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  1. I suggest you have the more obvious plugs removed, which means a large punch would be used to remove them. The extraction holes can be sutured or skin can be grafted into the holes to minimize the scarring.
  2. This is craziness to consider removing a transplant 6 months after surgery.
  3. If you go to the right doctor, he can take a video camera and look at your scalp under magnification to see if your hair is miniaturizing in certain areas, to see if you have mpb. I'll defer to someone with more knowledge, but normally a scalp biopsy would not be done just because someone's hair was thinning. There is no blood test that will indicate whether you will keep your hair or lose it. 5'7, 110 lbs is very thin. It is highly unlikely that there is any relationship between your weight and your hair, but in the interest of overall health and well being, why don't you try having one additional meal each day and a multi-vitamin.
  4. It's unlikely. Are you going to see a second doctor for an evaluation? How tall are you and how much do you weigh?
  5. A hair loss cure, even a partial cure, would make big money due to the number of balding men on the planet.
  6. Yes, many men use it to treat an enlarged prostate. I think it has no value in stopping hair loss.
  7. "That’s quite the assumption, let’s not assume anything about anyone without getting the facts first please." I am not assuming anything. He wrote, 'I’m really skinny like borderline anorexic and I have a very bad diet basically to the point if I don’t change my weight I can progress into more serious health issues..." There is reason to be concerned about Gman1's health. A 20 year old with the issues described should be getting professional assistance.
  8. Have you seen a psychologist about your anorexia? That's something you should address right away.
  9. There is no good reason for extracting grafts from only one side of the scalp.
  10. I found him. Did you notice any side effects? I would prefer to find the liposomal formula but it appears that it's not available in the U.S.