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  1. That should serve you well. My crown is not doing as well but that was never my focus. And at my age now it's just not worth the time and expense as I've so much more to prioritize. I am very happy with my hair and can only hope my wife combs it well when I'm in my casket.
  2. That's a good result, Tao. How old are you now?
  3. Since you wear your hair longish, FUT is the answer. 5000 grafts may be possible but I had two (2) FUT at 2500 each - but it will depend on your surgeon and his recommendations. Stay away form Bosley though. Or any Hair Mill.
  4. No science here on that claim, but reports are numerous that many organs and systems in our bodies are affected the the Virus in a variety of ways. Your Kidneys can get screwed up, your lungs can be permanently damaged, etc etc. Nothing surprises me. Just take reasonable precautions and be safe!
  5. WARNING-- GRAPHIC CONTENT - Nice head of hair or a shortened life due to throat/mouth cancer? My sister was a lifelong smoker who contracted squamous cell carcinoma (head and neck cancer) at 57. She died at 59, having not eaten solid food for a year with me feeding her through a tube to her stomach. Once the cancer spread following a failed jaw replacement, her neck was literally unable to heal and was open and exposed - the cancer growing across her throat until she died suffocating alive one night. By then her nice head of hair was also history. I know firsthand how hard it is to quit but sorry - our 'hard time' is a cake walk compared the misery you will endure should you roll the dice and come up snake eyes. This goes for all smokers reading this. You've been warned.
  6. Louisjams above has a valid point. You are in for a lifelong chase of something that will always elude you. The heartache of balding will only be replaced with the heartbreak of a HT that will give little solace. You can always get a consultation with a professional for further advice, but my advice is to accept the reality and prioritize the real things of value in your life over a head of hair. As said above, Please be exceptionally careful. And I will add- strive to BE exceptional.
  7. I am sure you will get the 'who was your surgeon' questions, but I would suggest we all wait for a response from a medical Dr on this or someone who has had the same artery/nerve problem. Did your Doctor give any indication of the prognosis?
  8. It's Movie Magic. Like Melvin illustrated above. 95% of the Celebs we see are 'camera ready' with their stylists and makeup and concealers - their image is their #1 priority. Then your Brad Pitts and Johnny Depps are just flat out lucky guys who have full heads of hair. The full head of hair is a crap shoot - I've seen toothless homeless guys with manes like a lion. Go figure.
  9. Sit down, young feller. I'll tell you a story - it was, I reckon, the summer of 09 and me and the Missus wuz havin' a homemade brew on the porch and she squints at me and sez "hey Old Man, the sun reflectin' off yer head is hurtin' my eyes". Well, Lordy, the light bulb went off and I figgured it was a sign from above. Bout then a young fella names Bosley sheweed up and after some discussion I shot him dead right there and thought "There's gotta be better Follicular Transplant fellas than that snake oil salesman!" Then I discovered this hear website and my eyes were open. So at 64 I got my head cracked open for planting and I ain't looked backsince! So take my advice and do all you can to please yourself cuz in the end that what matters!!
  10. Asmed is a know quantity here so this glowing advertisement is completely suspect. To me, anyway. I find it confusing that he gives a 3 day timeline and says nothing about Day 2. And Day 3 was 8.5 hours of..what? And his comment about Live Music - does Asmed have a band onstage? It sounds like quite the holiday!
  11. It is way too early to consider the final outcome of your HT unless you flat out had an amateur job and know it. Even then, give it 18 mos. Your head is still dealing with the trauma and you can not accurately gauge the success or failure at this stage..
  12. Not easily unless someone is really looking hard - although with FUT there will be a noticeablele scar so that's out, whereas with FUE there will/may be pinprick diffused areas where the grafts were removed. Your best best is FUE. But why on earth would you want to get a hair transplant and then shave your head? Just shave it now and if you want the illusion of hair on your bald head, get SMP.
  13. How about some pictures for us to actually see your before and after results. I'm serious. Just look at my face.