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  1. Hey London, post my 2 hair transplants i used this Aloe Vera gel in the picture and it was fine. just recently i bought an Aloe Vera plant for another use. if you want a plant it's really easy just like Sam said- you just cut a little piece of the leaf and the pure gel is inside of it, you just need to scoop it out, that's it. Attached the gel i used and the plant.
  2. Yep. that's what Melvin was talking about the illusion of density.
  3. Thank you. honestly, I don't remember how much were implemented, but I do remember that I wanted to add more grafts in the hairline, but Dr Maras and the stuff told me to leave it alone and just add behind it.
  4. Thank you so much for the kind words guys! I really like that the result is like this without using meds or Minoxi, only MSM and Biotin. i also changed my diet, but i don't know how much it affected the result. i actually asked them if I am going to get a reasonable result without any meds?. another concern was the hair type, haven't seen too much transplants with hair type like mine, but like Melvin said it's a huge advantage. 6 month post op 1 i used micro roller on the crown area, but it didn't do much by itself, then i decided to go back for another procedure. last month i tried to do a haircut by myself and well, it didn't go very well so after 2 hours i just shaved my whole head, letting it grow evenly as possible now, still got until 18 month. 2 years apart compression:
  5. About 12.5 post op 1 I returned to Dr Maras and HDC clinic for my second hair transplant. it wasn't the plan to do another one, but since I don't use any kind of meds i decided to go back. op 2 -3025 grafts
  6. Hey forum, it's been time for an update about my situation. so, at Feb 2018 i had the first hair transplant, 3558 grafts with Dr Maras and HDC clinic. those are pictures about 11-11.5 months post op 1.
  7. Thank you for responding. i don't count on them to improve the state of the hair, but i'm after second transplant and i'm taking MSM and Biotin for a year and ten months because i don't want to use medicine. just wondering if L-Arginine can help the hair in anyway?
  8. Hey guys, What do you think about adding L-Arginine to the regime of supplements together with MSM and Biotin?
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