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  1. Unfortunately, it is obvious, somebody, maybe Dr. Nigam, has doctored every photo on his website. His credibility is VERY VERY VERY low currently. It's going to take a lot of evidence to turn the situation around. I hope the doctor understands that, at this point, there is nothing else we can say. He said he would post photos, and did. They ended up being all photoshopped photos. very unfortunate. I hope this can be turned around. the picture of him with Dr. lauster is interesting, but hardly proof of anything. the picture of the lab is interesting, but for all we know could be a pizza oven. we need SERIOUS evidence. Preferably VIDEO evidence detailing before and after AND vaguely walking through the process. PREFERABLY, a peer-reviewed paper in which the peer is a well respected person in the necessary discipline. Until then, I am sorry to say, this is not proven-- AT ALL. PLEASE doctor, I am begging you to prove yourself-- truly.
  2. there is only 8 posts and they are all complaints about some weightloss thing.
  3. Interesting to see Future_HT_doc zeroing in on this. It looks like he is ignoring many other possible observations, and, in theory, is not being very educational. However, it could have just appeared that way because of the word and theme choices in his previous posts.
  4. Bill, If this is the case, then I truly do apologize. However, you may not be suppressing new treatments (even this is questionable), but you do not seem to promote them. Past downplaying every piece of information on Gho, you guys have not done much, you definitely haven't promoted it or really discussed it. Anybody who publishes the end-all-be-all study of HST will have an amazing amount of internet viewer hits, and thusly ad revenue. Basically, every bald person on earth with internet access will come across your published article/findings/video. You guys should go for it, instead of standing on the sidelines when we have an OBVIOUSLY intriguing possibility on our hands... that is, if you're truly here to promote discussion and the like. You are, aren't you? -F'ing Hair Loss
  5. LOL, dude he put out peer reviewed papers for 10 years showing the progression of the theory and finally the procedure itself. He has a large study coming out in the next year. Anyway, good luck selling FUTs for another 6-12 months before FUT/FUE Dday.
  6. Taking the Plunge, you never fail to come in and voice your adoration for strip surgery, or as you call it, "the gold standard"... can you REALLY and HONESTLY compare the with HST (link of donor 15 days after treatment Below)?? http://www.fileden.com/files/2011/9/28/3202143/day%206%20-%202nd%20procedure%20003.JPG as for before and after..... have you seen wesley's result with only 1600-1800 HSTs?
  7. DO NOT GET A STRIP SCAR! its a really tough call with 1,700 already on the table... but I would cancel and go to Gho... or at the very least, not get a strip scar go onto some other hairloss forums and check out some Gho stuff... they dont give him much thought here as gho is not one of the surgeons who pays the subscribtion/fee to be on this website. Gho is COMPLETELY SCARLESS and you will be almost fully healed 14 days from the surgery or less. If you get Strip your head will throb for days and days and days. Your scalp will feel tight and possibly numb FOREVER.... I have no been to Gho, but I have researched him extensively. I have a treatment with him in the next two months. I'm very excited. I know that you don't want to hear that you should lose 1,700 but please look at this thread (and then many more on other forums like h*ir site and b*ldtruthtalk.com
  8. Gho should buy one of these and stick his little HST tool into it.... I"m ALL SET with FUE and VS
  9. a. He advertises a low density because he can guarantee that. He has said that he has done up to 100 per cm or whatever measure they use. b. his yield is better than people who "dont transect" -- go figure c. I'm sorry that this websites little HT surgeon sales site is coming to an end.. but thats the truth. I would hurry up and get these guys into HST before this place crumbles. I mean that as sincere advice. Trying to cover up HST by saying it isn't proven and that STRIP SCARS are the gold standard will only last so much longer........ HST is the future, I suggest all forum users do their due dillgence-- which may involve not getting your infro from HT salesmen
  10. if hair transplants we're bank notes they'd be backed by strip surgery's
  11. Im not sure how much PRP would help even if you were happy to spend 250k
  12. hasci put out maybe 20 of these videos all this stuff can be found on their website, most of the answers to questions being asked on this forum can be found there too
  13. 1. yes this is correct 2. follicles come in follicular units of 1,2,3,4 (maybe 2,3,4?) . Gho is transecting this follicular unit. Gho isn't after the follicles per say. under and around the bottom of each follicle (or follicular unit?) are the cells that reproduce the hair. These cells are left behind when you pluck a hair from your head. They are why that hair grows back. They are also why ANY hair grows anywhere in any type of hair transplant. All surgeons are transplanting these cells... however some transplant the cells with more tissue (FUT, FUE, ETC.) while another doctor (yes just one) transplants the cells with less tissue (HST). However any procedure revolves around removing the cells and planting them for regrowth in the recipient... Gho has found a way to leave enough cells behind to regrow there in the donor and also the recipient... I'm not exactly sure if he transects a 4 follicle unit, plants in the recipient and gets a yield of two hairs there... while the donor graft regenerates to the original 4 follicle unit.. or if he splits the 4 follicle unit and two grow in the donor while two grow in the recipient... Some other forums have pretty good explanations if you want to PM me I can send a link. You should look at the the hasci website. they have a ton of info on it. 3. its more expensive than FUE... cant say what 2300 FUE goes for but 2300 HST goes for 13k usd