all good .
  2. I've seen other people referring to donor shock loss being rare. I don't know if there any staistics in this regard , but I'd guess it's far more prevalent than people think. I had shock loss from my strip procedure which I was pretty worried about at the time , but resolved itself fine, I've also seen some serious looking examples of shock loss that you would think would never resolve , but they did . Hopefully , this is just temporary shock loss that will resolve in the coming months .
  3. Apologies - I just read your post again and misread the initial post . I thought that you were talking about going to a tech clinic where the techs do the incisions and the placements ( of which there are many in Turkey ) . There are very few clinics in Turkey where the Drs do the incisions and the placements , and where this is done the surgeons will only do relatively small sessions. I also travelled to Turkey partly for reasons of cost , and was happy with my result . Good luck and hope it all goes well with whoever you decide to go with.
  4. I suffrered pretty bad shock loss to the donor shortly after my procedure . Scared the shit out of me at the time , but was reassured by other members that it was likely temporary and would fully recover , which indeed it did .Shock loss is probably a lot more prevalent than some surgeons would like to admit . Have come across a few stories where the shock loss was permanent , but fortunately seems to be a fairly rare occurence .
  5. If I were in your situation , I'd do a lot more research . The fact that you're asking the question of trusting tech's to do the full procedure suggests to me that you're setting yourself up for a potentially disastrous outcome . Don't mean to appear harsh , but as you'll see repeated time and time again ,cost is only part of the considerations to take account of . If the tech's fuck up up , that's precious donor that you're never going to get back .
  6. Looks like things are happening ! I've got a fairly big crown to cover at some point so interested how things progress . Good luck !
  7. Looks great HT - It's been a long but fruitful journey ! Will you be keeping away from the forum's now that you're pretty much done ?
  8. Just to add , it wasn't just a broken cog in this situation . The responsibilty of the poor results in the past lay with Dogonay and Dogonay alone . I'm a great believer in 2nd chances , but I really don't know in this situation , not a t the present anyway..
  9. Agreed . Anyone can fuck up , but it was pretty serious stuff . Laziness and greed is a pretty unforgivable combination .
  10. Not been on this forum for a while . Needed break - don't we all ! Thanks for your advice , input and encouragement . Good luck !
  11. Glad to see this turn out the way it has - very nice result . Must have been a big worry in regards the shock loss , which was pretty significant at the time . Looks like it's resolved itself pretty well .
  12. Looks very good Hairsgone . I'm sure most NW6's would be happy with similar results .I'd be more than happy with similar coverage. I'm just past the 18 month mark from my first HT now , and still pondering when to go for the second . I'll try and do an update soon . I appreciate it;s a difficult question to answer , but how much do you think the Fin ( Prosacr ) helped ?
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