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  1. I think it is great that there is a forum like this that helps people make the right decisions in choices for a HRT doctor. It is such an important decision to find the right doctor and something like this really helps many people who may not know make the right decision for themselves. Bravo.
  2. I think creating a blog of your hair replacement experience for those who feel comfortable posting it to the world, or even keeping a journal is an extremely soul-enriching process to undertake. You may find that especially if you share these experiences with other people you will be of service to them by helping them know they do not need to go through this transition alone. Even if you keep a journal just for yourself, this can really help you track the journey and see how you may change through the experience of replacing your hair.
  3. I am so sorry to hear about this Dr. Eliot. He sounds extremely unethical. In Canada there is something known as the College of Physicians and Surgeons where if you have a bad experience with a doctor you can report them and in some cases they will even lose their license. You may want to try contacting a similar organization in California about Dr. Eliot to make sure he does not continue to practice if you think this would be best.
  4. Another thing...you could always shave your head or cut it low. This can look great for people who have a great shaped head.
  5. At the age of 22 you probably should wait and you could save that money for more advanced treatments that may come along down the road. If you are having doubts, you should really go with your gut.
  6. Often the debate around hair loss is always focused on men, however hair loss also occurs in women. Women experiencing hair loss can often times be quite devastating since we live in a society that puts so much pressure on a woman to look particular ways. I have been in discussions with some people who will think it is funny when they see a woman wearing a hairpiece or a wig when this may actually be something that is a requirement to maintain her self-esteem and self-respect in society. Especially depending on the field in which she works, these wigs and hairpieces may prove even more important.