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  1. Awesome results!! Thanks for the updates... if you are not on Propecia you will continue to lose native hair. So I guess you will need another session in few years. Good luck!
  2. I believe Dr. Lorenzo is the best FUE surgeon in the world. Good luck.
  3. Finasteride is a drug that works by blocking the enzyme 5-alpha reductase Type II that converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the hair follicle. Finasteride causes a significant drop in both scalp and blood levels of DHT. So it can definitely help your native hair. Will it help transplanted hair which comes from the safe zone? I am not sure about that. Hair follicles in the safe donor area do not have receptors to DHT. Which is a metabolite of the male hormone which when combined to the receptors shuts off the blood supply to the follicle killing it. So from my understanding, safe zone follicles should last for life even without Finasteride.
  4. Without clear pictures of your pre/post hair transplant it wouldn't be fair to judge. May be you have lost more native hair since the transplant? Or may be your donor hair was removed outside of the safe zone? Hair follicles in the safe donor area do not have receptors to DHT. Which is a metabolite of the male hormone which when combines to the receptors shuts off the blood supply to the follicle killing it. If safe zone follicles are used as donor, it should last for life.
  5. Have a look at this post from Dr. Bhatti You can find it here with pictures: http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/175737-potential-recommendation-dr-tejinder-bhatti-chandigarh-india-14.html
  6. densedream, Exactly my thoughts too. I have been following this thread to see how many unhappy Dr. Bhatti patients come forward... non so far! On the other hand, I have seen worse results from an Indian doctor recommended here. I have also seen more than one patient who ended up with necrosis from a recommended Pakistan doctor. There is a "top" recommended doctor from California, USA who failed to extract evenly from the donor area. One of his patient's posted pictures here showing over-extraction from one side leaving it barren, while leaving the other side untouched. Even his graft placement was terrible, no attention to the direction of native hair. A recommended doctor who clearly lacks the basic fundamentals of hair transplantation. I remember a few members posted against his recommendation here, but he got approved! All of those docs remain 'recommended'. Yes, Bhatti is no Lorenzo, but in my opinion, Dr. Bhatti is a lot better than the 3 I just mentioned (and probably better than a lot more recommended docs here). So when it comes to Dr. Bhatti, why judge him on Dr. Lorenzo/Bisanga or H&W/Rahal standard?
  7. Dr. Path will try to talk you into FUT. He is a strip surgeon. I had a consult with him few years back. He had thousands of reasons to go for FUT. A friend of mine who wanted FUE had the same experience with Dr. Path. I don't think there are good FUE surgeons in South or South East Asia other than Dr. Bhatti in India.
  8. I have seen more than enough of Dr. Tejinder Bhatti's work. I believe he should be recommended by this forum. He is the best FUE surgeon in India and South Asia. His experience and results are very good.
  9. World's oldest man Alexander Imich (Born February 4, 1903), died June 8, 2014 at the age of 111 in New York. The first thing I noticed about him was his hair at the age of 111. Never saw someone this old with so much hair!!
  10. Hi Pepe, Thanks a lot for the reply. Appreciate it very much. May I pls know, are you on any meds? If so, since when? I am just trying to understand how/why HT's fail. I've always thought that hair in your safe zone is safe, as it is genetically resistant to DHT. If the grafts survived the HT procedure, it should last as long as the remaining hair in your safe zone?? There is another guy on this forum who says he had 3 FUT's and all seems to have failed. I am waiting for his reply to the same question. Thanks a lot once again.
  11. Peperoni, May I please ask you, how many FUT/FUE procedures and how many grafts did you receive before this surgery? What happened to those grafts? All failed? How long did those grafts last? How did you lose them? Do you have any pictures from those surgeries? Dr. Lorenzo is the best. I am sure you will have good results from your recent procedure. All the best. Thanks.
  12. Dr Path = FUT, Dr Doganay = FUE. From what I have seen, they are both very good. But I would prefer Dr. Doganay.
  13. Cosmetic procedures won't be covered by insurance. But yes, you need travel/medical insurance whenever you travel.