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Great HT from Dr Feller on Jan 22nd 2009


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just posting here regarding my HT experiences so far. I'm from Cork, Ireland, and when I originally decided to get a HT, I felt it was so daunting that my choice was to stay local. Within Ireland if I could. I had no idea results could differ so much from doctor to doctor. I wasn't aware of forums such as these - if I'd researched more and found them, it would have saved me a lot of trouble.


So I got a HT from Dr Conor Kiely in Oct 2007 in Cork, Ireland. I was 28 then. The results were poor. He only managed to get 700-800 hairs growing in the front area. Hairs were very spaced out. No density at all. Plus there was a huge gap between the hairs he inserted at the front, and my natural hair. I was really disappointed with the outcome 12 months on. At the time of surgery, he was saying stuff like "that should give you enough coverage" . . . "depends on the light" . . . "you'll definitely need another one soon after". So I don't think he or his team were capable of inserting large numbers of grafts. I certainly didn't even get a thousand, more like 700-800.


Ok, so when I decided to have a second HT to rectify the situation, I researched a lot more and came to the conclusion that my best bet was a US doctor. I took notice of Dr Feller's patients on various forums, and he certainly had proven results and a great reputation. So with the help of Spex I booked and just had the surgery on Jan 22nd 2009. (I've just turned 30 now, btw.)


Travelling was not so much of a big deal after all. My advice to anyone from Ireland is to head to Dr Feller in New York. Stay in a hotel for a few days afterwards, then hop on the plane back home. It will be worth it and it's not as much hassle as you think, believe me.


Dr Feller put in 3200 grafts.

Gave me a more rounded, natural hairline than the 1st surgery in Cork.

Went well back towards my natural hair so there wouldn't be any big gap between natural hair and new hair.

Put some grafts into bridge that was developing between my front area and my crown. This should save me from having a bald strip between crown and front over the next while.

All in all, the number of grafts look really nice and dense. I'm a few days after the surgery and I can see all the little hairs, how many there are, and how close they are together. I'm extremely happy with the results and I'm sure will be even happier in 10 months time.


Ok, so Dr Feller has all the pics on his computer and is going to update them soon. I don't have any post-op pics of my first surgery in Ireland. The pics Dr Feller will post here are all from the day of the surgery, where you will see my hair before surgery (take note of the lack of density at the front from my 1st procedure), and then you will see some post-op pics, etc. So we'll get these up really soon - I just wanted to create this post as a placeholder for Dr Feller to upload the pics he took.


Once the pics are up, etc, I can talk more about Dr Feller's procedure, etc. How there was a whole team of super professionals working on me. Two techs at all times, one working either side of my head to place the grafts. Techs were swapping out as well as it's very tiring work that goes on for a few hours. Dr Feller's clinic is a really professional, results-driven operation - you couldn't go wrong with Dr Feller.


Ok, later.



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Congrats on your HT. It sounds like you are happy so I'm happy for you. Dr Feller has a very good reputation so you are probably pretty excited. I look forward to see your picture. icon_smile.gif

4374 grafts-7/2/2008-Dr Rahal

485 singles

2336 doubles

1526 triples

16 quads

9809 total hairs

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Hey everyone. I was staying in a friend's house for a while after surgery, whose Internet went on the blink, so couldn't get online. But I'm back now. Thanks for posting the pics on the websites, Spex.


Look at the pre-op picture where my hair is shaved down and Dr Feller has marked out the hairline, etc. You can see how spaced out the grafts from my 1st transplant are, and how there are large patches where there are no grafts whatsoever. Also, notice how the 1st transplant didn't go anywhere near my natural hairline, leaving a big gap. My hairline has not receded since the time of my 1st transplant - Kiely just didn't get anywhere near it. You could land a plane in the gap between transplanted hair and natural hair.


And then of course you can see Dr Feller's great work, at how much he was able to get in. And how he filled in some of that bridge that was developing between crown and front - really excellent. I'm really confident it will look good when it starts to come in down the line. I don't have any post-op pics of my 1st transplant, but I remember feeling dubious when looking at it immediately afterwards. With Dr Feller's, I can tell straight off it's going to be really good.


I'll put the pics up on my blog and post the link here, and post up some pics one week on, two weeks on, etc.


Ok, talk to you later.

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Hey Petchski, was offline for a few days.


I got a friend to take out the staples. You can't do it on your own, but you don't need a medical person to remove the staples because you will have the staple remover from Dr Feller. If someone knows about your HT and you feel you can ask them, that's the easiest way. See picture of how to use the staple remover. My friend removed them for me and it was virtually painless, so it does not have to be a nurse.


Otherwise, you could just make an appointment with the local hospital and just say you need some staples removed from a surgery abroad. No need to tell them why until you actually meet the nurse who'll take them out.


Sorry for late reply. Let me know how you get on.




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Hello Irish30,

Are those first pictures before your operation with Dr. Feller the 'result' of Dr. Kiely's work? I have posted elsewhere on this forum about my concerns regarding an upcoming procedure that I have booked with Dr. Kiely. However, after reading about and seeing his work thanks to people like you on the forum, I'm having SERIOUS doubts about going ahead with it. I am also from Ireland (Dublin) so Dr. Kiely seemed ideal. But to be honest, I think I'll cancel my procedure and try Dr. Farjo in the UK instead, I've heard good things about their work.

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hey GTDL


I'm from the UK , spent two years researching and doing consults before going with Dr Feller below is a link to my 15 month update , feel free to check it out along with my blog .




You still hav'nt learnt have you , research as much as you can and you will find that the best and most consitant results are in the US and Canada .


I hope that helps


2100 crown grafts

Dr Feller

nov 2007

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Don't ever let travel be a major factor, ever. You will fly to the ends of the earth to get it repaired. Believe me I have read the stories & seen the pictures. Many pick up 1/2 your airfare & put you up for 2 nights. You can consult with these doctors by phone or email. I think phoning will get you better response. Have all your questions written down to get as much answered as possible. Take some good clear pictures from all angles & have them loaded into your computer to send to doctor before you talk about ht.



"The True Wisdom in Making a Decision about a HT is Knowing What to Accept not Just What to Expect."


Dr Hasson & Dr Wong - Vancouver, Canada ??“ Strip

(888) 819-6013


Dr Feller - Great Neck, NY ??“ USA ??“ Strip & FUE

(800) 424-7728


Dr Cole - Atlanta, GA ??“ USA ??“ Strip & FIT

(800) 368-4247


Dr Wolf - Cincinnati, Ohio ??“ USA ??“ Strip & FUE

(800) 900-4769


Dr Ron Shapiro - Bloomington, MN ??“ USA ??“ Strip & FUE



Dr Rahal ??“ Ottawa, Canada ??“ Strip

(877) 712-4247


Dr Alexander ??“ Phoenix, AZ ??“ Strip

(602) 956-8800


Research, Research, Research ??“ 6 Months to a Year

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Thanks for all your feedback guys. I can't believe how close I came to being pretty much 'butchered' and ripped off to the tune of ?‚¬6500 ($8000 give or take). I was actually due to go in for surgery this weekend, but after reading up on the forums like this one (which has been very supportive and honest) and seeing Dr. Kiely's 'results' I have decided to cut my losses (a ?‚¬1000/$1220 deposit which is non-refundable) and seek treatment elsewhere. My hair loss isn't too severe thankfully (probably 2 or maybe 3 on The Norwood Scale). And after seeing Richie's outstanding results with Dr. Feller, I think further research into what the US has to offer is the way to go. But I do have one question for Leeson and Reverse The Curse (and please forgive me if I sound ignorant as I'm completely new to all this) But why have you seen so many doctor's? Is it because of poor work before you found the right doctor, or is there another reason? As always, I would really appreciate your feedback. Thanks guys.



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I see, well it's good to hear that you found the right surgeon with Dr. Hasson in the end Leeson, 'All's well that ends well' as the saying goes. I do have another question for RTC though, those doctor's you listed in your last post on this topic, are they the doctor's who you would recommend after doing your own research? Or are they the doctor's who have performed your HT's? (or both?)



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