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  1. Looks great man. Following your story - along with other Eugenix customers, is going to be really helpful for when my time comes. Did you go through any revisions of the hairline she proposed, or did you go with her initial suggestion? Either way, it looks like it was the right one!
  2. I am as well, and definitely want to get mine done at Eugenix. I'll be watching for updates from you. I was very close to booking for Sept/Oct. When you placed your down payment, how far out were they booked up for?
  3. Hi I'm wondering if anybody on this site has had a successful transplant with Dr. Camacho in Bogota, Colombia. I've had an e-mail consultation with him, studied his website, before & after's etc. All look in working order, and his team seem respectful and professional. His price point is very respectable as well. I feel I'm about 8 to 12 months out on booking at this point and would love to travel from NY to Bogota opposed to a few other destinations I've researched. MY SURGEON SHORT-LIST: 1) Dr. Arika Bansal (India) 2) FUE-HLC (Turkey) 3) Dr. Bruno Ferreira (Portugal) I'd like to fit Dr. Camacho into that list - preferably at the top. I just can't seem to find anyone on here that has had a first hand experience with him. Thanks
  4. Hey man, do you have a 6 month pic of your surgery? would love to see how that is coming along.
  5. Should you choose a hairline from your past to restore......and not somebody else's hairline that you admire?
  6. I've been really enjoying your responses to this topic. I imagine in the years to come, as a head shaver, your mental health and self appreciation will be in a place of strength, (it sounds like it is already). I don't look bad with a shaved head, and I'm definitely not opposed to a transplant. What I don't like is the "oh shit, is that not his real hair", which I know will present itself in a few forms down the road e.g. swimming, sweat, wind, friends and girlfriends messing with your hair. There is also an element of "owning" that part of it too, which Melvin and other transplanters here have adopted (assuming your results are to your liking - anything short of that and you're in trouble. So this particular thread has been really valuable in helping me decide on next steps.
  7. Interesting. I haven't been on this forum for long, but It looks like they may not have harvested 5000 grafts, it looks a lot lower than that to me. I would wait for others to weigh in on your pics though, as I am no expert in the field, and have yet to have my first transplant.
  8. I would suggest Eugenix. They seem to have nailed the hairline in my opinion. I've still seen a few "pluggy's" from them, but their attention to detail regarding the softness, single strand, and necessary direction required to make the hairline look realistic is great. I have blonde hair, and struggled to find comparisons in their before & after's, but will still go there for my surgery.
  9. I have been on Minoxidil foam for 3 weeks, and will start Finasteride (1mg per day) on Aug. 13th. I don't see my Dermatologist until Aug. 25th, so I'm unsure on the best starting dose. I've researched the topic, and it seems that 1mg is a nice starting point, but also like the hype surrounding the 0.25 per day to minimize the sides - would like your input on that. I was literally clicks away from adding my deposit with Eugenix for a September transplant, when I read an incredible thread here regarding the regrowth of hair on the "big 3", and more. I realized I hadn't even given that a solid go, and wonder if I should at least try and bring down my quoted graft count from Eugenix. I look forward to your advice. My routine will be: MEDS Finasteride: 1mg per day (after more research, Dr. and forum member advice) Minoxidil foam: every morning and night accept for Dermapen days. VITAMINS Nutrafol: everyday (expensive, but held in high regard) Collagen: everyday Hyaluronic Acid: everyday SHAMPOOS/CONDITIONERS Nizoral: twice per week Bellisso Biotin Shampoo&Conditioner: everyday (except Nizoral days) OTHER Dermapen: Saturday night (7pm) at this stage. 1.5mil needle length.
  10. Yep! Definitely waiting on an update. I have similar hair, hair-loss, and the results, that I think you'll have, would be my cup of tea.
  11. Hey guys. I know the reason for hair transplants is to grow your hair out to a reasonable length, (i'll probably wear mine 2 inches) but I'm curious about the No. 2 and up buzz cut. (not 6 months after - but a good 1 to 3 years). I'll be getting my surgery with Eugenix fairly soon and know that, depending on the hairline success, I'd like to wear it very short from time to time. Anyone have any references/forum members that might have those pics up?
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