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  1. I live in California. Today there were no people at the park I go to where normally there would be at least a couple of hundred people playing baseball and soccer. LA freeways are almost deserted.
  2. High doses of vitamin c can damage the kidneys and generally should be avoided.
  3. It seems like you answered your own question. You wrote that you stopped using it and you improved, and Dr Yaman said it might be causing side effects. So stop using it.
  4. If you want to believe the Chinese deliberately spread this virus to gain some economic advantage, the theory is deeply flawed. A worldwide recession will damage the Chinese as there will be much lower demand for their products.
  5. I hope it all goes as planned. The placement of your new grafts looks good. For whatever it's worth, I lost a fairly substantial amount of hair in my 40's.
  6. My opinion, you didn't need a transplant. This is poor long term planning, using too much donor now.
  7. Has any doctor commented about the hair on the sides of your head, above the ears, which appears to be thinning in the pictures you posted.
  8. I think you're too young for a HT and definitely too young to be putting hair into the crown.
  9. Sorry, but your comments do suggest you're neurotic.
  10. Most minoxidil formulations have alcohol in them, which will inflame the scalp and could adversely affect your grafts. I would stay away from it for a while.
  11. Are you still using finasteride? What does the dermatologist think about a 27 year old using blood pressure medication, and it's long term impact on your circulatory system?
  12. Have you been treated for anxiety or depression in the past? If so, surgery might be a problem for you.
  13. Based on the photos posted so far, I can't tell if the density of the transplant is lacking. Has this poster lost more hair since the transplant, is he on finasteride? What did the doctor do to cause "scalp fibrosis"?
  14. The placement of the grafts looks pretty good. It's hard to tell what you're talking about with respect to density given the pictures you've posted. Have you lost more hair due to mpb since your transplant two years ago?