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  1. I took Proscar (5mg)before. I would take 1/4 piece (roughly 1.25mg) on Mon, Wed, & Fri as recommended by the Dr. When I took it on an empty stomach, I was dizzy for 3-4 days. Took a while to muster up enough courage to take it again. So took Proscar again but this time, I would take it after a hearty meal. And it seemed to barely keep the dizziness at bay. I didn't like the fact that I had to go thru this much trouble just to take finasteride. So I dropped it. Much later, I found the topical finasteride. And with the topical, no dizziness has ever been experienced.
  2. received it today also!!!!😀 I placed an order on 5/5/21 and received it on 6/3/21. It's got a distinct smell and the dropper from the bottle doesn't have the mark so I can't tell how much I'm using with each application. I would have to use the dropper from my min to gauge the amount. Since you got it, why don't you just try and see if it works? If it works for me then I will time my next order which is about 30 days for shipment so that I won't run out of it.
  3. Glad I am not alone who feels that way. H&W had their topical fin for a while but I wasn't able to get more info from their website. I wasn't given the option of their topical fin when I went to their office in 2016. Maybe their topical fin came out after that? Anyway, they having their own topical dut is really exciting news. I hope it's not available only to their patients who had consultation or procedure done with them like some other clinic.
  4. Cool. I'm located in northeast. I guess I will be getting mine soon then. So you are applying 1ml twice a week, right? Right now, I'm applying topical combo of fin & mix. But once I get topical dut, it will be just dut & min for me. Please update us with your progress. I will do the same.
  5. Josh said the bottle is stable from the day it was compounded for 120 days if refrigerated & 90 days at room temperature. If it took you under a month (probably the same for me) to receive it, then we are already losing 30 days just in the shipping process. That is pretty messed up! I will try to write to Josh and ask him to use a better shipping service even if it means more money.
  6. Anyone in the U.S. that ordered topical dut from fue clinic, how many weeks did it take for you to finally receive it? I was given the tracking number from fue clinic. In the website of shipping company, the tracking number shows that the order is delivered to the recipient as of 5/18/21 which is a week ago. To this day, I still haven't received it. How long did it take for you guys?
  7. You don't need a hair transplant!!!!! So glad for you. 😃👍
  8. Are you on finasteride? I'd love to get procedure done with Dr. Rahal. The only thing is (as with HT in general), finasteride gives me bad side effect. I felt extremely dizzy for three days after taking it (1.25 mg) and that was enough to convince me to stay away from it. Just wondering if you were on med.
  9. Thank you so much for a very valuable feedback Kuji! I have been considering Dr. Dorin seriously for the procedure but there was something that I just wasn't comfortable with. True & Dorin would be the most convenient choice for me distance wise but I just wasn't feeling 100% sure with them. Your experience really helps me to make a better decision for my procedure. I have been thinking H&W but now will consider Dr. Konior as well. I wish you the very best with your procedure with Dr. Konior!
  10. Are you planning to have the second procedure with Dr. Dorin again? If not, was there anything that you weren't happy with him?
  11. Hey there Kujii, It's been a while but I was wondering if you can post some photos for update? I stumbled across your thread last night and was quite shocked! :eek: From the above post, you sound more positive & optimistic. I am just so curious as to how you were able to resolve the matter with Dr. Dorin (if you ever were able to resolve it, that is). You see, I am seriously contemplating of getting HT from T&D. I have narrowed my choices to Hasson & Wong and True & Dorin. I think they are both renowned surgeons but I was leaning toward T&D strictly due to the close proximity. I was very excited to get HT from T&D until I saw your post. Now I am concerned. Very very concerned! Could you let us know how everything went with Dr. Dorin? If you can even post recent photos, I would greatly appreciated it.
  12. Thank you all for your comments! As with the procedure, I don't want to be too conservative. I want to get as much density as allowed. I am very happy to have found this website with so many people whom I can ask for advices. I am going to attach photos of before (I was 25 or 26?) and after (now). This is the kind of look and density I want to achieve. Hope I am not setting a unrealistic goal. Maybe I should've attached this photo for the online consultation. Then the doctors would have better idea as to how much grafts would be needed. Again, thanks for all your comments, guys!
  13. thanks, wholly. perhaps, from online consultation the correct amount of grafts might be a little difficult to tell? maybe in person consultation is the best way to find out. I can't wait for the in house consultation I have scheduled with true & dorin. and maybe if schedule works out, I might be able to visit dr. diep in his office in los gatos, ca next week.
  14. thanks, nick. I was thinking the same thing. making a cosmetic difference would be nice but, I don't know if that's going to be a "full head of hair" or something close to it. I was thinking probably not. and that's what's making me lean toward H&W. I saw the patients' photo from Dr. Beehner's website. although i'm thoroughly impressed with the results, I was thinking 'maybe they could've used more grafts and have more density?' I don't know. maybe i'm wrong. but the impression I got from dr. beehner is more of a conservative approach. i'm going to see what dr. diep gonna say. I have a phone consultation scheduled with him tomorrow.
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