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  1. In due time Vaccines will become commonplace, travel restrictions lifted, and we will experience a somewhat normal world again. I had my 2nd Transplant postponed because of a damn Heart Attack. Be glad it's not that! We modern citizens of the world are not used to such restrictions and our impatience shows. Your head and well-being is worth more that a few months of inconvenience.
  2. Yeah...it's kind of off-putting. I changed my first screen name from 'Harry Balzsack" for that very reason.
  3. See, this is exactly the kind of advice I needed. My regimen was as follows: I shampooed my hair 3 times in a week instead of 2. After shampoo, I used ground Norwegian Elkhound tea water on hair. I then used Watermelon (the whole watermelon) with a garlic pack once a week. Then I combed my hair with wooden lawn rake. I DID have 4 walnuts daily but also added Pecans and Brazil Nuts and Dry Roasted Cashews. Didn't work.
  4. I tried it to increase my sexual performance, but my hand just cramped up on me.
  5. Dude has the perfect head for it! Happy guy and great job.
  6. I usually keep my feelings to myself, but in this case - I can feel a slight indent when I search for it, but nothing noticeable especially to a stranger puts her fingers through my hair - which actually does happen as much as you think it will. (sigh)
  7. Refreshingly honest. That explains your nom de plume. The problem is the Moderators already know who you are and where you live. They're in your closet already.
  8. You are going to hear it here time and time again. Do not base your choice on a set limited geographical area - what is preventing you from going South or even into researching other states?
  9. Your hair looks great Melvin. Even at my age now I'm considering going to Dr Mohebi for a touch up. The desire to look good and feel good about your appearance never fades.
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