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  1. First and formost my post isn't meant to discredit the doc or attack him in anyway so I want to get that out there. Second. His offer to do the case over is a great offer. I'd think most doctors what a great result. Myself being a dentist I understand the desire to get a great result. Obviously when I do an anterior crown case I want it to look flawless. If the result isn't great it's a lot easier in regards to how to get it right-you send the crowns back to the lab with a note telling them what the did wrong and they fix it. Not so easy with a HT. I haven't got on this site in years but since my booking and then cancelling I felt it was a good idea to get back on and post my follow up as I do remember so many people saying that people post and disappear. I didn't disappear. My wife and I had our son and life was how life is when that happens. In regards to having a second procedure. I really don't think my donor area could take it. My sides look bad. I went back and reviewed his plan and he did say he would like to keep the future extraction areas confined to the occipital zone. If that area looks like my sides after I'm done then I'll look silly honestly. Not my goal. My apprehension is with the doctor himself but also with the procedure. I'd like a refund honestly. But I know that prob won't happen. I'll be honest in that in 10 years of practicing dentistry I've had a few patients that I can't satisfy what they want and I've given them a refund. Two patients to be exact. It's not the end of the world. Initially I was down about it bc I'd like to think I could do better but in the end once the refund was giving it was almost therapeutic as it meant we both could move on with our lives. My purpose of this thread was to show people it doesn't always go as you plan. To take caution when making your decision. To understand this is a result you can get and to also understand you can get an out of the world result. Way the choice before you decide.
  2. just created a thread for those interested on my situation 3 years post opp. Should explain some things
  3. Well its been a little over three years. I was about to have my "free touch up" procedure with Dr Feriduni about 1.5 weeks ago but I cancelled it. Booked the flight. Set the date...Cancelled as once everything was confirmed my mind went dark. I felt very uneasy. I rarely have issues sleeping but the sleepless nights started. Emailed the clinic a very honest message as to my anxiety and concerns. Told them I was cancelling or would take a day or so to give the final answer. The clinic responded(not Dr.Feriduni) and thanked me and also said the Dr Feriduni would most likely contact me. Well....Wait for it...He never did. My major concerns 1.)failure again 2.)my donor area took a very hard hit 3.)failure again 4.)failure again My wife has been amazing in this entire process FYI. About as supportive as you can get. We have a 2 year old and he is amazing and life is pretty good overall. Over the past few years since the procedure its always been noted by literally anyone who cuts my hair that the sides of my head are very bare compared the other areas. I voiced this as a concern in my last email to the doc. I was hoping he would contact me to discuss this. No contact what so ever. My concern again was that the procedure would again be unsuccessful which in turn would disfigure my donor area even more. Truthfully I could go on and on about how disappointed I am. After one failed surgery its very difficult to pony up and jump back in the chair. His offer for a free surgery isn't really "free". I've got to close my dental office for at least 1.5-2 weeks as im not going to see patients in the post opp beautiful form we are in. My family has to deal with me in the "waiting period". And my anxiety focused on if I made the right decision after the first failed procedure is the kicker. In the end I really would just like my money back. Hands down. I truthfully believe that would be the honorable thing to do on his end. I'm very happy for all those that have had a great outcome by him but those of us that havent have to deal with it. It should be my decision on if I want to have the procedure done by him again. I see patients all this time that tell me their other dentist messed their tooth up and they never want to see he or she again. Well...I dont really want to see Dr.Feriduni again either. I dont feel comfortable. Hell his tecs did all the extractions and insertions of all the follicles. He made the incisions and numbed me up but other then that he wasnt there for much of the procedure. He would check in from time to time but honestly he as pretty absent. You be the judge. You can find my first thread with the pro opp pics by just typing in DrFeriduni. Im not going to reattach the old pics. Really no need as its not hard to see my result are sub par. Attached a few of my donor area too. I could attach every single conversation he and I had after surgery that would go through his thoughts. He did believe I had success. His estimates were around 50-60 percent success.Ive enclosed his pic which shows the success. The point of this email isnt to attack the doc or anything like that. From my research he did seem to be an outstanding doctor with on average a good result. I unfortunately just fell on the wrong side. Ill finish with that.
  4. Still crap results. I'll post pics this weekend. Don't worry they won't blow you guys away. I actually was supposed to have another procedure done with the doctor last week but cancelled it bc I felt terribly uncomfortable. I'm going to give a big write up and include the lack of effective communication I felt with his clinic. Zero financial compensation was given as well. overall I'm still very unhappy but can't spend my life dwelling on it. Detailed write up to come...
  5. I had a fail HT w Dr.Feriduni. You can find my thread on here. 3 months is obviously early but in all fairness just send an email to the clinic to keep tabs. I'm actually about to do another write up as it's been a few years and still my result is very sub par
  6. Sean. I haven't updated anything bc truthfully the result is still crappy. Nothing new has changed. I'd be more then happy to post a picture or two if anyone would like me to. The offer of a free procedure is still on the table. I can't say I'm chomping at the bit to have it done. My wife has zero desire to let me travel to Brussels now considering the state of the world. I'd truthfully rather have the procedure done state site. Traveling internationally wasn't awfully after the procedure but it wasn't amazing either. We had a baby 6 months ago also this time really isn't on my side. Kind of hard t sit on the sidelines and not help out which would kind of be what would be required after surgery to some extent. Let me know if you guys want an updated pic.
  7. I've sent the doc an email asking for a refund. It's just to tought of a think to hop back in the chair per say and have the same doc do the same procedure again. I really am not sure id even try again but if I want to I should have the option of not having to pay for another procedure when i paid for the first failed procedure.
  8. take a look at my results w dr feriduni(VERY POOR OUTCOME). Then read a carefully all the threads on Dr Erdgan. In the end its your choice but id mandate which ever doc you see that they do every single step of the procedure. And I mean every single step..
  9. londonHTseeker, I havent created the thread as i would feel better to ask the doc again for a refund but i guess if it gets to that point ill start a thread. Would my result really sway people? I dont know. From the reponses thus far I know the fact that he isnt involved w the extraction process and only pops in really at the incision process has brought some light to those considering him. Who knows..Ill keep you guys posted.
  10. LondonHTseeker Have u posted you poor result? I feel like I've never seen a bad result from dr feller. Then again in picking dr feriduni I didn't really see many bad results either. What were the "reasons" he stated your procedure didn't turn out optimal?
  11. Truthfully I'd like a refund. I'm very positive he won't give it as I've asked and he has said no. It's been suggested to start a thread as other have that have had failed procedures as nobody likes bad press per say. For me it's just very difficult to go back to the same doc for another procedure when I had a failed first procedure. Honestly some of my faith in the whole concept of hair transplantation has been lost. I went to one of the worlds best. There are lists on this site asking for the best and his name always falls on it. I don't doubt that he is but as a patient I am truthfully scared to go back. In life when we go to a doc and have a bad experience it's tough to go back. As ice said I'm a dentist. I see so many people that say I had a bad experience as a kid and never went back. Obviously hair transplantation is cosmetic so it's not like one has to go back but it's the same concept. If I got my money back I'm not even 100 percent sure I'd try another procedure. If I did obviously is make sure I was the only patient and is make sure the doc did all of the technical parts of the procedure As for the reps. I do think it's a shame that the docs pay them and they are essentially mediators in all aspects of the process. If it was a team member of the actual office that went in 8-5 every day then I'd see that as someone who works for the doc and is doing his or her own job. But from what I take these reps don't work daily at the office. Correct?
  12. Thanks for all the congrats on the baby. He is awesome. A handful for sure but worth it. Yeah he refused to refund me. I asked 100 percent. I'd say he was there for less then 1/4 of the procedure. The incisions were really the only part of the procedure I had face to face contact with the doc other then my consult and the injections and as I aid earlier he placed the last few grafts. In alll honestly I wouldratherr have the money back. I am super nervous to have another procedure done by him. I'd love a Great result. Who wouldn't. But at this point it's just hard to trust and if the result turn out poor again I'd have nobody else to blame but me for going back. Again the doc has been solid in regards to getting back to me after the failed procedure but I've had limited time to make a final decision. What did paleo do? I'm not familiar with the case or what ever you are referring to??
  13. HTsoon- I asked for a refund and was denied. He told me he would do my second surgery for free. But you are right in the sense it's really hard for me to pony up and travel from the states back to Belgium and go under the knife per say again. He has assured me this time around he will do the entire procedure himself. What I really don't get in this forum is why more people don't mandate that the procedure should be done entirely by the doc. ive used the example before. As i stated in a dentist. If you came to me for a root canal how would you feel if I told you my assistant will be doing the procedure today. I'm just here to get you numb. I assure you my assistant is highly qualified she has gone to lots of continuing education. My guess is you would leave my office. Legally I would lose my license. If you are a doctor you go to years and years of school. I went to 4 years of college. 4 years of dental school and a 1 year residency after that. I don't care how many hours your Tecs have trained or how many surgeries they have done. In the end it should be the doctor and the doctor alone that operates or what ever we want to call it that lays his or her hands on you for the procedure. I did feel I did the research. But truthfully the thought of someone else working on me during the procedure never occurred to me. I really didn't know that Tecs could ext grafts. I contacted spex pretty recently after the procedure with my worry about this part and he assured me it was normal and how things were done in Europe and that his Tecs were highly trained.
  14. Sean- I'm 100 percent not being hard on myself. I am disappointed but honestly I can't say I was depressed in the least bit. I told my wife after the procedure that obviously I want the best result but that it was literally like having a weight lifted off my shoulder just doing the procedure. So much back and forth with the decision to do the procedure. Tecs did all the extractions with a small manual punch. Doc had another procedure going on. He came in and numbed me. Drew the outline and made incisions for graft placement and in the very end probably put in the last few grafts. He has been good about the whole failed procedure. Offered a free procedure. For me I'm on the fence as life has gotten very busy with a new born and the ability to just take it easy for a few weeks after isn't really a possibility right now. I wanted to see more examples of failed procedures by him and how the second procedure turned out but he was only able to give one example and honestly it was one of those cases where i honestly couldn't even really think the guy needed the procedure in the first place. He had frontal thinning but legit not that bad. Often when u see those cases I feel the results look better then they are bc the person didn't have that severe of hair loss to start with. One thing I question in the thread. How is one rep able to represent all these docs? From where this thread has gone it seems like they agree on so little. I would think docs that are represented by the same person would have similar ideals and practices but maybe I'm wrong. I myself am a dentist and work with multiple other docs in a practice and we all think and practice very similarly.
  15. Haven't read this thread in some time. Life got crazy and my wife and I had our first baby. Just reading through where someone said had I had the info de feller presented I would have gone the fue route. Unbeknownst to dr feller maybe I do believe I actually sent some pics to him a few years back. I wanted to go the fue route and I was in touch with spex army consultant. He said to talk to dr Lindsey as he did do larger fue cases. Dr Lindsay actually turned me down for fue. He recommended FUT. I did book a procedure but in the end cancelled it as I was applying to post doc programs to potentially specialize in endodontics(I'm a dentist ). I lost the deposits but moved on. Fast forward a few years and spex put me in touch with dr feriduni and the rest is history. This thread has gone a very different route then what it was originally dealing with but the info seems good and I hope it helps others. Maybe I should have listened to dr feller and Lindsay as they both said fut. Who knows!!! One can't live in the past is all I can say