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  1. This is the tine the magic starts to happen in leaps. Dr Vories is a great Dr & being your on Fin this will probably protect your investment. Great write up on your journey we all been there so don't stress. You gone through the hardest part. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  2. The only way I took Fin to edge my bets with any type of Sides was to cut up a 5mg Tab up in 1/4 & take 1.25mg EOD & also I took just prior going to bed as taking it hrs before I went to bed have kept me awake so taking just before I hit the Jack helped me. I hear of taking Fin for some get brain fog so taking just a small dose EOD 1.25mg help me greatly. Hope that helps you. Good luck.
  3. ontop

    Dr Diep

    Getting peed off with Dr Diep. Spent a small fortune with him back in 2017 with HT & trying to get my prescription filled with him & surgery is becoming a fight everytime & I don't call very often bugging him or anything. Made a phone call to his surgery they made me a appointment for a quick chat on phone, standard stuff, takes like 30 seconds basic questions between patient & Dr & they staff made me wait 3 wks for a quick phone appointments chat at 930pm my time & 630 California time. Then set my calendar to date & time waited for the call till 10pm & nothing, called surgery no answer & could not even leave a message due to VM inbox fill up. Sent a email same night 2 days later reply was sorry for inconvenience we have rescheduled you in August to speak with Dr Diep. Are they real or what? We all know that Dr Diep bedside manners are not good but this is piss poor post service to his past patients who spent a lot of money with him. I'm well pissed off & 3 wks ago at the start I ask the girl can you not refill my prescription? She said point blank no you have to speak with Dr....okay so now today email says they can fill it while I wait till August.......well why didn't that 3 wks ago then? Need to find a different method in getting my Meds cas Dr Diep & his surgery is hard work & not very good commications I like the guy but still.....( shake head, roll eyes) just to get a dam prescription called in is a act of congress. Before admin ask no I don't want you guys to get involved but want to give people here heads up of what his & his surgery ways are especially past patients & must be noted for the community to see. Anyways Rant over just wanted to vent a secondπŸ˜‰πŸ™„πŸ‘β€
  4. That's a old pic but last night it seemed higher than where he shaved his head down in this pic. Dam wished I took a pic last night.
  5. No Bud unfortunately but definitely something not right on the back of his head, to me it looked like the typical ridge that HT shows when you dont get that sweat spot of length. I could be wrong but looked kinda iffy to me
  6. I know this Topic been spoken about Brady & his hairline does look good but looking tonight at superbowl can help but seeing that smiley face on the back of his noggin. He did have the strip done right?
  7. Hi hope your all doing well in these crazy timesπŸ™„ I see that when shopping online that prices have gone up on many products & probably down to Manufacture issues due to Covid. The products I've seen go up is not limited to household goods but in the hair business. also, Especially stuff like Just for men hair Dye & rogaine which in my location have creeped up in price a good bit. Anyways I was researching for Kirkand minoxidil foam 6 mths supply & found out that Cosco is doing a one off deal for new Cosco sign ups & giving away a $40 shopping card. So it cost for a new member $60 per a year then you get $40 to make a purchase of 6mth supply of Kirkland Foam for just $10. ( Bargain) If you havent joined Cosco & will find this deal very cost effective to get your kirkland foam at a snip of the price. Just to be clear I have Zero Affiiation with Cosco nor this promo I'm just mearly passing on this cost saving info to my fellow hair loss Men/ women in this Forum Have a good Day folks πŸ‘
  8. Thanks buddy for your info. Yeah that Igrow looks a bit Funky to me but who cares aslong its maintaining what you have right? That's a pricey unit right?
  9. Yeah I was looking at the hair laser helmet called Kiier with 272 but unlike top ones don't offer a lifetime warranty only 2 yrs but they do give you 7mths return policy but at the same time have a restocking fee. If you want more than 2 yrs you have to pay a fee like $49 upwards, of which tells me they can't be very convenient on their product. Thoughts? πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„
  10. Well like the wife says....If it's not broken dont fix it bud lol. But....saying that shes probably thinking of that vacation or new Kitchen lol. Nah all jokes aside what makes you think another unit be better what you got? Is it more coverage like from 148 to 272 lights is that your thinking of? I read some are more powerful than other's, some are made cheaply & dont give you what they claim & all that as there are lots of companies claiming best Caps, best results blah blah. So as a prospective buyer in your opinion what's the red flags what's good or bad laser caps? Just asking your input as doing my researching asking questions blah blah blah. Thanks
  11. Thanks bud, Yeah I seen Joe's video & confess as he says foot in the mouth. I've seen mixed opinions on this whole topic & IMHO I don't think for a 2nd that you can bring back a NW6, 7 but people who's just starting to loose hair & still got a bit left, I do think it makes sense that it could thicken up what you have left & even bring back the almost dead folicals.
  12. Many thanks yep I check them out but nothing wrong in asking inside a forum like this though & get a prospective fron real candidates I was more in.... if anybody here use them & what have they done pros & cons. I rather ask Inside here with members than shady online reveiws.
  13. Yes Laser/ Lazer cap. πŸ˜„πŸ™„
  14. Hi Folks long time no see. Hope your all doing well over this stressful times we been living in. Anybody here use Lazer Caps (LLL) & if so how do you find them? Which product are you using?What to look out for for the most effective as there seem to be a bunch on the market these days & at crazy prices. Would like to see any pics of before & after from member here rather than some shady website. Thanks.
  15. 2k grafts is nothing for that real estate & calibur of hair you have.18 to 24 mths is where you should make up your mind with results.
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