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  1. Hi, LAhair, well no one can see my donor area if that is what you mean. I often cut the donor area about as short as #2 clipper. In many cases I have cut as short as #1 (1/8th inch) and no one can tell. I can tell if I look very closely under bright lights. I think shorter than 1/8th inch is shaved, so it may be possible to see the difference in density? But I am not sure.
  2. This is with a completely shaved head from early February, around a #1 or might be even a #1/2 blade which is 1/16 inch. I am not sure if I could keep it this short because of density differences in the donor area. I will try it some time when I have a spare week that I won't be too often outdoors. =)
  3. Hi LosAngeles (Go Kings!) My hair is actually brushed up in the photos I posted on 1/28. I have a new picture on my phone of me with a #2 clip cut which is a 1/4 inch long. I will post that photo as soon as I get a chance, and my hair is too short to move so you can see what it looks like.
  4. Hey Sean. I think I'm doing pretty well. I have a ton of gray hair lol but the hair line seems good. I can clipper my head with a #2 clippers and I have no visible differences in density from my native hairs. I often do that because I look way younger without the gray. I will post some pics over here next time I do. How are you Sean?
  5. Yes, I have been on fin (brand propecia) since 1999-ish. I've had no sides.
  6. Sirius, you look awesome. The texture of your hair gives you a cool look too. Do you color your hair, or it's naturally still the brown color?
  7. jbrant, I don't really have a way to measure my final hairline at the moment, but it is definitely lower than the original. 1cm lower is my best guess. My touch up procedure used 1000 grafts, but keep in mind they we're not only put in my existing grafted areas, many were put in areas of further recession.
  8. @newhair I have only ever had FUE @agent I have had I believe around 3700 grafts
  9. 1/2014 right side. The hair behind the hairline at the temple that is thinner is mainly native hair.