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Creating a website to share your experience - Step by Step Instructions

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In addtion to creating your very own social profile, blogs, and photo albums on this community, patients can create a Hair Loss Website to document and share their hair restoration experiences. This website can be featured and linked to your social profile page. Note - the login access email and password for the hair restoration websites are separate from the login used for the forum and profiles.

This community's Hair Loss Websites make it easy to publish your own website documenting your hair restoration experience with photos. Once you have registered you can login at any time to update it, edit your information or deactivate it.

You can also edit your forum profile so that a link to your weblog will be automatically displayed in all your posts.

Creating Your Hair Loss Website

Step 1) Register - Visit www.hairlossweblogs.com and click on Sign up and create your own hair loss website. You will then register by creating a name and password for your site. A confirmation message containing your login ID and password will then be emailed to you. Click on the link in the message to activate your free website account.

Step 2) Create your Website - Login to create your hair loss website. You will be prompted to provide a photo of yourself and information to create your profile. After this you answer a few questions to provide details about your hair restoration experience. You can then update your Journal with new photos and comments over time.

Embedding Links to your Website on your Social Profile

If you are a registered members of our new mobile friendly discussion forum and social community you can link your hair loss website to your forum profile by following the below simple steps.

Step 1) Open another browser window and make sure you are logged on to this forum, while keeping this page up as a step by step reference. If you are not yet a registered forum member we encourage you to sign up.  Click “sign up” at the top of the page on a computer or mobile device to join and then follow the instructions once you are registered.

Step 2) Click on your forum name at the top of the screen and then click “account settings”.  Then click “edit profile” and scroll down to the “hair loss story” heading.  

Step 3) Go to the "Url of your Patient Hair Loss Website" category.

Copy your Website's URL address and then paste the code into the text field provided. When you're finished, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save”. 

You're finished!

Embedding Links to Your Patient Website in your Forum Signature

If you are a registered members of our new mobile friendly discussion forum and aocial community you can embed a link to your hair loss website into your forum signature so that it appears every time you post. Follow the simple steps below:

Step 1) Open another browser window and make sure you are logged on to this forum, while keeping this page up as a step by step reference. If you are not yet a registered forum member we encourage you to sign up.  Click “sign up” at the top of you computer screen or mobile device and then follow the instructions once you are registered.

Step 2) Click on  your name at the top of the screen on a computer or click the grid menu on a mobile device and then click your name.  Then click “account settings”.  Click on “settings area” and then choose “signature” 

Step 3) Add Your Signature in the text area field provided.

Copy your Website's URL address. Then, in the text area field provided, type "My Hair Loss Website". Next, highlight the text by clicking and dragging your mouse over the text.

Then, click the link icon (looks like a globe with a chain link running through it) on the toolbar, paste the link into the text field provided and then click "ok".

When you're finished, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Save”. 

Note: In order to discourage the commercialization of our forum no links to outside websites are permitted in posts or signatures unless you’ve been given expressed permission by one of our moderators.  However, links to any pages on the Hair Transplant Network.com, the Hair Loss Learning Center.org, Hair Restoration Network.com, Regrow Hair.com or the Hair Loss Weblogs.com (including physician profile pages) are permitted.

Stef 4) You are finished!

Within several seconds the server will accept these changes and the links to your website will be added automatically to all your past and future posts.

If you have any questions or ideas for making our Website better please post them below.

Thanks for sharing your experience and advice by authoring a Hair Loss Website.


Never Forget - It's what radiates from within, not from your skin, that really matters!

My Hair Loss Blog

Sharing is what keeps this community vital. Please join in. To learn how I restored my hair and started this community, click here.

Follow our Community on Twitter.

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I have heard that Dr.S Khan is a Female but some one is using her name in Pakistan who is a male working in International Laser Hair Transplant Pakistan.He told people in Pakistan that He is Dr.S Khan In ILHT Sandiego USA. That Person is Not a surgeon but doing Hair Transplant. Kindly some one tell me about the Fact.WHO IS DR. S KHAN. A MALE OR FEMALE?

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I think creating a blog of your hair replacement experience for those who feel comfortable posting it to the world, or even keeping a journal is an extremely soul-enriching process to undertake. You may find that especially if you share these experiences with other people you will be of service to them by helping them know they do not need to go through this transition alone. Even if you keep a journal just for yourself, this can really help you track the journey and see how you may change through the experience of replacing your hair.

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This site is great and been reading for past few years and from this site I choose Dr Humayun Mohmand to do my surgery which was carried out in Jan 2009, Thanks

1600 grafts FUT Mr May (UK) Sept 1996




1600 grafts FUT Mr May (UK) February 1998




2475 grafts FUT Dr Mohammed Humayun Mohmand (Pakistan)


27th January 2009




3550 Total Grafts (3000 rear donor area & 400 from beard and 150 breast area) FUE & PRP Treatment with Dr Emrah Cinik (ISHRS), Istanbul, Turkey. 10th October 2017




My Blog & Hair loss website story:



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No matter how many times I log in to the blog administration site, it keeps telling me to "log in to edit your site." I must have opened 10 separate windows and logged in. This is a problem with both Firefox 8.01 and google chrome. It is pretty annoying.

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Hi everyone,

I have planted hair months ago, i think this is the one of the best thing that i have done in my life. The story begins when i was 23 years old. The line of my hear started pull up when i was in that age, my hair started falling when i’ve reached the age of 29. I did not really take any action to protected or stop the losing hair properly. I just tried to use some soap, shampoo, and some other stuff that people suggested or i saw it in the Tv and so on.. Age of 31 was the time which my consideration reached the highest level about my hair. I have made a long term plan about it. 

My first target was to stop the losing hair. I have researched the mostly men in my family about the hair to get the idea of the genetic we have. What part of head we lose the hair the most? What part of the weakest ones? at cetera.. I get the idea in my mind that the how much hair i could lose if i neglected and careless about the issue i have. We don’t have much bold men in the family but we had side and line problem in the family. So, i have used so many natural stuff to keep my hair and make it stronger the strong part that i have.

I have used olive oil, lavender oil, garlic,onion, some cure of eggs, some cream for the hair i heard from the others. To be honest, it helped me to prevent the coming problem for a while. My hairs were growing up fast and i was felling healthy. Losing my hair didn't stop but just get slower.

in the age of 32 that i understood that plating hair for me is unescapable ! I started the search for a doctor after that. It would not really matter to me if i find the best doctor the other side of the world because there is no place that i wouldn't gone for this. I could easily say that i read over 200 pages in the internet about this issue. USA, Spain, India, Holland, and so many other countries that i don,t remember now. 

Some day one of my cousin told me that he has planted hair recently, we couldn't see each other much because of living in deferent cities but we are very close. I was surprise and impressed because there is no way that i could understand he has done an operation. He hairs were looking so natural and it was not even a small sing that i could say; “ohh i got it, it looks like you have done something’’ notting at all.

He has send me a photo of before and after. I was so excited what i have seen there.

He told me that he had an operation by the doctor ‘ HAKAN DOGANAY’ 

He strongly advice me the doctor, i have no doubt in my mind that my cousin was trying to giving me the best but i had work harder to find the doctor that my heart fully confident to do it. Even though so many other people say his name, they have very strong friendship after the operations, but still i wanted to find out myself. 

So, i went to Istanbul, i visit him in the hospital. He start checking my hair and he was asking me some questions. After when we sit for a meeting that what needs to be done? 

He asked me if it is ok to use some medicine that will support to process? I told him that i read so many articles about the this medicine and i can handle the side affect of it. 

I start taking the medicine the date of 11/18/2016. I have been taking care of my hair already, after taking the medicine my hair got back to the life. 

I have told the Doctor; “i want my hair like when i was 18 years old. if it is not, i don't really want to do it’’ 

Doctor reply to me that ‘’ Maybe it couldn't be 100% but 90% we will get there’’

This answer was more then enough to go for it.

I have got an appointment for the date of 01/22/2017. He started checking my hair like the first day he did. He took a lot pictures, we have made decision together that how he should done the line? the shape of the hair? how it should look? and so on.

He was taking care of the process absolutely amazingly, he was focus on the every single of step of it. His people were very professionals, we became like close friend in a short time. They made me feel like i am sitting in my own living room.

But be side all that stuff i still had something in my heart while they were doing the work because we i was waiting the see most important part. Planting !

Finally we start the operation after the lunch break. 

From the very beginning he was in control and focus to his work, i was connives in my heart that this is the right men when i saw him the way he handles even the small thing and how much serious effort he puts on in his work. 

Specially last 2 hours of the operation he at least 20 times stood up to look at the work he is doing. I was so impressed by seeing a Doctor cares about his patients that much. By seeing this sincere effort i came to the point that said to myself; ‘’ i don't even care if my hair is not the way that i want it to be’’

After operation Doctor HAKAN told me that; ’’We have done a very good job, you will get result you want if you be patient’’

I told him that; ‘’I really want to thank you already, i don't even care about the result after things that i’ve seen. you absolutely put your heart on this work and really really appreciated for that. i have no doubt that it will be beautiful anyway because anything people do elaborately result will be there’’ He just smile at me and i was happy to see him proud like that because he definitely deserved it.

He told me about the process before i left. He said i should wash my hear but i didn't do it for 2 days, beside this i did everything as exactly Doctor said. I started using the medicine again to prevent the shock losing after planting which is very common after the operation.

I guess because of the effect of 2070 hair planting i start losing hair worse then ever. I have never seen anything like it all my life but i have researched so many article about side affect and the negative affect of plating hair after operations, for that reason i didn't worry about it much. My face and my forehead swollen as well. Last one was pimples in my face, it start covering all over my face but after a month everything start becoming normal. After 2 months i was normal thank God. That was the price of the getting what i want i guess and its ok.

My best advice to you guys who want to plant hair; First of all you need to be ready psychologically, it is something heavy to take it and little bit painful process no matter who does it for you. If i was not ready for the process it would be way harder than it was.

Waiting to see your hair grows up is little bit painful because so many question you ask yourself like; ‘’will it work, if it doesn't work and so on’’ When i have this kind of anxiety i remember his work of pain and makes me feel calm and trust to process.

Now to see the different before and after is priceless :) 

I just share my experience with you guys and i hope it will give you some idea about it after all.
 To me the best Doctor is the one who cares about you, understand your doubts, worry, uncomfortable times and help you to get over it. Remember that !!! 

For my opinion doctor HAKAN is absolutely one of them. I recommend him full confident.

I will share some photos from here later as well.

Lastly i wanted to thank again to Doctor HAKAN DOGANAY for his amazing job. Thank you for helping me gaining my confident and the taste of the life back again.

Take care guys

Best regards 

Serdar Goktekin





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