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  1. its been almost 2 years, has anything significant come out of this or just another hype article?
  2. Hi Folks, I use both Dermmatch and Toppik. Typically Dermmatch right after showering, let it dry followed by Toppik. I have noticed Toppik has gone down in price, however Dermmatch has slowly but surely gotten more expensive. Does anyone have a recommendation on a Dermmatch alternative that is a bit more cost effective? Appreciate the help
  3. 6 months is just insanity. after 10 days your hairs are locked into place. I'm not doc, however once you see your scalp has healed what would be the matter? usually after about 3 weeks or so I slowly but surely got back into my routine...
  4. Thanks for posting the video man... I definitely see the toppik being used. I wouldnt be surprised if this is a dermmatch/toppik combo... While they did a good job of styling it to look natural, getting it to look this way day in and day out is a serious pain in the ass, and for him to pass this result off as a pure transplant imo is a serious ethical no no
  5. I agree, how long after the HT did he start to use them? I had waited a good month before using concealers...
  6. wow, I agree why is this not all over the news? is there any mention of it healing scars as well?
  7. as much as hairloss sux, he is a prince... I am sure there are plenty of women in line waiting or him
  8. ok perhaps movies was not the best example, however even older folks such as my grand parents and their friends have stated more people my age are balding than when they were my age...
  9. I am a believer that all the poisons we are exposed ot daily between the air, food water... is an accelerant in our mpb. Meaning we were still destined for it, only at a later time... That being said, once the damage is done, I do not believe changing a diet will stop mpb, because it was going to happen anyway, it just happened a lot sooner... With regard to claims that baldness has always been around, yes it has however much later in peoples lives. Heck look at old movies of people in the 40's, 50's, 60's... Not that many people were going bald under the age of 30... today I see a significant percentge of people under 30 suffering from mpb to some degree
  10. So I called Aderans the other day as they are offering the testing near me.. the first part involved plucking the hairs, taking the cells and implanting them back in.. This new one involves a mini strip procedure the size of roughly a dime. They want to then take those hairs, and try to multiply the cells, inject them.. in the hopes more hairs sprout. I passed on that
  11. you guys forget guys forget that our current technology was not around 20+ years ago... specifically computer power, the internet which allows information to be distributed and received much quickly and easily, not to mention all of the cellular technology we are dabbling in now. It's not that no one wanted to attempt this in the 80's it's that the technology to try and combat it was not around... btw are there any photos which show this significant growth? until we see for ourselves, I personally consider this news just as bs as all the other claims out there
  12. The problem isnt growing hair... the problem is growing hair that matches our normal hairs appearance and can survive the growth cycle. other parts of our body dont constantly grow and die off...
  13. fantastic thread! I have to wash my hair 2x a day because of all the damn oil! The oil is also one of the reasons my hair looks so bad. After I get out of the shower and dry my hair, it's relatively full and manageable. Once the oil kicks in, roughly within the hour, it looks thin and horrible. Any tips on keeping the oil at bay would be greatly appreciated
  14. I appreciate you taking the time to put this together. It however does not seem like much progress has been made. Were any new procedures or topicals or anything discussed that are looking good in the near future? Dr cooley dipping plucked hairs into acell seems very exciting however I would love to see some before and after photos and the hairs surviving cycles Thanks again