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  1. This makes sense to me - kind of what I was thinking, a transplant is going to make things look better if not perfect. I couldn't see myself with a shaved or buzzed look.
  2. Thanks for the advice! Do you think H&W are just kind of a tier above? Are there any other doctors in the US you'd recommend? I think it could potentially be a year before Americans can travel to Canada. Thanks for the tip - Dr.True gave the same advice. Thinking about giving it another shot.
  3. Hey, I did a few times (once pills, one topical) but had side effects with both so figured it wasn't worth it for me. I have been using Rogaine foam for a long time.
  4. Hey all, I've been a viewer on this forum for a while, but I'm feeling a little lost with my hair loss decision. I am a Norwood 4 or 5, and have been losing hair since I was 20 (I am 31 now). I've been told by several doctors that the crown is a lost cause, but that they would recommend a 3k to 4k FUE session to restore the frontal hairline and work back a little from there. (2 pics attached). I had scheduled a transplant with Hassan and Wong but it'd been delayed several times due to travel restrictions and I am guessing I'd have to wait another year before a surgery in Canada would be possible given the pandemic (I am based in Boston). I had also eliminated Bernstein and Konior due to cost. I've narrowed down my selection to True & Dorin, Lindsey, and Bloxham. I'm confused as to who to go with and also if I should even get a transplant given that the crown is a lost cause. Additionally, if people were to put these docs into tiers for frontal FUT sessions, would the three doctors mentioned above all be roughly the same? I have seen all of their work, but am not sure who to go with.
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