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4 month update, Dr Bisanga 2360 grafts front hairline

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Hi folks,


That's me at exactly 4 months since I left Brussels so thought I'd upload some quick pictures.


In a nutshell everything is in place and looking great bar the density. the recipient area is still noticeably thinner than my native hair, especially under a strong light and with a full side shed and this makes the rounded part of the temple peaks look a little unnatural.


I'm wearing it in this sort of half side shed right now because it seems to be where my hair wants to fall naturally so just letting it do it's thing and it looks better this way for the amount of growth I have at the moment.


Just a side note, I went out for the very first time without a hat on Saturday. Ok it was only to the off licence and back to pick up a few beers and I was a little on edge but it still felt really good to do although I'm a long way off a fully public hatless outing.


As it's month 4 I realise that this is only the beginning and I'm very much hoping for much more density in the coming months so that I can really begin to experiment with my hair.


As it is now, I'm really pleased with how it's looking at this stage but a bit more thickness and it will be perfect!


Thanks all!




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Haha thanks for the kind comments folks I'm quite taken aback.


home1212 the pictures are quite flattering but in real life you can still tell it's a transplant due to the density difference. With that style it looks really good due to shadows making a natural filler but any other brushed back or up style and the difference is extremely noticeable but hopefully that will thicken out in the coming months.


But yes, very happy so far and would recommend BHR to anyone thinking about a procedure.

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Hi Swayzedo


Thanks for the update and photos shared.


At 4 months any growth is a bonus so really very early on and a lot to come but looking very encouraging so far. Much more growth and then softening of the hair line will come as the hair cycles but on track so far.

I represent Dr. Bisanga.


Dr. Christian Bisanga is recommended on the Hair Transplant Network

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Great to hear Steve, especially about the softening of the hairline, which to be honest is pretty good at the moment anyway.


Yes, very pleased so far. A combination of superb surgery from a great team and months of eating clean and avoiding anything fun! :S


Looking forward to the 8 months mark! :)

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