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Male Athlete Short Hair (Carlos K. Wesley, M.D.): Over 3000 FUE Grafts in 2 Sessions


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This patient underwent two FUE procedures totaling over 3000 grafts. An athlete who liked to wear his hair short, this patient presented to Dr. Wesley's office (NYC) approximately 18 months after his first session for follow-up images.





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Interesting case. It looks good. From what I can tell you transplanted behind the frontal tuft there so I am assuming that the transplanted hairline is less aggressive than it appears to be?

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We get the 'moving rotisserie' viewpoint in the before shots (exposing the baldness) and a static and flattering side view in the afters.(disguising the baldness)


Short hort hair HTs always look better from the side view.


So can't really judge much from this vid.


Donor looks decent though and it is good teh doc was mixing punch sizes. One-size-punch HTs are of course more economical.


Congrats for avoiding a strip scar.

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Thanks for your comments. Spanker, I've attached images along this patient's timeline. The first one is how he looked at the beginning when a more conservative pattern was created. The other images illustrate his follow-up session down the road. He was approached like this because - for such a young patient - I wanted to make sure that he had enough hair transplanted to always have a natural appearance in his 30s, 40, 50s, etc. Once this grew in and he was excited about advancing the pattern, then I could feel more comfortable advancing his hairline a bit during his second FUE session (seen in the last 4 images, taken about a week after his 2nd FUE session) as well as transplanting back to his vertex transition point (where the scalp starts to slope downwards). This way, even when he looses his pre-existing hair in his current very low hairline, he'll have a nice looking hairline and his entire mid scalp will be nicely covered for essentially the remainder of his life.


If he were a bit older and had a more certain donor prognosis, we could have easily done the 3000+ FUE grafts at the same time. However, we both preferred the step-wise approach because it 1) gave the patient confidence that it was going to look great and 2) for financial reasons, it made the procedure more affordable (rather than a single payment).


It's also true what you say, scar5, about hair shafts having more coverage when seen from the side. However, mixing punch sizes doesn't cost more in our FUE cases. It's something I always do for patients in order to vary the types of grafts harvested and for their subsequent transplant.














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