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  1. Still: Thanks Matt & trying to 3 times of hair transplant not enough to see the better result. It is embarrassing from me and most importantly when it is not work by transplantation may be it works on as homeopathy treatment.
  2. I want also use to dye of my colour. i will use this new nutrisse hair color hopefully it looks great without any side effects.
  3. This question is very valuable for us just because of every one think about price and quality. The price should be conception in the market and the quality is a depended of thinking, how you can take them.
  4. Dr Satsangi who believe me i am getting back better again because of my hair losing. They provide me as well treatment in hair loss the stop falling and goes out from also dandruff from my hair . There team have so nice and treat me as like family members with lowest of Visit to know more details. Thanks vry much.
  5. Yeah! It is right to clinic for people taking a big advantage from the good clinic. There are so many peoples who finding the best doctor and surgeons but the right to choose the services client take right treatment and make a happy life.
  6. It is nice to share the website to the people just because of they are not seeing your work to visit either also they get to know about your background or any address of location.
  7. Ok...lets conception me more some of products, after that seeing on this.
  8. @Spaceman i see the medicine finasteride upon the internet. there are most of the side effects available and also it is for female.. Let me clear does this medicine have lots of side effects and can it use for men?
  9. Hello All I have lost of my hair fall and also so much dandruff please suggest me the right one treatment. Some month ago i taken the homeopathy treatment at the starting of the day it works but after some days i loose my hair falling again. If any one have want a good doctor to me suggest then i will very thankful to you for this.