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  1. With that degree of loss, and donor that is thin, maybe try finasteride for a year and see if it does something for you.
  2. Joe Biden was famous for having a bad plug transplant for many years. His transplant was pretty bad. He clearly has had repair work in the last 10-15 years to thin out his plugs.
  3. Beard hair is wirey, chest hair is fairly good, but curly. Body hair will largely remain the same on top of your head as it was when it was in its original location. There is one difference, body hair can grow longer when relocated to the scalp. That has been my experience. Arm hair worked well for me because they are nice fine, straight hairs that gave me added density. If you use finasteride and your body hair seems to be the same, that is you have not lost any noticeable amount, I would not hesitate to use finasteride after a bht.
  4. I had a skin cancer removed and the surgeon directed me to leave the stitches in for 45 days, to achieve a better closure. I think your question is a good one. Please post your doctor's response.
  5. More than 12 months to start growing. Body hair supposedly has different growth cycles. Beard hair is different, thicker and should be placed back behind the hair line.
  6. I've had arm, leg, chest and beard and they do grow. Some of it took more than 12 months to start growing.
  7. Why do you keep your Starbucks receipts?
  8. I would decline the NDA and see if the clinic would go forward with the surgery or if they would cancel it. My guess is they would not cancel the surgery.
  9. Where can you buy topical finasteride? I've heard that liposomal finasteride, sold in Italy, is the most effective form of topical finasteride.
  10. If you remove the grafts, it will cause scarring and attract attention. Better to have hair and be thinning than to create scar tissue in the front of your head.
  11. If you started balding at 21, you are likely to experience substantial hair loss. Finasteride is the only defense you have to keep some of your hair. You should try to give it at least a year.
  12. When you show up in the morning for your transplant and they hand this agreement to you to sign, refuse to sign it, or insist on crossing out the portions such as the NDA and the arbitration requirement that you object to. They probably won't cancel you.
  13. You should have taken your pen and crossed out the lines having to do with posting in an online forum about your procedure, and anything else you objected to. Even with the NDA, all he can do is terminate the patient/physician relationship.