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  1. Why don't you go back to 1 mg and see if you can regain what you lost over the last 6 months or stop further recession.
  2. Well it depends upon what the NDA says. The doctor also has the right to run his office as he wishes to, so long as he doesn't violate any statutes.
  3. How long did you take finasteride for before you began to suffer side effects?
  4. It's hard to tell how your hair looks based on your photos if you've done a comb over. Again, it would be a mistake to stop finasteride, lose more hair on top and then have a transplant, in part, to replace that hair. If your doctor won't prescribe finasteride for you, then change your doctor. If you're not having an adverse reaction to the drug, I don't understand where your doctor is coming from. You need to plan for the long term, having hair that looks acceptable to you, into your 60s and 70s, considering where you are now and what you have left in your donor. Of course your family history of hair loss is a big factor.
  5. A big factor would be your age. I think you look good and do not need another HT based on the two photos you posted. If you are taking Propecia and maintaining your hair without side effects, you should keep taking it. You should try and keep as much of your hair for as long as possible, which is harder to do as you get older.
  6. Did you have some of the old plugs removed? How did it work out?
  7. I had beard extractions under the chin and on the neck, no one can tell any difference. The skin is relatively loose there, so perhaps the lack of tension on the extraction site is why there is no visible scar.
  8. At your age you should leave the crown alone and save precious donor hair for the front if it's needed. Based on your photos, it looks like your surgeon made the right call in placing the grafts.
  9. The windows on a car will not block UV, they are too thin. The windshield will block most UV rays because it is thicker. If you are fair skinned it is worth spending the money on a quality window tint that will block 98% UVa and UVb, especially for the side windows. Incidentally, when it is cloudy outside, about 80% of normal UV still comes through.
  10. You must have had a tall glass of Irish whiskey before you wrote that.
  11. You need a hat with an SPF of 50, a baseball cap is largely ineffective at blocking UV rays.
  12. According to my dermatologist, 3.5 minutes of direct sunlight begins to effect the skin. If you're going out in the sun, you should wear a hat.
  13. It certainly has spread the word as to who does good work and who doesn't. The forums and improved technology have increased the likelihood that the average patient will receive a good result.
  14. Hair follicles grow close together and a portion of the follicles grow under the surface of the skin. The key to a good FUE is to minimize the trauma and scarring, and to extract a follicle without damaging the adjacent follicle, which is not easy to do.