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Steven Gabel, MD, FACS

Dr. Gabel Patient - Portland / Seattle - Beard/Mustache Transplant - 1573 grafts

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This patient desired to have a thicker/fuller beard specifically within the goatee pattern. He is able to grow a beard at the cheek area, but always felt that the area around his chin was sparse. He also wanted to thicken up the mustache area.


On examination, the patient’s scalp hair was thinner then his native beard hairs, but pretty good caliber. I discussed with him preoperatively that although I would be able to transplant into that area, the hairs would not be as thick and he may require more then one transplant to thicken the area up to meet his goals.


The patient had 1573 grafts placed into the beard region centered in the chin area in the goatee pattern; several grafts were also placed in the superior portion of the mustache. The photographs are 8 months after the procedure where the hairs have been growing for a couple months. I expect it to certainly thicken up over the next year to fill in the area. At that time, we will reevaluate the results to determine if he would need additional grafts.













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Looks great, Dr. Gabel! Thank you for showing us this interesting case. He must be excited about his awesome new goatee.

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Thanks for all the positive comments on the results of this transplant.


I agree with BadBeat - the beard balances his facial features nicely and improves his appearance.


The patient is very happy at this point. I'll be sure to post the 1 year follow up photos when he returns for that visit.

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