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  1. 29 years old, going to the most expensive and best HT doctor int he world, and flying JC Emirates. (Where I work) and I'm 28. Jesus christ your life sounds great. I was probably the guy serving you on that flight, and then had to go to a budget doctor haha And your hair wasn't even terrible in the first place. Lucky bugger.
  2. I know people aren't here to hear my personal reasons, we all have the same reasons for wanting to get this done. So I'll go through from beginning to end of my trip to give people a realistic idea of how it is with Dr. Cinik. About me and why Dr. Cinik First off I'm a 28 year old male from Canada who is currently living in Dubai. I'm like a NW3-4 as you will see in my pictures below. I chose Dr. Cinik because I haven't really seen a bad review, the price was decent for 2000euro all in, and I have lots of colleagues who have had pretty decent hair transplants, with way cheaper doctors. First night -> surgery day I arrived on Feb 28th and got to the hotel pretty late around 9pm. Immediately I went out because I was starving and didn't feel like paying insane hotel prices for food. Found an amazing little restaurant just down the road that I ended up eating at 4 times during my stay... but I digress. The next morning I went for the hotel breakfast which was terrible. Me and 2 others were picked up at 8am and brought to the hospital (20 second drive away). Thank god one guy was American, so I had someone to talk to and hangout with during my stay. Okay I'm starting to ramble so I'll skip details and give short point forms now... - First we get blood drawn and have a 1-on-1 with Dr. Cinik. - The 1-on-1 seems very rushed, he looks at your hair, draws a hairline, and kinda doesn't really answer the questions you ask him. - When I asked the lady escorting us if 3 people is usually how many they do in a day she responded, "No. today we have 12, but usually we have around 18+" - That freaked me out a little bit and made me realize this is either a good thing or a bad thing. (They must be pretty good at this to have THAT MUCH EXPERIENCE. or they truly don't give a shit and do a fast bad job to keep people moving for more money) - You go to the 9th floor to a small office with a few tiny operation rooms. - You go to the office 1 by 1 with a lady who takes your money, and asks you to sign the forms - They take before pictures of you, then shave your head, and jump straight into it - 2 ladies who didn't speak any English were with me (1 russian and 1 turkish) - The local anesthetic was horrifying. Had about 15-20 needles of me grinding my teeth and cursing under my breath. - At time of them pushing the needles in, I could feel them slip out and squirt the anesthetic onto the back of my head - After your head is numb they get straight to work. One girl punches the grafts, and the second one harvests them - This lasts for a long time (3,800 manually done takes a lot of time) - Dr. Cinik comes in and creates the channels for the hair line. Anything further behind or in the crown area is done by the technicians. - the 2 girls then start putting the hairs in once they are all harvested and all the channels are opened - At the end they do the PRP treatment (apparently we have free PRP treatments for ever if you can afford the tickets to turkey) - They clean the area and put a huge diaper bandage on the back of your head - Then they send you off to the hotel with a goody bag of some pills, a flight pillow, a wash for the first week, and a hat that looks like Paddington the Bear's... The first nights sleep is the worst. I hate to take pain killers and melatonin to even manage to get an hour or two. There was blood all of my pillows and all over my flight pillow. I kept going to the bathroom to get toilet paper to try and soak up the blood and rinse off my flight pillow... Basically the entire first day after the surgery I felt like a miserable zombie wondering "what have I done". Although the next day most of the pain goes away and you start to feel better. 2nd and 3rd day - American guy and I meet up after breakfast and start talking more about it all while waiting for our morning pick up for the post-op check - Now we go to a weird apartment building across the road from the hospital where one of the rooms is a place for Dr. Cinik. - Some tech comes and takes your bandage off, cleans the area, and give you your gang member headband - We go in and have another quick 1-on-1 with Dr. Cinik and he checks everything and says "GOOD". Then you try to ask him questions and specifics and he doesn't really say much. - After everyone is done you go to the main room and the lady from before who takes your money tries to sell you a bunch of products - *NOTE* there is a pharmacy attached to the same building you are in with most of the same products for half the price - Lady explains quickly how your next 12 months should go. What TO DO and NOT DO. How to wash your hair, gives us folders with papers and info, etc, etc. - We leave and American dude and I go back to that restaurant I went the first night and shoot the shit for 6 hours. - Day 3 you go for your first wash - Same apartment building room - Tech peels off your headband (The wounds from the donor area pretty much healed to it) - He cleans the area with a spray then with a shampoo, teaching you the technique you'll be using for the first 7 days - Lady takes some after photos and you get a new head band and fresh flight pillow - annnnnnnnnd that's it! NOW......... March 4th I just got back to Dubai around 2am today. Got home and cut the headband off like instructed to do so, cleaned the area and went to bed. Just woke up and I'm typing this while everything is still fresh in my head. Overall I'm not super happy. I don't really like the hairline he drew for me in terms of straightness (I wanted it more straight, it seems too receding then I would like) I think that how he drew it, and how they implanted it is different. For sure the line was LOWER than my current hairline. But even now I can see my old hairs are LOWER than my transplanted ones. I feel like everything was rushed. No one introduced me by their names. I was asking everyone what their names were always. Didn't really seem like anyone cared who I was. I was told there would be a translator with me at all times, but really it's just the money lady who is in here office waiting for a tech to scream at her to come and translate something for you. I do have faith that even with how commercial and non-personal the whole experience felt, that it will turn out good. Dr. Cinik and his techs must have 10,000's of patients of experience if they are going through almost 20/day for the last how many years... All I can do now is take care of my head, follow the steps, and wait to see how it turns out. I'm not trying to demotivate anyone from picking Dr. Cinik. Obviously I chose him for the reviews I read and the price. I'm just trying to tell you EXACTLY how it goes and what to expect. Maybe being from Canada and going to Turkey for medical treatment, it wasn't really up to my personal standards of how medical professionals would be. But in the end this is his job and he's there to make money. NOW FOR THE PICTURES I'll keep updating this thread week by week for the first month, then start going every 2 weeks or even each month if the progress slows down a lot. Enjoy (It's what you can expect, a balding dude, then a dude with the standard post-op look) CHEERS
  3. I have my appointment with Dr. Cinik on March 1st. I'm super nervous, but I hope everything works out well. So far your results look pretty good man. I keep thinking that its not going to look perfect, or even close to perfect, but having some hair filling in my bald areas will give me more confidence than having no hair!
  4. I'm aware that the back and sides of the head are considered the "donor" area and that getting an FUE means they take individual follicles instead of removing a strip. If I get 4000-5000 taken from my donor area, I assume the spread out the area. When the hair grows back, will the donor areas always be gone? Does a follicle eventually regrow? Does 5000 grafts make your donor area seem too thin and obvious after it grows back? Does this amount of grafts usually mean you can't get another transplant in the future because all of the donor area would be used up? I managed to get my work holidays off at the end of the month and looking to book an operation now. So far looking at Dr. Cinik in Istanbul, but just getting my facts straight before it happens. Thanks in advanced!
  5. Not really a bad one. Like I trust the first one will be good, I just don't think he's not on Erdogan's level of expertise.
  6. He did everything? Took the hairs our and put them in himself? I have read from other users that went there that technicians do it all?
  7. I've been researching hair transplants for over a year now. I'm probably a 4 on the Norwood scale. I've been thinking about going to Dr. Cinik. He charges 2000euros flat for the transplant under 5000 grafts (I'm told I'll need around 3,500). He has some decent reviews on these forums, but I know he's not one of the best. I was thinking maybe I could go to him to get the bulk part of my head filled in, then after a year evaluate it. Then afterwards I could book with one of the famous surgeons like Erdogan, where I will just need touch ups done and maybe the hairline "mastered". Does this seem like a plausible situation? Assuming the first doctor doesn't completely fuck up my head, it seems like a good idea? any advice is appreciated!
  8. Hey I hope this message managed to find you, It's been 6 months since your last update. Has much changed?
  9. How is the area still red?! I'm looking to get this done next month and took 3 weeks off work. I'm a flight attendant so I have to look presentable to be able to do my job, I wasn't expecting the redness to stay for almost 4 months. I was hoping after 3-4 weeks my hair would be somewhat grown back and most of the obvious surgery marks wouldn't be noticeable
  10. 2 months now, could we get maybe picture for before/after comparison?