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  1. You must have had a tall glass of Irish whiskey before you wrote that.
  2. Curious

    Sun Exposure post-op

    You need a hat with an SPF of 50, a baseball cap is largely ineffective at blocking UV rays.
  3. Curious

    Sun Exposure post-op

    According to my dermatologist, 3.5 minutes of direct sunlight begins to effect the skin. If you're going out in the sun, you should wear a hat.
  4. It certainly has spread the word as to who does good work and who doesn't. The forums and improved technology have increased the likelihood that the average patient will receive a good result.
  5. Hair follicles grow close together and a portion of the follicles grow under the surface of the skin. The key to a good FUE is to minimize the trauma and scarring, and to extract a follicle without damaging the adjacent follicle, which is not easy to do.
  6. Compare the photos of your donor area to the FUE post-op photos of the donor area of patients of Dr. Konior or Dr. Gabel. I think you'll notice a difference.
  7. I would be concerned, based on the photos of the donor, that in the process of extracting targeted follicles, the doctor sliced through adjacent follicular units.
  8. As to how visible the FUE scars will be, will also depend on how well you heal.
  9. You need to learn not to obsess over your hair, you have no noticeable hair loss.
  10. If you plan on shaving your head, I question the wisdom of having a hair transplant. Unless you heal well, evidence of the donor extractions will be visible, with a shaved head. Better to grow your hair longer and cover the extraction marks.
  11. It looks like more than 1700 grafts were extracted.
  12. You should take Finasteride for few months and rub a little minoxidil behind the hairline to maximize your result. You should not make any decisions about your result until you are at least 14-16 months in.
  13. I'd like to see pictures of your donor taken the day of the surgery or the day after. It looks better, but the number of grafts transplanted was too small was for such a large area.
  14. I would remove the pluggy grafts first and deal with the scar later.
  15. As extensive as your hair loss is at the age of 32, you should not use grafts in your crown.