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  1. So I have been using topical dut from fue clinic since early June this year. I applied 1mL each time twice per week with topical minoxidil. For the past 3 months I haven't felt any sides; I haven't noticed any significant growth either. But in early September, I experimented with this new minoxidil that contains tretinoin. As you know tretinoin is known to help min to be absorbed more effectively into the scalp, hence improves the chance of hair regrowth. But my scalp being very sensitive, the skin started to peel off after several applications of min w/ tretinoin. As a result, my scalp would be red from the "wounds" caused by tretinoin. It would take several days for my scalp to heal completely. I should have waited until my scalp was fully healed before applying topical dut. But to my mistake, I applied topical dut (total 4 ~ 5 times) while my scalp was still fresh with wounds. And after that I began to feel aches in chest, sporadic tingling in nipples, tensions in seminal duct (not groin. had to google search as I wasn't sure the name of the area). So I stopped topical dut & min w/ tretinoin altogether. And for little more than a month, (from mid September to now) I've been applying topical min only. I am thinking those sides were due to applying topical dut when my scalp still wasn't healed from the wounds (from tretinoin), causing dut to go systemic. Or could it be that dut was slowly building up in my system and finally began to show the sides? I've been taking DIM 400mg, Zinc 100mg and vitamin D3. The sides as of now, has gotten better. I am debating if I should go back using topical dut once all sides clear (and NO MORE min w/ tretinoin). Or I should micro dose topical fin instead? I would need to include DHT blocker to my regime eventually. Anyone with similar experience, feel free to chime in. 😉
  2. I've been trying to post this on tressless but it kept got removed by the damn admin. This dude had gyno from fin. He had a surgery to remove it. Then he went on to try topical dut. The gyno came back! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VB4g22g-lPk&t=8s
  3. As you know the shelf life for topical dut from fue clinic is 90 days @ room temperature and 120 days refrigerated. It's suppose to lose the potency after that, right? Most of us who ordered it already lost 30 days of shelf life in the shipping. I put my topical dut in the fridge right after receiving it. And it should reach the 120 days in about a month. I still have a lot left in the bottle. For those that ordered the topical dut from fue clinic, did you continue to use it after it expired? Did you throw it away?
  4. sorry for multiple posts. couldn't delete the duplicated posts.
  5. no sides no shedding too early to tell if any progress. use it twice per week 1ml each time.
  6. no sides no shedding too early to tell if any progress. use it twice per week 1ml each time.
  7. no sides no shedding too early to tell if any progress. use it twice per week 1ml each time.
  8. topical fin from minoxidilmax. not sure if liposomal. yes. topical dut from fueclinic
  9. I had decent experience with topical fin. 4-5 months of use, my hair started to thicken and slowly seemed to fill in the bald spots. Too bad I had to stop due to my nipples getting puffy. Currently using topical dut. And yes, I got my topical fin online.
  10. I took Proscar (5mg)before. I would take 1/4 piece (roughly 1.25mg) on Mon, Wed, & Fri as recommended by the Dr. When I took it on an empty stomach, I was dizzy for 3-4 days. Took a while to muster up enough courage to take it again. So took Proscar again but this time, I would take it after a hearty meal. And it seemed to barely keep the dizziness at bay. I didn't like the fact that I had to go thru this much trouble just to take finasteride. So I dropped it. Much later, I found the topical finasteride. And with the topical, no dizziness has ever been experienced.
  11. received it today also!!!!😀 I placed an order on 5/5/21 and received it on 6/3/21. It's got a distinct smell and the dropper from the bottle doesn't have the mark so I can't tell how much I'm using with each application. I would have to use the dropper from my min to gauge the amount. Since you got it, why don't you just try and see if it works? If it works for me then I will time my next order which is about 30 days for shipment so that I won't run out of it.
  12. Glad I am not alone who feels that way. H&W had their topical fin for a while but I wasn't able to get more info from their website. I wasn't given the option of their topical fin when I went to their office in 2016. Maybe their topical fin came out after that? Anyway, they having their own topical dut is really exciting news. I hope it's not available only to their patients who had consultation or procedure done with them like some other clinic.
  13. Cool. I'm located in northeast. I guess I will be getting mine soon then. So you are applying 1ml twice a week, right? Right now, I'm applying topical combo of fin & mix. But once I get topical dut, it will be just dut & min for me. Please update us with your progress. I will do the same.
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