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  1. Hey Melvin, why are you still using that kind of shampoo instead of regular one?. you transplanted hair in most of your scalp, do you concern about hair loss or it is just for the scalp health?
  2. It looks just perfect, thanks for the update. and it's a good idea to save your donor area for now, just in case you need it in the future.
  3. HG1, congrats on awesome result. so, you don't use any hair product to style your hair?, just wash and comb it?
  4. I was going to stick with thin tooth comb, but i have curly hair and i saw the "wet brush" so i bought one of those too, i don't know which is better in terms of my hair, but actually i do think i don't really need to comb my hair, just wet it rub it slightly. in terms of products i think i will look good clay product.
  5. Amazing result mate, congrats. would really want to see if possible what did you look year post the first op and what you say density not that good. thanks.
  6. Thanks to both of you. Payam, i hope things will improve and that you will be happy. Melvin, i'm 8.5 months post op and still wear hat in the day time, still concern of the sun, i know i should not. i don't really want to use any hair products, try to keep away all kind of materials of my scalp so i just wet my hair with water and slick it back, but i do want something to use, what is a "clean" product suitable for curly hair? some kind of clay?.
  7. So, you can't get the "wet look" after you had a HT (without using fibers and stuff), what hair product can you use?
  8. Guys, wear hat all the time when you are outside, don't take any risks. i wore SPF 50 hat with large brim in the city and it looked weird, but i didn't care.
  9. Hey pradeepbr, just wondering what is your situation after 3 HT, weren't they enough to give good coverage?
  10. Looks great mate, you must be so happy
  11. So, i'm guessing people post HT don't go out without style their hair. you don't comb your hair when it's dry, right? so you wash it every morning? is it good for the hair to wash it everyday (not shampoo it). i don't want to use hair products or use it for the necessary minimum. it's been a long time since i comb my hair, but i would rather just wash and comb it. if i wash the hair and comb it the hair is wet so it will look thin than when it looks dry, right?, also when i use gel or other products to have that "wet look", it will look thin, what can you do in that situation without adding fibers or something else. when you do use hair products, what is the "safest" "cleanest" product there is?- gel, mousse, clay?. took me a really long time to find a shampoo.