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  1. Wow with so many HT doctors and HT Advisors i'm surprised no one has shed some knowledge on this. Tom: Meds don't have anything to do with oily scalp. But yeah, you're right, oily scalp is a cause of stupid DHT hormone. something interesting is the people who are not balding. Their scalp is never oily.. (i know cuz i've ran my fingers through their hairs, feeling their scalp) and come to think of it, i don't remember my scalp being oily back in the day when i had shit loads of hair.
  2. Very oily.. I have to take daily showers, and after i come out of a shower after 30min.. the scalp is oily again.. Interesting part is its only oily in the bald area.. (my heads sides never get oily) no i haven't had any HT, and i'm not taking finerteride or rogain.
  3. I’m NW 6 - 7... I noticed that the area I’m losing hair is ALWAYS oily… I would come out of a shower and after 30 minutes run my hand down my scalp over the bald pattern and get oily hands. I’m sure it’s the same for everyone losing hair, I’m guessing this because I actually see the oil on other bald men’s head, their scalp shinning with oil.. So this brings to my question; after getting a HT do the scalp still remains oily? I know about DHT, and sexual hormones etc etc. I’m kind of concerned because I was under the impression that oil gets in the pores and blocks the hair growth, so if the scalp is still oily after HT wouldn’t it effect the hair growth of the new hair?
  4. Well by extreme temperatures i meant; living in places where its really windy, (Chicago) or places where the temp goes -0.. For me i live in Texas.. Its normal to get 110 Degs. on any given day plus the humidity..
  5. Just wondering people who have gotten HT.. Did anyone have any sort of experience when being exposed to certain temperatures (extreme hot, or cold), or high altitudes that make it uncomfortable or difficult for you guys? Like (pain in the stitches, headaches, migraines) etc. I'm planning a HT just wanted to cover the side effects.. Thanks guys.
  6. Its hard to predict results. You should go for as large a first session as possible, and plan for an additional 1,2 procedures. Cost will be around 25-35K. You look like you have coarse hair, so you should get a good result. If you have the cash and realistic expectations, then it can be a positive experience. Its a numbers game. Thanks. Yep.. I'm anticipating the first session to be a 5K plus one.. Thanks everyone.. I just need to accept the truth.. ouch it hurts..
  7. There is a very big problem with that... No one knows what your hair loss PATTERN will be.. Unless you're 45 or 50 plus you will never know for sure if you're done shedding hair.
  8. See attached pic for my Hairloss. It is obvious that i've done nothing about my hair loss. I've seen people with 2,3,4 hair transplants.. My question is that i don't want that many sessions. I want to get one mega session be done with it. Can the experts here shed some light on my question? Why would i want 2 smaller sessions vs 1 mega session? what are the pros and cons of each. Thanks.
  9. I've a very very similar experience with SMG.. That guy always cuts you off, and gets pissed off you don't let him finish.
  10. I so i was speaking with one of the leading HT clinics.. and the guy informed me that everyone has limited donor hair.. If you're lucky you'll have 7K graphs... If if you use those, than your out of luck.. Just wanted to verify that.. Because i see people getting 3k sessions, than another 5K session. thanks.
  11. sorry about the confusion.. My original question was, referring to the height of the incision on the side... I notice H&W go way higher compared to others. By sides i mean above the ears.. Other can hiding the scar any other advantages?
  12. if in us and want it locally. try walmart. they also have their own knock off version...
  13. Badger_01 I appreciate your feedback. However can you elaborate why is it better to have two separate sessions vs one mega? I understand people do go back for seconds and thirds. But those are folks that find flaws, or want density.. lets say i do decide to break the HT process down into two sessions. won't i face shock loss twice? and possibly multiple scars to conceal? I'm obviously not experienced hence i'm here seeking advice.. I guess i'm asking is why would i want to break the 5k HT into two vs. knocking it out in one sessions as Jotronic suggested.