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  1. Markee, I just assumed the prices on the H&W website were in Canadian dollars, and, that Americans would enjoy a favourable exchange rate. Looks like I was mistaken. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. I was referring to our sh$@$y Canadian dollar. I'm assuming Wamo is an American.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't be returning for anymore work from a doctor who left me with a scar like that. Why not consult with H&W? Reasonable wait times and the favorable exchange rate is an added bonus.
  4. Just saw your reply regarding the finasteride. Thanks for answering that as well.
  5. Zaxter Thanks for that detailed explanation regarding your donor density. That's a great writeup and very informative. I bet you never dreamt that Dr. Wong could get almost 4000 grafts in your procedure with another 2000 left in the bank for another Fut if you so choose. For a guy that was worried he might only have 2500 grafts that's pretty sweet! Also, once you're all stripped out you could probably get a few more via Fue if you wanted to. At any rate, I'm glad that things have turned out so well for you. I just cannot get over that scar ..... or lack thereof.
  6. Hey Doug, I was wondering if you're involved in any of the in-person consults at Headquarters in Vancouver?
  7. Holy s##t!! You look unreal. Congratulations on your result thus far and you're not done yet. Dr. Wong seems to really do excellent work on fine-haired individuals. There was another one of his cases posted here just in the last few days. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind: 1) Are you still free of side effects from the finasteride and do you feel like it's doing much for you? 2) You mentioned that you had been concerned that your donor region was low density. I thought it looked good in your photos. What did Dr. Wong say about it? Thanks.
  8. Beautiful result. I know that Dr. Wong is perhaps most famous for his crown work, but, this hairline is unreal. So natural looking!
  9. Both Doctor Hasson and Doctor Wong are turning out impressive Fue results. Additionally, the fact that the Canadian dollar is in the toilet would certainly make H&W attractive from a cost perspective.
  10. Absolutely awesome result. I always admire how clean Dr. Konior's work is in the immediate post op photos. I agree with Jean LDD that sometimes we see results posted where transplanted hairlines are placed so high that they simply don't look natural. Here's a question. If a patient had his entire frontal 1/3 transplanted and felt that his hairline was placed too high, would a forehead reduction procedure be a possibility for him?
  11. Apollo, you look unreal! Congratulations on your result. I'm wondering which of the doctors performed your procedure? Thanks.
  12. Hi Guys. I'm interested in hearing some feedback from people who are using the latest version of H&W's topical finasteride. I read a few of the blog posts on their website and it sounds as if it is very effective - at least as effective as the oral version. They mention that they have 800 patients using it. If any users could comment on their experiences thus far - side effects, effectiveness, ease of application, etc. it would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  13. Zaxter, You have an extremely impressive result so far. Personally, I think the grey hair looks amazing and your fortunate to have nice temple points which really is going to add a nice touch. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind; 1. Your scar is virtually undetectable with your hair buzzed down pretty short. What number guard is that? 2. I'm wondering how many more grafts you might have in reserve for any future procedures? Could you have another FUT and finish up with FUE? Thanks.
  14. I too was wondering if this patient is using finasteride. If he is, is it the topical?
  15. Hello to everyone. I'm looking for some advice about the effectiveness of propecia for a 45 year old male. I seem to have some thinning around my crown area which I have only recently noticed. I thought once I got into my 40's I wouldn't have to worry about balding, but, apparently not so! My limited research seems to suggest that propecia isn't as effective for "older guys". Any information from people would be greatly appreciated.