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  1. Hey folks, Apologies for my absence but I'be had an extremely ill family member who has taken up all my time since my last update. I'm now at 20 months post op and am very happy with my results. I rarely think about my hair any more and it's so much fun styling it in ways I couldn't before. Really top marks to Dr Bisanga and his team, they sure know how to do a hairline. My one issue is that I don't think it's quite come in as thick as I'd liked, especially on the left hand side and particularly at the front and I would have maybe liked it to be a little denser as in some lights you can clearly see the shine off the scalp which makes it look somewhat thin. It's still very dense though and 90% of the time no-one would notice. I'd probably like to return to the surgery at some point in the future to thicken it out a bit and maybe tweak the front of the hairline itself just a tiny touch. Aside from that it's great so what with just being out the shower I thought I'd snap a few pictures. Thanks!
  2. Thanks Steve. I'm hoping the density will eventually sort itself out, that's why I'm going to give myself another 8 months to bring it up to 18 but it's not a major flaw by any means, just something I notice in the mirror. Everything else is spot on and once again I can highly recommend BHR to anyone who is thinking of getting a HT.
  3. Hey folks, Sorry about the lack of updates over the last couple of months but I've had a family member diagnosed with quite a crippling pelvic nerve pain condition so I've been back home looking after them and not had time for anything at all. Anyway, I have a spare few days and I just remembered I hadn't done an update in ages so here is one. I'm round about the 9-10 month mark now. the hairline is looking super brilliant and so very natural it's scary. It's true, it does look very harsh when it starts to grow in but it softens over time and looks great now. Initially I wasn't ultra keen on the shape as I thought it still looked a bit 'receedy' and didn't suit me but by jove was I proven wrong and the shape adheres to my face so very naturally and any more horizontal and it wouldn't have matched my age. ...well maybe a few cm could be added in the future but for now I'm quite happy. My only concern is the same one I've been bashing on about in that under a strong light the density doesn't really match my natural hair and looks a tad thin. You can see this in one of the pictures posted. and I maybe feel it could have done with perhaps an extra 500 or so on each side to beef it up a little. It's not terrible by any means although it's definitely something that I keep noticing but most of the other time in softer light it looks great and I just can't fault the craftsmanship of the actual design and placement which lets be honest, is where the meat is. Well that's about it. Still got another 2 months to go before the time is up but I think I'll extend it to 18 months just to make sure there isn't some lazy grafts that are still to appear but as of now it's made a tremendous difference to my appearance and my general look which is amazing. Thanks!
  4. Welcome to the club mate. You should be coming out of the 2 week danger zone by now and it's all downhill from there, just a shitload of waiting. The pictures look awesome, you're going to see a massive improvement once that bad boy grows in and starts to frame your face more. Looks like you had a good donor area as well for any future stuff too. Well done mate, you've done a brave thing that is going to benefit you heavily in life! The ceremonial burning of the hat is now less than a year away!
  5. Indeed, if it thickens up more it'll look awesome! I can't take any credit though, all thanks must go to Dr B and his team for their amazing craftsmanship in this field. I've said it before if anyone is thinking of doing this but is humming and hawing then just do it, you seriously won't regret it. Do your research obviously but I can't recommend BHR highly enough. A skilled Doctor, an amazingly friendly team at the clinic and great aftercare from Steve. BTW just in case anyone wants to know what I was like before here's a picture of me from about 4 years ago from my profile photo section. It's a little blurry but you'll get the point. Hair Restoration Social Network - Hair Loss and Transplant Photos
  6. Hi folks, I'm a day late but this is my 6 month update so here's some shots. There's been no real change since last time that I have noticed but still, I'm very happy with the result so far as the hairline seems to be getting that natural ragged clumpiness which is great and it's looking much more natural. The only gripe is that I'm starting to get a little concerned about the density as it's still noticeably thinner in the recipient areas than my natural hair and as I say it doesn't seem to be doing much or changing at the moment. It's probably nothing but I'm hoping for a bit more density than this so it will blend better but I have another 6 months to go so that's a nice margin. Apart from that everything is pretty much fine. The hair is growing in nicely and I've got a sort of Clint Eastwood thing going on right now that it is a bit longer which is pretty cool and swishy. I don't even bother with a hat now, it's all out in the open for folk to see and no-one gives me a second look. I've still to do the local pub/drunk friends test but I'll save that for nearer my years end. BTW, the photos I took here are actually terrible and really don't do my hair or the work done any justice but it is looking really nice so just need that bit more thickness and it'll be perfect. Anyway, until month 7 folks!
  7. Hi all! Not a photo update just yet but I will be posting one in a couple of weeks for my 6 month mark. Just a story to tell, I made the ultimate test by having an old friend over for a drinks last night, the first friend I've seen since having the procedure and I had no hat on for the whole night and my hairline didn't even get a second glance which was amazing. In fact I got a big compliment of 'looking a bit like Hugh Jackman' since my hair is longer and growing my beard in so indeed a testament to BHR's good work. On another note, I had a consultation with a respected plastic surgeon last week to see about some acne scar removals and when asked if I had any other operations done I told him about my hairline repair and was told that it looks "extremely good!" so big praise indeed and another shining testament to Dr B and his team. As for the hairline itself it's really starting to settle in now and look good. The recipient area is still noticeably thinner then my natural hair, especially near the front corner on the left side but I am assuming this will catch up eventually. That's about all folks, I'll post my 6 month picture update on the 20th and I'm hoping that I can field test the whole hatless thing in a pub with friends by maybe February.
  8. Thanks folks. Yes I'll be keeping all my future updates to this thread from now on and I'll post some pre-op pics next time. Really good to hear I have some more density coming. It's been a great experience with BHR, top notch all the way and this is coming from probably the most annoyingly nit-picky person on the planet!
  9. Thanks for the reply's folks. It's a good feeling to be able to slay the wind but it's also been such a slow process I'm having trouble remembering what it was like beforehand, before the dark times, before the Empire! But seriously I'm delighted with my progress so far and it's no wonder Dr Bisanga and his team have such a high reputation. I think the biggest fan of his work is my mother who owns a hair salon and so has an eye for such things and she is amazed at the quality of my procedure and is the one recommending BHR to all her friends.
  10. Hi folks, Well I'm now at exactly month 5 since I left Brussels and so far everything has seemed to be going according to plan. I'm delighted with the result so far, the graft placement and the way the hair flows with my native hair in terms of waves is quite astonishing. The design (now that it is reaching what would be it's final shape) is actually much more conservative than I expected. If I'm honest I wouldn't have minded it being a bit more horizontal and mite less curvy but it looks exceptionally natural and is a major improvement over what I had before. The massive factor is that when I go out and a gust of wind blows my hair up I'm not bothered who sees it. It still looks like it's receding a touch but it's an acceptable level of receding and therein lies the big difference. My only real concern is that the recipient area is still very less dense then my native hair. This is most apparent under a strong light which I have tried to illustrate in the photos. I've included two 'bedhead' pics where the hair is dry and I basically have just woken up and three wet pics take about an hour after I got out the shower, all under a strong light. I know it's only month 5 but I can't see any more new hair growing when I part it so I was a little concerned that I'd had my lot but after seeing other peoples pics of 5 months I'm a bit more at ease as it seems to be a similar density. I can quite happily go out without a hat on now, but it does mean a bit of styling beforehand to get some shadows going. The longer it gets the easier this is to achieve and with a bit more density I should be good to go whatever my hair decides to do that day. I'll be posting my future updates in this thread to keep it tidy (like I should have done from the start) Thanks all!
  11. Great to hear Steve, especially about the softening of the hairline, which to be honest is pretty good at the moment anyway. Yes, very pleased so far. A combination of superb surgery from a great team and months of eating clean and avoiding anything fun! Looking forward to the 8 months mark!
  12. Haha thanks for the kind comments folks I'm quite taken aback. home1212 the pictures are quite flattering but in real life you can still tell it's a transplant due to the density difference. With that style it looks really good due to shadows making a natural filler but any other brushed back or up style and the difference is extremely noticeable but hopefully that will thicken out in the coming months. But yes, very happy so far and would recommend BHR to anyone thinking about a procedure.
  13. Hi folks, That's me at exactly 4 months since I left Brussels so thought I'd upload some quick pictures. In a nutshell everything is in place and looking great bar the density. the recipient area is still noticeably thinner than my native hair, especially under a strong light and with a full side shed and this makes the rounded part of the temple peaks look a little unnatural. I'm wearing it in this sort of half side shed right now because it seems to be where my hair wants to fall naturally so just letting it do it's thing and it looks better this way for the amount of growth I have at the moment. Just a side note, I went out for the very first time without a hat on Saturday. Ok it was only to the off licence and back to pick up a few beers and I was a little on edge but it still felt really good to do although I'm a long way off a fully public hatless outing. As it's month 4 I realise that this is only the beginning and I'm very much hoping for much more density in the coming months so that I can really begin to experiment with my hair. As it is now, I'm really pleased with how it's looking at this stage but a bit more thickness and it will be perfect! Thanks all!
  14. It's great that you can take fin. I took it for a few months in 2011 but I felt dead inside and you had to jump through hoops to get in in the UK off a doctor and pay as well. I've considered shaving my head again to let the other hairs catch up but I'm at wolverine phase right now and the mirror is being awesome to me (in a dark light!)
  15. Thanks all! tk I only take saw palmetto as propecia doesn't agree with me at all. In saying that I've been keeping my diet super clean with plenty of protein, green tea and regular workouts to keep the blood flowing. I think I've drank booze twice since Brussels as well so I'm sure all of that has made some sort of small difference to progress. pkipling, did you have any hair that didn't shed? I had loads that stayed and just kept growing so it probably gave me a bit of a head start.