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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Norwood II A
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair
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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Dr. Hasson, Dr. Bisanga
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  1. It's weird like that yeah, I can't think of a prominent FUT surgeon in Europe, but know that Bisanga does do FUT and also apparently Feriduni too since you mentioned it. I had small FUE procedures with Bisanga (he and BHC are a top class clinic) but was also impressed with the FUT cases I researched online. Feriduni I have not researched regarding FUT, same with Deroye. Hope you get more replies from people who have had excellent results from European FUT surgeons, best of luck.
  2. Thanks guys for pointing that out. Really have not seen any on here regarding poor results, but I have to admit I don't read every single forum worldwide. Though I have searched many of the foreign language ones using google translate in the past when I was actively researching surgeons. If possible please post the link of the Italian forum, will check out those.
  3. I would skip it to be honest. About 2-3 years ago PRP was all the rage with several clinics offering it, but there is no strong evidence of it having substantial benefits and I have read stories here of it doing more harm than good. You'd be better off just concentrating on getting an excellent procedure by an elite surgeon. Luckily Bisanga is one of those. But the PRP, I would not waste my time on it.
  4. I would go with Bisanga based on personal experience and also based on a veteran poster's experience with the other doc. He is decent but am seeing issues with him producing solid density results (seeing bare scalp in images for example). Be careful also if doing temple points with BHC/Bisanga, as there are cases on here showing the techs really messed up the temple point graft selection and graft angle placement. Bisanga does still perform FUT, and actually some of his prominent examples of excellent results are FUT cases. If you're looking at FUT though the N. American masters H
  5. This will actually depend on which clinic you go to, as some provide entertainment such as DVDs and music while some prefer to have a quiet atmosphere. Ask your surgeon and clinic what the typical experience will be like for patients there. And agree with Matt, try to cut the small talk especially with the surgeon during the procedure itself.
  6. Very interesting case, and talk of Kaan has gotten my attention for the main reason he trained under/worked for Dr. Keser. Keser does amazing work for those not familiar with him. Keep us posted on your results and it will be interesting to see if Kaan is the second coming of Keser.
  7. I have never seen a failed case from Dr. Konior or ASMED. Research these two if considering future work.
  8. This exactly sums it up concisely. If you can get the booking date go with Konior. If you have some pressing circumstances to go with Rahal, for example if you're a stone's throw away etc. then maybe only in that case I would select Rahal. My comments stand for both FUE and FUT.
  9. Apples vs oranges? Agree with aWidowsPeak's comments. Rahal, Hasson or Konior for FUT. For FUE there are better options out there than the 2 you listed.
  10. Dr. Konior's stick & place technique + dense packing = grand slam HOMERUN. The best in the biz! Awesome work as always Dr. K, the patient now has hair and a hairline that makes him look 10 years younger. Though known for a more conservative approach, Dr. Konior can also go aggressive when requested by the patient, and I'm sure this approach was likely patient requested.
  11. I have not seen any negative results or reviews on him and have only seen good work over the years. I vote yes. (but if there are other sides of the story, be sure to speak up on those regardless of my comments)
  12. I'm recommending the OP doesn't proceed with his plan, and that he instead research other options. Maras is pretty good and under the radar.
  13. This is the best damn advice some of us often don't readily give as the site is basically about discussing the details on how to proceed with hair restoration. However, this is important advice from a highly respected member on here who has been through it all you should really consider before proceeding with a HT. Shave it and see if you can live with that look, you might be surprised and it could be the cheapest and wisest decision.
  14. If this Dr. K proves himself to be the next Keser/Erdogan through proven patient experiences on here I will give the props that are due. While I have a large amount of personal experience and also knowledge spanning several decades, I'm not afraid to admit when I'm wrong or reluctant to add another recommended doctor. But it has to be proven first. Also this thread was about recommended doctors in "Turkey" not others in Spain or elsewhere. And my biggest issue was being half quoted in what I said. So I'm just as confused as anyone regarding some of the comments (including "aggressive po
  15. Nooooooooo! lol Just don't do it. This has lead to many people wasting both their hard earned money and their limited donor area supply. Those who do this end up posting their horror stories on here and asking us how to fix this shit. If you really want to be cheap, have an amazing surgeon do your hairline and frontal third, then get the rest filled in behind that by some 2nd tier doctor - I'm not recommending you do this actually but it's a less insane alternative. But whatever you do don't mess with the front with any surgeon who is not truly top tier. You will regret it for life
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