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  1. A good discussion with your surgeon on your expectations will go a long way. Most top notch guys can create a good mature look. I specifically asked for and helped design a natural age appropriate look (I'm 68) and am very happy with my outcome. Leave no question unanswered!
  2. voxman


    I sometimes put my hair in a roller for that soft and supple curly look!
  3. My regimen is in my signature.
  4. voxman

    Very light Social smoking

    'Very Light Social Smoking'. I like the concept (and I am an ex-smoker - but quit 41 years ago). But I realized that there is no such thing as Light Emphysema or Light Lung Cancer. Or in my sister's case, Light Jaw Cancer. I know, I'm such a Buzz Kill.
  5. voxman

    Natural hair loss treatments?

    If I eat better will YOU go away?
  6. voxman

    London FUE Consultations With Dr. Lupanzula

    Go away.
  7. In 2015 I told a peer at work that I had had a hair transplant and he replied "You got PLUGS? Huh...Doesn't look like it". A good refined HT is rarely detectable by the average person.
  8. Oh Hell yeah...great looking work and you will be so happy no one will stand to be around you for long because of your constant looking in the mirror.
  9. voxman

    Am I starting to bald?

    No, No, a 1000 times no...now get to work on that beard....
  10. Let it take it's course now, heal and shed and see what the results are in 5-6 months. This discussion will have no effect on your outcome.
  11. It can be particularly upsetting when someone criticizes an action that is now done and over. First reaction is emotional and defensive so yeah, I get your response to Jean's comments. This is a critical time in your healing. What is done is done so don't fret, take care of your head now , follow post op instructions and see how it all susses out. By all means, post results in a few months so that the community can see the outcome.
  12. Pics or it didn't happen....LOL. Keep us posted on the progress.
  13. voxman

    My hair transplant

    Oh my, we have a contender for shill of the day.
  14. voxman

    My hair transplant

    This reply makes no sense whatsoever ~ but congratulations!, your 1st post ever made the cut for Mania1 to respond with his typical nonsense. You've received some good advice otherwise.