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  1. I hope that the spot above your ear is shockloss. Based on the photo of your donor posted on January 4th, I think the extractions were not done well and that adjacent follicles were casualties of the FUE. This is just my opinion based on the photos you have posted.
  2. The relative who had a bald spot that was similar to this was eight years old. I have no idea whether what's depicted in the photo is normal or alopecia areata, but if it gets bigger, go see a dermatologist and have it examined.
  3. A relative of mine had a small bald spot like this and went to see a dermatologist. The dermatologist prescribed a topical steroid and the hair grew back. The spot was caused by some type of auto-immune reaction.
  4. It looks like you have a good amount of donor to work with, 2,000 grafts by FUE seems doable, but you could probably go strip depending on the size of your old scars and laxity.
  5. Part of it will be how well you heal, another would be how much tension ther will be on the strip scar. If you already have wide strip scars, it's likely that will be the outcome if you do another strip.
  6. I've just read this page of the thread and your hair looks reasonably full. I'm sure you've considered that if you weren't taking finasteride, your hair loss might be much worse.
  7. Look at the photos of baldlivesmatter's donor area, taken within the first couple of days of surgery and within seven days of surgery, and compare them to the same photos of the donor areas of patients of Drs. Konior and Bisanga. It's fairly obvious what is happening in my opinion.
  8. The donor area on the right side looks over-harvested.
  9. Your work looks very good, but the transplanted hairline looks very low, especially for someone having a transplant in their 20's. How did you go about deciding where to place the hairline?
  10. You should try taking a lower dosage of finasteride to hold onto as much hair as you can until a better product is available. It seems like something might be out in the marketplace within the next 2-3 years.
  11. The doctor should have turned you down. You're too young for a transplant with such minimal hair loss, especially when you haven't given finasteride a chance to work.
  12. It depends on how far you are destined to go genetically without an anti-DHT med. Are you someone who is on his way to a NW7 or worse?