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  1. @Captain Haddock right temple looks perfect, can you let us know how many grafts were used here and when did shedding start for you?
  2. @Melvin-Moderator any idea on topical dutasteride going systemic and causing side effects? I am asking this because the hype right now seems to be around this.
  3. @MNIK you should look at @lookingforht result. He too had a late growth. Your hair in the mid scalp was also thinning before transplant but your post op pictures had minimal number of grafts placed there.
  4. @Wandererind If you showed me just the pre-op picture and this, I would say this is a 1 year result, absolutely fantastic. Can you let us know the post op medications (minoxdil, finasteride, multivitamins like biotin),shampoo or anything else that you are using? This might help others to speed up their hair transplant result just like yours.
  5. @MNIKI had a look at your immediate post op pictures and your mid scalp had almost no hair implanted probably due to some existing native hair. Could this be the reason why there is less density in this region?
  6. @Wandererind in the next update, can you please post your crown and frontal scalp from the top as well ? can't wait for your next update
  7. @MNIKwe are all eagerly waiting for an update
  8. @Gokul Krishnan I was in the same boat as you and wanted to reschedule but I went ahead with my surgery in April because of two reasons. One, AFAIK they require everyone in the clinic including patients to be covid tested. Two, I wanted to get the surgery done before they lockdown Gurgaon completely in which case I might have to wait for months. When I was there, everyone was wearing a surgical mask at the very least but I do understand if you don't want to go ahead with the surgery.You only get to see your results by 5th month or if you are lucky by the 4th month and I wanted a
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