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  1. Are you still using finasteride? What does the dermatologist think about a 27 year old using blood pressure medication, and it's long term impact on your circulatory system?
  2. Have you been treated for anxiety or depression in the past? If so, surgery might be a problem for you.
  3. Based on the photos posted so far, I can't tell if the density of the transplant is lacking. Has this poster lost more hair since the transplant, is he on finasteride? What did the doctor do to cause "scalp fibrosis"?
  4. The placement of the grafts looks pretty good. It's hard to tell what you're talking about with respect to density given the pictures you've posted. Have you lost more hair due to mpb since your transplant two years ago?
  5. Doesn't TRT increase the risk of prostate cancer?
  6. I read a while back about Finasteride Liposomal Gel, produced in Italy. It apparently has 1/18 of the amount of finasteride as the pill, but is effective and doesn't have the side effects. The doctor that wrote about it is Chiara Insalaco, M.D. Under U.S. regulations, you can't import pharmaceuticals from foreign countries, which is disappointing.
  7. I think it's a terrible idea for young men to be taking oral blood pressure medication to save their hair. Cardiac health is ultra important, not something to be taken lightly. I wonder what a cardiologist would say about it.
  8. The difference besides the skill of the surgeon is physiology. It's why some people heal well and some don't.
  9. Did you ever have some of the plugs removed and redistributed?
  10. A miscalibrated CT scan gives enough radiation to cause hair loss, but a CT scan gives off about 100 times the level of radiation of a basic x-ray. You are obsessing over nothing. I try and limit the number of x-rays I receive because in general radiation is not good for you. The level of radiation from a digital dental x-ray is lower than conventional dental x-ray.