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  1. A few comments. Your hair looks pretty good, you should do everything you can to keep what you have. You should take a lower dose of finasteride to try and keep it. There is another medication coming within the next couple of years called Breezula, that's a topical, that might be the first addition in a long time to the weapons we have to fight hair loss. Consider topical finasteride. There are American doctors that sell it. Maybe use one of the laser caps too. Your case is a perfect example of why someone as young as you should not have wasted precious grafts in the crown. If you end up trying body hair grafts, start with a small session and see how it turns out. Do not start by having thousands of grafts. Remember, with additional transplants comes the risk of shock loss.
  2. Transplanted from my chest to the top of my head.
  3. The transection rate for body hair is almost entirely dependent upon the skill of the surgeon. I had chest hair removed in the early 2000s and it is still growing, with only one small white spot left to show for it.
  4. Which of the laser devices, that you can buy and use at home, do you think works?
  5. It's very frustrating that no other treatments besides minoxidil and Propecia have been developed in the past 20+ years to help you keep what you have.
  6. It takes time to carefully extract grafts by FUE and do it in a way that so that the extractions are fairly evenly distributed throughout the donor area. In my opinion, the removal of 3,500 grafts in one day is risky and should not be done.
  7. Did Dr. Bloxham say where he expected you to end up on the Norwood scale?
  8. Hair loss is considered a side effect from some benzodiazapines. It depends on the drug. Research it on the net, but hair loss from Xanax is more common among women than men. I doubt very much that anti-anxiety medications would damage transplanted grafts, but you should check with your prescribing doctor.
  9. It is a natural hair cycle. It could be additional permanent hair loss.
  10. If you buy generic finasteride there is a chance it is not of the same quality as Propecia, which means it will not be effective or it will be less effective than the brand name product. If you can afford it, better to start with Propecia and see how effective it is for you.
  11. Who is the doctor that harvested your donor like that?
  12. I live in California. Today there were no people at the park I go to where normally there would be at least a couple of hundred people playing baseball and soccer. LA freeways are almost deserted.
  13. High doses of vitamin c can damage the kidneys and generally should be avoided.
  14. It seems like you answered your own question. You wrote that you stopped using it and you improved, and Dr Yaman said it might be causing side effects. So stop using it.