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Alexander Imich's hair at age 111


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World's oldest man Alexander Imich (Born February 4, 1903), died June 8, 2014 at the age of 111 in New York.


The first thing I noticed about him was his hair at the age of 111. Never saw someone this old with so much hair!!



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I bet most of the people on this site would have noticed his hair almost first thing on their own. Meanwhile the rest of the world, including ironically even most bald men, probably would not think much of it.


Personally I've gotten into the habit of analying everyone's hair that I see. Friends, colleagues, strangers... even women and kids. One of the very first things I look at is hair now. When I watch movies, yep... looking at the hair. I have a pretty good idea if anyone is wearing a hair piece in any movies I watch. Part of it is obsession, but it's also just fascinating to look at... like bird watching haha


I remember the days when I was oblivious to all this hair stuff. I didn't even have a good idea of what my hairline looked like until I was like 22. Now I could tell you the NW level of basically everyone I know by name... and some of the people who's name I don't know, I still identify by their hair. It really is kinda sad. Too much importance placed on hair. But I guess everyone has their own little fascinations and quirks.

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Now there's a guy who never spent one day on this website...Good Journey, Alexander.


lucky guy indeed !

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Looks like Mr. Imich won the genetic lottery in a lot of different ways. RIP!

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