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  1. The Little Baby Face Foundation is a not-for-profit organization matching children suffering from facial and cranial birth deformities with trusted surgeons. We are proud to be a part of this worthwhile endeavor.
  2. Thanks for your comments. The results are real and nobody is being "duped". I've posted a close-up before and after of this patient's crown. In it, you can see that miniaturized hairs were indeed present. I strongly encourage everyone to take a look at the Grand Rounds Lecture I gave regarding the efficacy of PRP on genetic hair loss. While PRP is certainly not the answer for all patients, it can have a positive impact on the right type of patient. We are continuing to monitor patient outcomes after PRP to determine the ideal hair characteristics for this procedure. This patient
  4. This patient lives in the area. We could certainly reach out to him to see whether or not he is willing to communicate with other prospective patients. Please email info@drcarloswesley.com
  5. Agreed, Bill. We will certainly take and present more overhead images if and when this patient comes back to address his thinning crown. In general, patients who have ample coverage of the frontal portion of their scalp all the way posteriorly (backwards) to the "vertex transition point" they are left with a natural appearance that looks full from both the front and the side. The vertex transition point is the region towards the back of the head where the scalp begins to slope downwards. Coverage back to this point with a feathered, concave arc of a border allows the transplanted patte
  6. Thanks for your comments, everyone. Below, please find intra-operative images that demonstrate the surgical pattern that I used on this patient. For each procedure, our practice uses a combination of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and ACell as a graft storage solution.
  7. Great topic. One simple and effective method for relief of this short-term discomfort is applying a hot towel soaked in epsom salt water to the back of your head. This can be repeated 3-4 times for a few minutes each time. This can help soothe any discomfort, which will resolve in time. Our office conducted a study on post-op donor discomfort a few years back. While it was primarily focused on FUT, it would be interesting to also identify factors that lead to this rare occurrence after FUE as well.
  8. You're very welcome. I prefer the blunt 0.8mm punch as, in my hand, I find that it tends to minimize transection (versus sharp punch). My preference is also to limit FUE sessions to <2000 grafts/day. The out-of-body time for these types of grafts that do not possess as much protective surrounding subcutaneous tissue as those from a strip harvest can start to impact their survival after many hours.
  9. This is a very informative. I just wanted to clarify that I have used a combination of 0.75mm, 0.8mm, and 0.9mm punches for my patients (whether its scalp or beard or body FUE). The size depends on the density of donor hair in that region as well as the desired graft type (3-haired FU versus fine 1s or 2s). I use a SAFE scribe and do my own FUE on my patients (rather than outsourcing). All FUE grafts are incubated in chilled PRP prior to transplantation. This helps account for the slightly decrease presence of protective subcutaneous tissue that is inherent with FUE versus strip harv
  10. 46-yr-old man's increase in hairline density with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley.
  11. Early Growth at 7 Months 2116 Graft Session
  12. The postoperative recovery varies between patients. This African-American patient can be viewed on the day of his session (donor) and 6 days after the session (recipient) with Dr. Carlos K. Wesley (NYC).
  13. Before/After 30 yrs old. 2566 FU to hairline. Dr. Carlos K. Wesley (NYC)
  14. Before/After Midscalp 2340 grafts to Midscalp No Propecia Dr. Carlos K. Wesley (NYC)
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