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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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  1. Oh well - an almost total shave is definitely going to look thin because the scalp is exposed for all to see.
  2. Your crown/vertex appeared thin simply because you shortened the length of your hair, and in some cases longer hair has the appearance of more body or thicker hair. You're still 10 months out, you just had a haircut. Did you shave it or just get a trim? Hair does not grow any faster or slower after a haircut. I could so have answered this another way.
  3. Sorry ~ I was not talking about you - I was referring to the poster following yours. I'm perfectly fine with your resurrecting the old thread given your reply. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em!
  4. Interesting - an almost FOUR YEAR OLD thread from a poster who was a one-day and gone participant is now resurrected. By a NEW MEMBER no less....whose total of three (3) posts - so far - bear a striking similarity to a recently deleted member whose non-sequiters were legendary for his lack of any insight or wisdom. I'm watching this one closely.
  5. Sad story - and in my opinion did not need any work on that beautiful face. But we see ourselves rarely as others do and that's what drives us to fret and stress over our physical looks. We're all guilty of it. Obviously. The lesson here is as stated above - research and put money last in the decisions to undergo any type of surgery.
  6. Reputable Hair Transplant Surgeons would not do a 2nd procedure 4 months after the first. Most defer to at least 12 months between surgeries. The healing process would be seriously compromised by having a 2nd procedure so soon, especially at the 4 month mark when the grafts start to sprout. Sounds like you got yourself a jack-of-all-trades there. It's your money and your head. I would seriously question this decision. Really**. Money comes and goes, but your head is forever. If truly 'money is not a factor' then why not buy a Lexus instead of a Kia*? * KIA makes some good cars now but you get the point. ** Opinions are my own and about 540 other guys here.
  7. voxman

    HT & Blood Thinners

    NO complications here - had to stop 5 days prior but went back on immediately.
  8. Me...from a film I was in 44 years ago. I could so do this again now.
  9. I've never kept it a secret from friends or family - but the casual acquaintance would never suspect . It's no big deal. People I have told are like "You got plugs, huh?" which is , of course, quite a conversation starter. Because plugs are like so 80's. But what do they know? Rabble.
  10. Nice quick read - a good primer for those at the start of their journey as well as those of us in it for a while also.
  11. Okay, I'm going to take a different approach than all the nice guy comments here. If you even think about wasting time and money for a HT I will track you down and kick your ass.
  12. You are going to have a great result - that density looks really really good. The tough part is now but I am fairly certain you will handle it , trooper. Are you a Vet too?