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  1. wheretogo


    hey guys, i'm taking MSM, Biotin, vitamin D and vitamin B12 (this one not everyday). in addition i eat walnuts, almonds, pumpkinseed, brazil nuts and flaxseed daily. i have some pigmentation spots on my forehead, probably from years of wearing hats and not using sun screen. there are talking about this supplement- Pycnogenol which can help this. is anyone got experience with that and is it "safe" to use for the hair? (currently 11 months post op, another 1.5 month going to do another one) with all the things i'm taking is it "safe" to take that too? thank you
  2. Agree, looks good for six months, happy growth mate.
  3. Looks impressive for just 5 months, very nice.
  4. wheretogo

    what do you think

    Thank you Mick50, i will, i guess without flash and harsh light it will look even better. Thank you TrixGlendevon. why did you think it won't look good? guys, what do you think about the grafts number needed to add to the front and to the mid scalp & crown?
  5. wheretogo

    what do you think

    Thank you for your compliment i don't really know about the density, but as you can see in the first picture there was a big area to cover. now i need to deal with the mid scalp and crown, it's more mid scalp than crown actually, they say my donor area healed very good and we can use around 3000 more grafts. i don't know how many grafts i will need to put behind the hairline, 500? 1000?, i don't know. to the mid scalp maybe 2500-3000 grafts probably. i don't know Dr Christine personally, but i saw a guy on this website who did with her. i defiantly recommend HDC clinic from my experience. it's not just the doctor, the stuff is really good and nice, they take care of you really good, don't rush the work, they give you an apartment just across the clinic for a week to recover and take care of your scalp everyday so when i got home my scalp had no inflammation and free of scabs. donor area pictures.
  6. wheretogo

    what do you think

    Hey SOW, sure, thank you for your interest. close to 11 months post op. in about a 1.5 month the plan is to go back and do the mid scalp plus the crown and maybe add grafts to the front if it won't damage the current ones. of course going back to Dr Maras. pictures are about 10 months and 3 weeks. with flash under harsh light, showing you with those conditions. no meds or minoxi, just MSM and Biotin. first picture is just pre op.
  7. Looks amazing mate, congrats. are you using hair products in your last pictures? how much grafts you added to the front in the last procedure, did you had shock loss in the hairs around?
  8. Thanks you very much. i did chose top surgeon, Dr Maras from HDC. i must say my recipient area is almost all transplanted hair, so the question is does that new hair can get shock loss like a native one.
  9. Thanks for that detailed response. the reason i asked that because i'm about 11 months post op, 3558 grafts to my third front of the scalp. in about a 1.5 month i plan to go back and continue with my mid scalp plus crown and i really want to add density to my hairline or behind the hair line, i don't really understand where it's thin. i didn't take any meds and don't want to take either so i don't know.
  10. Hey Astaldo, congrats on your last HT. i went through your threads and i must say you looked amazing at the front before this last procedure, why did you add more grafts and weren't you concern about shock loss of the post transplanted hair at the front? are you using hair products?
  11. Ok, so you don't mean regular hair loss but Retrograde alopecia which is a special condition. got it. thank you.
  12. Hey delancey, what do you mean about extraction above the ear? doesn't everyone do it?, i'm kinda freaking out now, despite the fact i'm almost 11 months post op. i'm over 41, this is my picture.
  13. Hey Dalgaard, you should check out also Dr Maras in Cyprus, HDC clinic. was there about 11 months ago, great place.
  14. Hey, if you have time i think you should do it in 2 days. can we see your results from the first HT? i'm also had one HT and planning another one.