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  1. Yeah...you're 16 and your hormones are going crazy in all directions so you are obsessing over nothing. Wet hair will naturally clump and separate and 'appear' thin as we see the scalp. Dry it's the real deal. Currently it sounds like you have nothing to worry about. I doubt you have actually damaged hair follicles by the scratching but you can certainly irritate your scalp - get some good dandruff shampoos and keep your hands off your head!!
  2. Major Dodger fan here, Melvin. I was at the 88 WS when Gibson hit the famous home run. I've been living and dying with these guys for over 55 years. The two best teams in each league finally met and it was a great series. I certainly feel badly for Snell, but I've felt even worse for Kershaw in 17 and 18. But he really came through big time in 20!! With their lineup now they could well be in contention the next 10 years.
  3. Now that you have received extremely good solid advice on your scheme let me add....NO.
  4. I would suggest you wait until 25 like Melvin says - meds are up to you - you have a good head of hair and it may just be developing into an adult hairline - by 25 you wil hav3e a better idea. 22 is too soon and a waste of your money.
  5. Have you even seen his before photos? This is a really good result.
  6. If he went all Richard Branson, this post wouldn't exist.
  7. A quick dunk in the water like you described would be of no consequence. No worse that the regular washing you have been doing.
  8. For some reason, I don't give a damn about his hair...
  9. I suppose if I were 8 feet tall looking down at your head and your head was a little bit off kilter, I would agree with you. Nothing is symmetrical and nothing is perfect - that would be disastrous and boring. If your grafts grow in as planned, you should look great.
  10. Quite normal. No need to panic or be concerned.
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